T-Rantula Is Now A Battle Bowl Winner; Martin, Sin Born And Apex Retain, Drake Turns On Sane

January 15, 2023

by Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

Nearly 30 Megastars convened at the American Legion in Sheraden to officially kick off the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) calendar. There were rematches, and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for Megastars veteran and new. And history was made with one of the wildest Main Events in the organization’s 22-year history (and 14 Battle Bowls).

KSWA Heavyweight Champion: J-Ru vs. Lou Martin

J-Ru comes to the ring with Mayor Mystery. The ovation for Lou Martin is off the charts.

Referee Mark Charles III calls for the bell and the "Tea Pot" chant directed toward J-Ru is deafening.

Nearly three minutes have gone by without the wrestlers even so much as shake hands in the center of the ring. The reaction for both Megastars is explosive. J-Ru tries to clothesline Lou Martin but the 3-time champion ducks all attempts.

Martin hip-tosses J-Ru a few times before the challenger retreats to the outside.

Martin follows and knocks their heads together.

J-Ru gets back in and gets the upper hand on Martin. He gets Martin into the ropes and that's where Mayor Mystery finds him for a good choke. J-Ru tries to pin Martin with one finger. That doesn't work.

J-Ru DDT's Martin in the center of the ring and goes for a pin. Mark Charles III slaps the mat twice before Martin gets a shoulder up. There's a big bodyslam and double stomp on Martin's midsection.

Martin's head is pounded into the top turnbuckle and J-Ru chops him in the chest. There's a second that buckles Martin over. There's an overhand chop that staggers the champion. He goes to another corner and then back to the original corner. J-Ru misses a charge and Martin is ready for offense of his own. A right hand drops J-Ru.

Martin pounds J-Ru's head into the top turnbuckle 10 times and follows with a chop. There's a second corner. More of the same. Then a side suplex. Mayor Mystery is on the apron. That's enough to distract everyone and J-Ru gets some offense.

Martin is whipped into a corner and he is hit with a running clothesline. Mayor Mystery holds Martin's foot so he can't get out of the way. 10:35

Five Star Championship: Sin Born vs Dennis Gregory

Referee Jimmy James holds the Five-Star Championship into the night sky inside the American Legion. The bell rings and Sin Born shouts about the "anvil of death" and other things. Gregory is nonplussed.

Gregory extends a hand in friendship. Sin Born swats at Gregory's head and that only infuriates the Hall of Famer. Gregory gets offense in on Sin Born and he bails to the outside. Once back inside, he insults Gregory and the former KSWA Champion beats him once more.

They lock up and Gregory, who has a size and strength advantage, gets Sin Born down for a painful arm bar.

After the hold is broken, Sin Born gets a rear waist lock on the challenger, but he battles out with elbows and a crushing drop kick that excites the crowd.

Dennis buries a shoulder into Sin Born and then lands a terrific back elbow.

Sin Born counters with an octopus-style move in the ropes. That's enough for Sin Born to have Gregory down for a two-count. The crowd chants for Dennis. Sin Born drops a modified DDT and nearly gets a three-count. Sin Born has advantage and clotheslines Gregory in a corner.

Out of nowhere, Gregory lands a super kick but he is unable to capitalize. Gregory lands a severe clothesline. Both men are down.

The Krazies shout for Dennis. Two count on the Five-Star Champion.

Gregory slaps the mat as a way to fire himself and the crowd up. Sin Born lunges and rakes the eyes. There's a modified German Suplex. He goes for the pin but Gregory gets his feet in the ropes.

Sin Born gets Gregory in his patented Standing Crab. Gregory fights toward the ropes, but is able to use his legs to toss Sin Born into the ropes.

Sin Born gets Gregory into the corner. He goes for a splash but is met with a boot. Gregory's knee is compromised.

Both Megastars are down and Jimmy James counts to seven before there's movement. Both men get to their feet and start striking.

The wrestlers try to drop the other, but they end up falling into the ropes. Gregory goes to the middle rope for an elbow but misses it. Sin Born is there for his spinning finishing move for the win. 11:55.

The Dynasty vs. Justin Sane, The Ram and Justin Sane

The "You Sold Out" chants toward Kris Kash are incredible. Referee Shawn Patrick has his hands full with this talent-bursting contest.

The Ram Anthony Drake starts out against Blanchard. The former 6-time KSWA Champion swats at both Yinza and Justin Sane before being forced into a corner. Yinza leads a "Ram" chant. Blanchard gets the Ram into a corner but he gets his way out by head butting Blanchard. Then there are shoulders into Blanchard's midsection and a whip into another corner for more offense.

Justin Sane is tagged in and he goes to work on Blanchard's left wrist. Blanchard pokes Sane in the eye and tags in Kash. He clotheslines Sane and tags in the big man, Anthony Alexander. He drops Sane with a punch. These two Megastars used to be long standing friends.

With the referee distracted, Kash attacks Sane in the corner. Del Douglas shouts "It's Over" from the outside. Alexander tosses Sane with an over-the-head suplex.

Blanchard is back in. He drop-kicks Sane and Douglas shouts "Air Blanchard." Justin kicks out of a pin attempt at two.

Kash is back in and he tosses Sane outside and attacks him there.

Once inside, AA is tagged back in and he goes to work on Sane with a side slam. It's amazing that Sane is conscious at this point.

Sane summons some strength and goes after Alexander, but is met with a boot.

Kash is in and Sane is met with a double clothesline. Yinza is tagged in and the place goes bonkers as Yinza cleans house.

Kash's head is smashed into the top turnbuckle. Yinza meets him with 10 punches. A splash in the corner is next. And then a monkey flip that sends Kash across the ring. Patrick counts to one before Kash kicks out.

On the outside, Drake–without warning–attacks Sane and smashes his head into the corner post.

Yinza turns around and right into the Prime Time Cancellation. 9:12.

Post-Match: Yinza is tossed over the top rope and dropped to the floor.

The Dynasty celebrates to a chorus of boos.

Harley T. Morris vs. Shane Starr

Morris makes his way out, but a mysterious figure sits in the center of the ring when Shane Starr is announced. Dressed in jeans and a hoodie, the last time the KSWA saw something like this was Mitch Napier's out-of-nowhere return several years ago.

Starr nearly pins Morris with a school boy roll up; he applies more offense with a superkick. Starr makes Morris submit in :52 seconds.

Post Match: Shane Starr grabs the microphone and talks about how he lost to Anthony Alexander at FanFest. He said he learned his lesson. He talks about Anthony, Blanchard and Kash attacking him at FanFest.

He said that no one came to help him. Starr says it is his "whole mission" to get rid of The Dynasty and win Battle Bowl.

KSWA Tag Team Championship: The Freek Show vs. The Apex

The Freek Show tries to attack The Apex before the bell, but the championships hear them coming and dive over them and send Freek E. Doyle to the outside.

Joshua Kavod chases Freek around the ring in the opening moments of the match.

Kavod and Doyle are set to start. Doyle is new to the action inside the squared circle, and quickly tags to the formidable giant Man-Child.

Kavod, outweighed by more than 200 pounds, can't gain any traction against the monolith. Hunt is tagged in and he tries a shoulder block but gets nowhere.

A second shoulder block staggers him just a bit. But that's just enough to anger the big man. He sends Hunt across the ring, but he tags Kavod. Man-Child tags Doyle after he had already raced in and clotheslined the Regent.

Doyle gets Kavod in the ropes and buries a knee into his back. Doyle then stands on Kavod, while pulling the ropes down. Man-Child is back in and he whips Doyle into Kavod. The Regent falls to the floor.

Kavod finds a Man-Child mask and gets into the ring. It's a "mirror effect" that confuses the big man. Kavod lowers the mask and Man-Child lowers the boom on Kavod.

Man-Child tosses Kavod across the ring with ease. He sends Hunt to the outside. The Referee is distracted and both members of the Freek Show work on Kavod.

A "Lets Go Josh" chant erupts throughout the Legion. Doyle bends Kavod's arms back. He kicks the Regent in the back and gets only two on the pin attempt.

Man-Child is back in. He headbutts Kavod and punches Hunt off of the apron.

Kavod fights back. But Man-Child is just too much and he levels Kavod.

Kavod goes for a flying cross body block but Man-Child catches him. Doyle is tagged in and he splashes Kavod in the corner. A boot to the throat is next. Man-Child chokes Kavod in the corner. Doyle pulls Kavod out of the corner and gets a two count.

Man-Child digs a knuckle into Kavod's forehead.

Doyle is tagged in and he goes after Kavod. He goes for an impossibly lazy pin but Kavod kicks out. Doyle goes to taunt Hunt but he gets chopped instead.

Hunt is tagged in and he drops both men. He goes for a pin on Doyle, but the upstart kicks out.

Kavod kicks Man-Child and so does Hunt on the outside.

Kavod double noggin knocks the Freek Show.

Hunt flies over the top rope and onto Freek.

Kavod drops on Doyle. Two-count.

Both members of the Apex drill Man-Child. They drop Doyle for the pin. 13:09

Battle Bowl 14

KSWA Owner Bobby O was announced as a competitor earlier in the evening, but he was surprised to find out that he was the first competitor, Shawn Blanchard, Kris Kash and Anthony Alexander are the other four wrestlers to come out as four Megastars are to start this year’s contest. The "You Sell Out" chants are once again, deafening.

Bobby O goes after Anthony Alexander and then the Dynasty takes over.

Don Scholz, the Commander of the American Legion, is out next. He takes his shirt off and prepares for action. But the Dynasty starts to kick away.

King Del Douglas makes his way out and he starts chopping away at Scholz, who gets some offense.

Scholz dumps Douglas. Blanchard dumps Scholz. Bobby O is tossed out.

Shane Starr is out and he attacks all three men.

Blanchard is eliminated by Starr. Super Hentai is the next one out and he is not quick to get into the ring.

Hentai digs at Starr's eyes.

Kash, Alexander, Hentai and Starr are in.

the Beast Man is the next competitor. The place goes crazy.

With bone in hand, Beast Man swats away at Alexander and Kash.

Joey Quervo, the Drunken Luchadore is out just as quickly as he is in.

Sam and Stan Squatch are both out.

Sin Born is next.

The Squatches are eliminated.

Kash is eliminated by Starr.

The returning Sniper is out next. He makes his way to the ring.

Dennis Gregory is out next.

Shane starr is eliminated by Anthony Alexander.

Sin Born punches away at Sniper, but he is just swatted away.

The returning KSWA Heavyweight Champion Jay Flash is next. He goes right after Sin Born and then Sniper.

Freek E. Doyle is the next Megastar into the fray.

Gregory tosses Hentai over the top rope for an elimination.

Hunter Huffman debuts as the next entrant. Sniper welcomes him with forearms.

Man-Child, the giant, is next up and out.

Freek is knocked out by Man-Child.

"The Ram" Anthony Drake is out next and he has head butts for everyone.

The entire room is on its collective feet when T-Rantula makes his way to the ring.

Justin Sane, holding his head from the earlier attack from Drakek is out next.

Sane and Drake both go over the top rope and are eliminated.

T-Rantula and the Beast Man take turns chopping Hunter Hoffman in the chest.

Sniper is eliminated.

Mayor Mystery is next out.

Hunter is tossed. Kavod is eliminated.

Mystery is tossed.

Yinza is out to the ring next.

man-child is tossed by T-Rantula.

The Professional Harley T. Morris races out to the ring next.

He goes after Yinza, but T-Rantula goes after Harley with serious, life-altering chops.

The Rev Ron Hunt is out next.

Harley is dumped next.

Rev and Beast Man battle it out.

Big Country, Matt McGraw is out next. Injured at FanFest, he is a surprise entrant.

He goes right after Alexander.

J-Ru is out next.

Beast Man chops away at McGraw. Yinza and Hunt go after Gregory and J-Ru boots Alexander as it's every man for himself.

T-Rantula chops J-Ru in the chest and the Artist falls onto the canvas.

T-Rantula and Matt McGraw punish J-Ru with chops.

Alexander pulls the ropes down for a charging Yinza. The Luchadore goes over and is eliminated.

Hunt is tossed out.

J-Ru and McGraw are next.

Gregory is tossed out by Alexander. He doesn’t immediately realize that he wasn’t the last Megastar in the ring. He is clotheslined out by T-Rantula and the Hall of Famer wins Battle Bowl! 28:27

Next up, Bobby O and the KSWA Championship Committee will draw the winners to see who gets the opportunities at the KSWA Heavyweight Championship, as well as the Golden Triangle, Five-Star and Brawl Under the Bridge belts.

Those determinations will be revealed soon.

And thus ends Battle Bowl 14.

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