Martin Is KSWA Champ, Apex Reaches The Top, Sin Born Earns Gold, T-Rantula & Kris Kash Shock

December 4, 2022

by Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

Body Slam Match: Man-Child with Freak E. Doyle vs. "Big Country" Matt McGraw

Referee Mark Charles III calls for the bell. The two behemoths lay in big fists and McGraw hits kicks on the 418-pound Man-Child. He goes for the slam early, but he can't get the big man up.

That's enough for Man-Child to take over. At one point, Freek chokes McGraw in the ropes. The standing room only crowd is electric. Man-Child splashes McGraw in the corner.

Man-Child cannot muscle up McGraw and the two continue to battle it out. Charles admonishes Man-Child, who has McGraw in the corner.

McGraw, out of nowhere, spears the gigantic Man-Child. The chants for "Country" never let up. He hits Man-Child with a flying shoulder block from the corner.

The two battle and seemingly without notice, McGraw hoists Man-Child up and down for the body slam victory. 4:25.

Post-Match: Freek yells at Mark Charles III. That's enough for Man-Child to wallop the referee and send him to night-night land. Man-Child hoists up the official onto his shoulder and carries him into the night air, not to be seen again Saturday Night.

Edric Everhart and a Mystery Partner vs. Dennis Gregory and a Mystery Partner

Edric Everhart announces that Dennis Gregory isn’t going to just face any tag team partner; but his “own” tag team partner. Then, Super Hentai makes a return to the ring. The masked grappler has wrestled regionally with Gregory for years and the two have tasted tag team gold.

But Gregory has an even bigger surprise. A MUCH bigger surprise. The entire American Legion hall explodes when the legendary Hall of Famer T-Rantula bursts through the curtain. Fans were hopping up and down to see the big man.

The bell rings and T-Rantula takes out both Super Hentai and Everhart. Gregory commands the house microphone and announces that "Someone's going to eat some Nachos!"

Gregory is in and he takes out Everhart and then goes after his long-time friend Super Hentai.

Everhart gains control and sends Gregory abdomen-first into the top rope and then uses that advantage to smash on Gregory. Gregory goes for a splash in the corner on Everhart but his foe moves.

Hentai is tagged in and he puts a boot to Gregory's throat. Hentai continues to work on Gregory. Everhart is tagged in. Hentai works on Gregory from the apron when the ref's back is turned. Hentai is back in and goes for a pin on Gregory. That ends at two.

Everhart is in and referee Jimmy James argues with T-Rantula. James lets the infraction go. Gregory tries to fight back. He puts elbows into Everhart, but he fights back. He pins Gregory but only gets a two-count. Gregory tries to make it to T-Rantula, but that only distracts the referee and the two opponents kick away at Gregory.

The referee is distracted all over again as the team of Everhart and Super Hentai beat upon Gregory. They go for a suplex, but the Hall of Famer stops the momentum and lands both with a stunner. All three men are down.

T-Rantula is in and destroys both men, and chops Everhart in the chest. They go to the outside and wallops Everhart with Nacho City.

Gregory is the legal man. He drops Everhart to the mat and gets the nacho-fueled win. 9:45

Demolition Day

Ax and Smash, Demolition, were welcomed to the ring. The two former multi-time tag team champions were presented by Pittsburgh City Council President Theresa Kail Smith with a Proclamation naming December 3, 2022 as “Demolition Day” in the City of Pittsburgh.

Golden Triangle Championship: Shawn Blanchard w/Del Douglas vs. Yinza

The bell rings and these two Megastars--who have been battling each other for the past six months--take it all in.

Blanchard avoids some early Yinza offense, and the Krazies let him have it. After some Blanchard-stalling, they tie up. Yinza gets Blanchard in the corner but Blanchard pokes Yinza in the eye and cowers in the ropes.

Blanchard avoids a whip into the ropes and the two go at it. Yinza hip tosses the veteran and splashes him in the corner. He punches Blanchard while in the corner and clotheslines him down.

Yinza works on Blanchard's wrist. So far, Del Douglas hasn't been much of a distraction in this contest. Yinza whips Blanchard into the ropes, but the former 6-time KSWA Champion spinebusters Yinza down. That takes the wind out of both Megastars.

Blanchard back-elbows Yinza and drops a knee. One count by referee Shawn Patrick.

With Demolition Ax in attendance, Blanchard tortures Yinza by digging at his face and nose. He kicks Yinza and shouts at Demolition. The referee is distracted by Douglas and Blanchard kicks Yinza.

Blanchard continues to work on Yinza. Blanchard goes to the top rope and Yinza meets him there. He tosses Blanchard from the corner and drop kicks him. Patrick counts to two.

Yinza punches at Blanchard and the O.G. of the V.I.P.'s goes low on the fan favorite. Blanchard drops Yinza into the corner. He works on the Golden Triangle Champion's knee from the outside.

Del Douglas attacks as the referee is distracted. Blanchard works on Yinza's knee and locks in the Figure Four. Yinza fights for dear life. The crowd chants to Yinza. He rallies and rolls the move over. Blanchard now screams in agony.

Blanchard punches Yinza in the gut. Douglas shouts, "He's Done" from the outside. Yinza falls into the corner. Blanchard pulls him out and into a Boston Crab. Blanchard lets go of the hold and slams Yinza's knee into the mat. Blanchard picks up but Yinza hits the Steel City Stunner. He rolls over Blanchard. Before the pin can be made, Douglas races in and gets involved. Patrick calls for the bell and Yinza wins by disqualification. 12:11.

No Disqualification: Anthony Alexander vs. Shane Starr

KSWA Owner is the Special Guest Referee for this match. Alexander is incensed. The match begins and Alexander has the upper hand and knee on Starr's throat in the ropes. This is a no disqualification match, so he's allowed to attack.

Starr battles back. He gets Alexander in the ropes for a chop to the chest. Alexander battles back and gets Starr down. Alexander punches Starr in the grill. All legal in this match. Starr rolls Alexander up and gets a near pinfall. That ends at two.

Alexander gets Starr in the corner for some boots. Starr fights out and clotheslines Alexander over the top rope. He hits Alexander with such force that both men go over the top rope and onto the concrete. Bobby O meets them there to check on both men. Starr fights but Alexander knees him in the gut.

Alexander pounds Starr's head into the apron. The fans are merciless towards Alexander. The former KSWA Champion grabs a steel chair and plows Starr in the back with it. And a second time. The sound is incredible.

It's all legal as Bobby O just checks on Starr. Alexander rolls Starr back into the ring. He takes his jolly old time to get back in.

Alexander makes the slow cover and gets only one. Starr tries to shake out the cobwebs.

Alexander shoves Bobby O but the Owner of the KSWA isn't backing down. Starr rolls up Alexander and into the Sharpsburg Shooter. Alexander fights towards the ropes. He gets there, but he doesn't have to break the hold in a no-disqualification. The fans chant for "tables." Both men are spent.

Starr kicks Anthony in the knees and drops leg after leg after leg. He can only get a 2-count at the 10-minute mark. He goes for a leg drop from the middle rope and Alexander moves. Alexander makes the cover and only gets two.

Alexander lands a back elbow. He argues with Bobby O instead of making the cover.

Starr fights back. Alexander lands a perfect DDT and shouts "that's it." But he doesn't make the cover. He waits for Starr, who is barely moving.

Starr fights off the PTC. Alexander fights out of offense and lands it. He makes the cover but Starr kicks up at two. Alexander has him in a sleeper hold. Starr battles out at two. He's a house a fire. There are shoulders into Alexander's gut. Alexander fights him off.

Alexander goes to the middle rope. He dives off the middle rope and Starr lands the PTC. Incredibly, Alexander kicks out of his own finishing maneuver at two!

A Spinebuster on Starr is next. There's a two-count.

Alexander goes to the outside and tries to get a chair from a patron. She doesn't give it up. He finds someone who does hand over the weapon. He slides the steel contraption in.

Alexander swings and misses. Starr kicks the chair right into Alexander's face.

Starr picks up the chair and the fans approve. Alexander begs off like his life depends on it. Starr relents. The devious Double-A rushes behind Starr and DDTs him on the chair and gets the hard-fought win. 17:55

Post-Match: Alexander DDT's Bobby O. Shawn Blanchard comes from the locker room. and attacks both men.

Out of nowhere Kris Kash rushes the ring and makes the save. Both Alexander and Blanchard are taken aback by the returning longtime friend and tag team partner of Kris Kash. Kash checks on Starr and then Bobby O.

And then, he picks Starr up and kicks him in the gut and lands his patented Twist of Fate. This turns the once-ecstatic crowd on its ear.

Kash hugs Blanchard and Alexander rushes in for some embraceable love.

KSWA Tag Team Match: An Officer and a Gentleman vs. “Rev” Ron Hunt and “The Regent” Joshua Kavod

Before things could get started, the tag team champions attacked the Apex from behind. And just like that, Kavod and Hunt booted the champs to the outside. The fans are beside themselves as the action hasn't even officially started.

It's Kavod and Morris starting out. Morris, who has a size and strength advantage, German suplexes The Regent but stays on him. Morris shoulder-blocks him down. Kavod fights out of a pinning predicament. Kavod catches a flying body block but Kavod is not intimidated. He gets out of it and tags Hunt, only after Morris gets to Murphy.

Hunt is all over Murphy. Morris attacks Hunt from behind but Hunt fights back. Murphy gets Hunt from behind and rides him to the mat. Officer Dan then works on Hunt's lower back. There's a suplex and a pin attempt that ends at one.

The referee is distracted and an Officer and a Gentleman double team Hunt. Morris continues to kick and stomp Hunt and then tags in Murphy. He body slams Morris onto Hunt.

Hunt goes for some offense, but Murphy kicks him down. He then kicks Kavod off of the apron. Murphy drops a series of elbows on Hunt, but a third attempt is met with only mat when Hunt rolls out of the way.

The tag team champions work on Hunt while the referee has his back turned.

Hunt is up and slaps Morris in the face. The two exchange blows and Morris bodyslams his opponent. Morris flexes and goes for a double sledge from the middle rope. That is met with Hunt's extended boot.

Morris staggers and then gets to Murphy. Hunt back cracks Murphy and both men are spent. Referee Patrick counts until Hunt gets to Kavod. Murphy gets to Morris. Kavod kicks Murphy and Morris in flying fashion. Kavod hits his “From the Pulpit.” Murphy breaks up the pin attempt. Morris attacks Hunt and Kavod. Murphy is launched into Morris. All four men are in the ring. Hunt get Murphy on his shoulders. Kavod kicks him 12:10

The Lethal Lottery for the vacant Five Star Championship

Referee Jimmy James calls for the bell. The rules are that any two participants tag-in anyone else. It's Justin Sane and Lucio Deveree, the two veteran combatants starting the match off. Sane gets Devere in a compromising position and then goes "Old School" and clobbers Deveer in the shoulder.

Deveer rallies and scoop slams Sane down. He gets a two-count as Referee Jimmy James only counts to two. Deveer, known for outstanding lariats, drops Sane with a serious club. He only gets two from the referee.

Deveer tries to get Sane down in a number of pin attempts.

Sane gets up and floors Deveer. Sane goes up top and goes for the frog splash. He lands it on Deveer and gets the first fall. 5:33. The next man up is The Ram, Anthony Drake. He and Sane have teamed as tag team. Drake head butts and spears Drake. He gets the pin on Sane. :24.

Next in is Tyler Grayson, who uses his quickness to go after Drake, but the power of The Ram is too much, too early. He belly-to-belly suplexes Grayson and gets a two-count.

Drake misses a splash and Grayson gets some offense. He goes for a spear but Grayson kicks him down. Grayson gets the pin. 3:34.

That leaves Sin Born and Grayson. The fans explode for Grayson but Sin Born tosses him aside. Grayson and Sin Born lock up. It's all Grayson as he gets Sin Born in a headlock. The favorite's favorite disciple counters, largely by pulling Grayson's locks.

The two go after offensive moves, and it's Sin Born who gets the closest near falls.

Sin Born posts Grayson and chops him hard in the chest. Sin Born, a crafty veteran in his own right, fights hard as Grayson races around and hits a standing splash. Two-count on Sin Born. The loud crowd shouts "That was three!"

Sin Born whips Grayson across the ring and lands a terrific German suplex but only gets two.

Sin Born gets Grayson into his infamous standing crab. Grayson will not give up. Grayson fights and fights and fights off submission. The fans' support is deafening.

Grayson makes it to the ropes. James counts to four before Sin Born lets up.

Sin Born lands a face-first suplex and gets a 2 3/4 count. Sin Born kicks away at Grayson, and whips him into the ropes. They collide in a double clothesline. Referee James counts to seven before they get to their feet. They trade blows.

Grayson kicks Sin Born in the head and drops him to the mat. The fans chant "Let's Go Tyler" to the moon. Tyler gets to the corner. Sin Born pushes James into him. Sin Born takes advantage to drop Grayson and get the victory. Sin Born is the new 5-Star Champion. 21:15

KSWA Heavyweight Championship: Lou Martin vs. J-Ru

The "Teapot" chant can be heard near Mt. Washington as the Krazies show their disapproval of the KSWA Heavyweight Champion.

Martin has J-Ru in the corner. The two circle each other in the ring once the hold is broken. Mayor Mystery trips Martin from the outside. Martin soon chases the manager around.

Once back inside, J-Ru takes the opportunity to drop Martin into the ropes. J-Ru races outside, high-fives Mayor Mystery and slaps Martin in the face. J-Ru tries to pin Martin but has his boots on the middle rope. That forces referee Patrick to break the pin attempt.

J-Ru goes after Martin's shoulder and keeps up with a muscle-punishing grip. J-Ru gets Martin down and gets a two-count.

Martin recovers and pounds J-Ru's head into the top rope 10 times. There's an overhand chop to punctuate the offense. He does that to other corners. There's a bulldog and two count on the champion.

Martin hits a splash. Two-count.

Martin climbs to the top rope for his dive. Mayor Mystery meets him there and drops him crotch-first onto the top turnbuckle.

J-Ru DDT's Martin down for two but Martin gets his boot on the bottom rope.

On the outside, Mayor Mystery puts his cane into Martin's ribs time-and-time again. J-Ru rolls Martin back in. The fans chant "Teapot." J-Ru tries to pull Martin up but the challenger cannot get to his feet. J-Ru head butts him. There's a clothesline from behind. J-Ru shouts, "that's it." J-Ru goes for a lazy count and Martin gets his shoulder up at the last possible second.

J-Ru has Martin in the corner. He runs and clotheslines him there. He does the same in a second corner. J-Ru takes time to pat himself in the back.

The fans chant, "You still suck." Martin is whipped into a corner. Martin moves and back cracks J-Ru down. Martin is groggy. Patrick goes for a count and gets to two before J-Ru gets a shoulder up. Martin side-slams J-Ru down for two.

Both men are up. There's a double clothesline in the center of the ring. Patrick starts the double count.

J-Ru takes a protective covering from his knee. Mayor Mystery is in. He goes to hit Martin with his cane but Mystery misses and hits himself. Martin drops Mystery and hits a flying splash on him. J-Ru races in and he is met with the Death Certificate for the win. 13:45.

Lou Martin is a three-time KSWA Heavyweight Champion!

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