Tensions Run High As Megastars Make Their Last Stop Before FanFest

November 20, 2022

by Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

Tension was high amongst the Megastars as the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) as the group debuted in the Mt. Washington neighborhood within the city of Pittsburgh. Mt. Washington had been a hotbed for independent professional wrestling for a long time, but Saturday, November 19 was the first time Pittsburgh’s professional wrestling organization set up shop before an enthusiastic crowd.

Sin Born vs. “The Regent” Joshua Kavod

A pleased crowd welcomed Joshua Kavod as he made his way to the ring to take on Sin Born. The bell rings as soon as Kavod goes on the offense against Sin Born. Sin Born recovers and locks Kavod up in a move that ties him up in the ropes. The action is fast and furious between these two. Kavod recovers from an aborted dive and kicks Sin Born down. He lands a Famouser and goes for the pin. He gets a two-count. Sin Born rallies and German Suplexes Kavod and gets a two-count. The two trade blows until Sin Born lands a face-first suplex. Sin Born locks Kavod in a submission move but The Regent doesn't give up. Sin Born goes for a standing suplex, but plants in another face-first suplex. They trade blows and Sin Born tries to dump Kavod over the top rope. Kavod hits a Buckshot Lariat and gets a two count. Kavod goes for more and gets another two-count. Sin Born muscles Kavod up for a suplex and lands it. He scores a two-count.

Sin Born goes for his patented standing Crab. Kavod reaches for the ropes, but they are just out of his reach. Kavod gets enough momentum to send Sin Born into the corner. There he lands an impressive drop kick, pulls his opponent out into the center of the ring but only gets two. Kavod lands a backward splash and gets a two-count. The two Megastars trade moves before Kavod can hit a DDT. He goes to the top rope. Suddenly, Harley T. Morris rushes out and to the apron. Sin Born slides behind Kavod, rolls him up, pulls the tights (the referee doesn’t see) and scores a victory. 9:42.

Shawn Blanchard (w/Del Douglas) v. Justin Sane

Referee Mark Charles III calls for the bell. From outside the ring, King Del Douglas tells the fans to "shut up." Shawn Blanchard may or may not have an illegal object as the referee checks him without success.

The two lock up and it's all Blanchard as he does damage to Sane's left arm. At one point, he hands the arm over to Del Douglas. And with the referee distracted, Douglas pumps the arm. He does it a second time. A third goes awry as Douglas pumps Blanchard's arm. Sane rushes over to see the misdeed and the crowd laughs it up. Sane gets back into the ring and hip tosses Blanchard down. The Krazies start a "Dairy Queen" chant towards Douglas. Sane goes old school and drops Blanchard down. He gets only a two count as the veteran is very much alive. Douglas shouts that Sane is "cheating" but to the blind eye, he is doing nothing of the sort. Sane draps the arm over the top rope.

Sane gets Blanchard into the corner for punches to the head and drops Blanchard down. Sane brings him in the hard way, from the apron and over the top rope. Blanchard pokes Sane in the eye and that's enough to get some momentum. Douglas chokes Sane from the floor. Blanchard lands a back elbow, Douglas shouts "It's over" but Sane kicks up after the first palm strikes the mat. Sane is seated and Blanchard digs at Sane's face, nose, ears. Douglas agrees with Blanchard when he says, "too many rules!"

Sane battles back, but that's short lived. There's a spinebuster but Sane kicks up at two.

Sane isn't affected when Blanchard slams his head into the turnbuckle. Blanchard gets nowhere when Sane remains unaffected. Sane clotheslines Blanchard down. He's back up and delivers a spinning neck breaker for the win. 9:12

Edric Everhart vs. Dennis Gregory

The KSWA Hall of Famer Dennis Gregory makes his way to the ring to face the veteran Edric Everhart. The bell rings and Everhart goes right after the Hall of Famer. This will be a grueling match, as these two wrestlers are among the most physical on the roster.

The two go at it until Gregory drop-kicks his opponent and he falls to the outside.

Gregory commands the house microphone, salutes the crowd and says, "Let's do this for Tanner." Everhart is back inside and Gregory tosses his opponent all over the ring, until Everhart uses Gregory's momentum against him and slams into the top rope and over onto the floor. Everhart attacks from the outside and rolls him back in. Everhart has Gregory in the ropes and then down on his knees, and then into the corner. There's a whip across the ring and into the corner. Everhart preens as Gregory is on his heels. There's another whip into the corner. Everhart earns a bunch of "you suck" chants from the growing crowd.

Everhart muscles Gregory up but that's short lived as Gregory folds him up. There's a standing Walls of Gregory. After some time, Everhart is able to roll over and kick Gregory into the ropes. Gregory quickly rolls Everhart up, but only gets two. Everhart gets up and clotheslines the Hall of Famer down. Everhart yells at the crowd.

Gregory nearly rolls him up again but only gets two. Everhart mocks his opponent, who crawls into the ropes.

Everhart positions Gregory into a corner and prepares for a move. Gregory gets to his feet and ducks the move. Everhart crashes into the turnbuckle. Everhart complains to the crowd. Gregory rolls him up for another two-count. Two powerful clotheslines follow and Everhart is side slammed down. Gregory climbs to the top rope. Everhart clubs him there. The two grapple, Everhart lands a side slam and gets a two and three-quarters pin attempt. Both Megastars are spent. Gregory rolls Everhart up and gets the win. 9:42.

Anthony Alexander and J-Ru vs. Shane Starr and Lou Martin

J-Ru and Anthony Alexander make their way to the ring, and then so does their opponents, Shane Starr and Lou Martin. The Krazies are firmly behind the team of Starr and Martin. The Krazies chant "Tea Pot" toward the KSWA Heavyweight Champion. Referee Jimmy James calls for the bell.

Starr and J-Ru start off. Starr has the strength advantage. J-Ru argues toward the crowd.

Starr and J-Ru lock up and they roll around the mat before the Champion is posted in the corner. He cries that his hair was pulled. They circle one another and J-Ru ducks a rush from Starr. J-Ru talks crap and then Starr catches up and clobbers him out of the ring. He is met there by Double-A Anthony Alexander, the man he bested for the richest prize in the Commonwealth. Once back inside, J-Ru is dropkicked down and Martin is tagged in. He goes to work on J-Ru's arm. There's offense before Starr is tagged back in. Starr knocks J-Ru down and Martin is tagged back in. Martin drops a leg on J-Ru and nearly gets a pinfall.

Starr is back in and he bodyslams J-Ru. Starr picks him up and overhead slams J-Ru down, taking a page out of Alexander's arsenal. Martin is tagged in and he goes after J-Ru's midsection.

Alexander is tagged in for the first time at the 7:24 mark. Alexander clubs Martin down and then shouts at the referee. Alexander keeps Martin from tagging in Starr. Alexander punishes Martin and shadow-tags J-Ru who rushes in, only to choke Martin. J-Ru says the referee is not "paying attention" and DDT's Martin. He gets a two count. Alexander is back in and he whips Martin into the ropes. He is kicked in the face. Alexander keeps Martin down and he argues with the masses.

Martin is tossed onto the hardwood floor. J-Ru attacks him there before tossing him back in for a two-count. J-Ru is back up on the apron and gives support to Alexander who back-elbows Martin down. Alexander hits a flying clothesline on Martin. Starr gets the crowd chanting for his partner. J-Ru is back in and kicks away at Martin.

Martin lunges at Starr and makes the tag, but the referee doesn't see it. He chases Starr back and that gives the opposition plenty of time to attack Martin. J-Ru chops Martin directly in the chest. Alexander puts a boot into Martin's throat as the ref is distracted. James fights Alexander back into his corner. Starr is eager to get back in, but he can't. Alexander bodyslams Martin in the center of the ring. Starr tries to reach for his partner, but Alexander stands in his way. There's a boot to Martin's midsection. J-Ru is tagged back in. He whips Martin into the corner where Starr tags him in the back. Again the referee is oblivious. He chases a charging Starr back to his corner. J-Ru and Alexander pound away at Martin. Alexander blasts away at Martin. There's a boot to the throat before referee James can make him stop. J-Ru is back in.

Out of nowhere, Martin is able to land a crossbody block and stop the momentum. Martin gets to Starr and he goes after both opponents. Soon, all four Megastars are going at it in the ring. Alexander falls to the outside. Starr tosses J-Ru out and soon it all breaks down. All four men fail to listen to the referee and he calls for a No contest. 16:50. Post-Match: Martin slams J-Ru into a merchandise table. Martin clears the plastic table, lifts and slams it down on the KSWA champion twice before relenting.

Remy Levay vs. The Beast Man

"Husk!" rings out throughout Mt. Washington as the Beast Man makes his way to the ring against "The Mind Eraser" Remy Levay.

The two lock up with a "Test of Strength" and that doesn't go well for Levay. The Beast Man stomps on Levay's foot and that's enough to rattle the Lawrenceville native. Levay tries to get an advantage, but his running shoulder blocks are met like he is running into a brick wall. Three times it happens. On the third try, Levay falls to the outside and he hides in the crowd. Beastman goes to the concession stand and grabs a slice of pizza. Levay slaps the pizza out of Beastman's hand and into the crowd. Beastman clobbers him down and goes after the slice. He grabs it and eats it, to the hilarity and disgust of the crowd. Beastman head butts and back elbows Levay. He goes to the corner but he is met there. Levay is able to knock him off of that perch. He kicks away, but Beastman gets up and pounds his own head into the top turnbuckle. Beastman head butts Levay and whips him into the ropes. There's a clothesline. Somehow, Levay makes it into a corner for a splash. Levay does hit a flying neckbreaker but that's only a two count before Beastman can get a shoulder up. Levay to the top turnbuckle. Beastman meets him there with a straight right hand. There's a superplex that moves the ring six inches. A power bomb is next. The ring moves more and Beastman is the winner. 8:15.

Triple Threat Match: Man Child vs. The Ram vs. Tyler Grayson

The near-300-pound Drake has met his match with the 400-pound Man-Child. He gets nowhere with power moves. Grayson goes for the quickness but is planted with a powerbomb by Man-Child. Incredibly, Man-Child body slams The Ram. And then Grayson again. The Ram is back and head butts Man-Child. Drake and Grayson both try to attack Man-Child, but that gets nowhere until Grayson goes over Drake's back and onto Man-Child's shoulders. The big man is sent to the outside. Grayson rushes in and goes toe-to-toe with Drake until Man-Child is back in for a double clotheslines over both opponents. Drake tries for the power moves on Man-Child but instead, the massive giant presses both Megastars over his head. Man-Child slams Grayson down again and gets the pin. 4:33

Golden Triangle Championship: Harley T. Morris vs. Yinza (champion)

Referee Mark Charles III is officiating his first KSWA Main Event in this showdown. The Krazies favor Yinza in this contest between two popular/not popular Megastars. Morris tries to go technical with the Luchadore but Yinza is able to counter a series of hip tosses. Morris is whipped across the ring and Yinza calls for his Monkey Flip. Morris is dazed. Yinza bounces Morris head off of top turnbuckles. He goes for all four and drops Morris onto the mat. He staggers into the corner. Yinza dives in but Morris moves. Yinza is dropped to the canvas. Morris kicks Yinza in the stomach. He kicks away at the prone Yinza. He drops an elbow. Charles counts to one before Yinza gets a shoulder up. Morris wrenches Yinza's left arm. The Luchadore makes his way under the ropes. Yinza is thrown into the corner. There's a two-count.

Morris buries a shoulder into Yinza's midsection. Yinza recovers and goes for his "Three Rivers" trio of suplexes. Morris stops him at three. Morris picks Yinza up, tosses him into the air and down onto his knees. Two count as the Luchadore kicks up.

Morris dives on top of Yinza and has him in a bear hug. Yinza is sinking fast, but he is resilient. He breaks out of it, but Morris catches him in an abdominal stretch. Morris uses the middle rope for leverage. Yinza fights out of it. Clubbing overhand shots from Yinza are next. Yinza connects on the Yinza to Belly but incredibly, Morris kicks out.

Yinza is in disbelief. He goes for a splash from the corner but Morris gets his knees up to block it. Yinza recovers, hits a Yinza Stunner for the win. 12:00

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