Battle Bowl XIV Is Back And More Important Than Ever

January 2, 2023

by Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

Battle Bowl is back in January!

For more than a decade, the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) has hosted the premier over-the-top-rope elimination match in the first month of the year. With a COVID shut down, the opportunity to win shots at Pittsburgh professional wrestling’s most valuable singles titles were shut down for a year. And last year, the defining Battle Royal in Pennsylvania was held back to April.

But now, Battle Bowl XIV is back and more important than ever.

For years, the winner has earned a match for the richest prize in the Commonwealth, the KSWA Heavyweight Championship. Last year, Lou Martin won Battle Bowl and ultimately won the KSWA Championship. In addition, Megastars new and veteran have earned shots at the Golden Triangle and Five Star belts.

For the first time, Battle Bowl will be held at the American Legion Langley Post 496 in the city of Pittsburgh’s Sheraden neighborhood. Who will start out the match? Who will be the final participant? Who will return? Who will shock the KSWA Krazies? Who will win year-long contracts to challenge for KSWA history?

“The Face of Pittsburgh,” Lou Martin won his third KSWA Heavyweight Championship in a hard-fought battle against J-Ru in the Main Event at Battle Bowl. Both men had arguably the best years of their careers in 2022 and J-Ru was the KSWA Champion for 140 days. Now, Lou Martin has the opportunity to add to two of the most significant championship reigns in KSWA and Pittsburgh professional wrestling annuals. It’s also possible that J-Ru could have a game plan that would mean he’s once again winning the championship.

The brand new KSWA tag team champions–”The Rev” Ron Hunt and “The Regent” Joshua Kavod–collectively known as “The Apex”--will defend for the first time against one of the most unusual teams in the KSWA–”The Freak Show.” The 400-pound-plus Man-Child will be accompanied in this match with Freak E. Doyle. Freak, who has been Man-Child’s manager and handler, has entered the fray as a grappler.

The KSWA has long-been the place for opportunity and Doyle could make the record books if he is successful alongside the Freak Show’s most meaningful athlete.

Emotions ran high for Hunt and Kavod when they defeated Officer Dan Murphy and Harley T. Morris. Now, The Apex faces unusual foes. It will be a match that the Krazies will want to see.

Another first-time title holder in Five-Star Champion Sin Born wouldn’t have an easy task against the Leader of the Grayson Nation in Tyler Grayson. Sin Born had one of the most hard-fought schedules in 2022, and still won the Five-Star title. Grayson is one of the KSWA’s most athletic youngsters and seems poised for a championship reign. Sin Born will not want to let the gold slip through his fingers.

Kris Kash’s incredible return and shocking betrayal of his lifelong friend Shane Starr stunned the KSWA locker room and capacity FanFest crowd. In addition, he has joined Shawn Blanchard and Anthony Alexander to form a brand new stable called “The Dynasty.” No trio of KSWA Megastars have collectively been as accomplished as Blanchard, Alexander and Kash (along with manager “King” Del Douglas). And with a common chip on their shoulder, “The Dynasty” will team for the very first time to take on “The Ram” Anthony Drake, Justin Sane and the Golden Triangle Champion, Yinza. Drake and Sane have tagged frequently in the past year, and Yinza is at the top of his game. This 6-man match has all of the potential to steal any card.

And Shane Starr, with an eye looking over his shoulder for Kash, will take on Harley T. Morris in one-on-one competition.

KSWA Battle Bowl XIV is to be held at American Legion Langley Post 496, 2863 Chartiers Avenue, Pittsburgh, 15204 on Saturday, January 14, 2023. Ringside tickets are $20 and general admission is $15. Bell time is 6:00 p.m. Card is subject to change. Call 412-726-1762 for more information.

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