Martin Holds Off Kash, Yinza, Sin Born Retain, T Rankles The Freak Show

March 11, 2023

by Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

The Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) returned to Springdale for Springdale Slam 4 and featured seven matches.

Three of the organization’s titles were on the line, and one-half of the tag team champions tried to bring more gold home.

But it was the showdown between “The Face of Pittsburgh” Lou Martin and his longtime, now former friends, for the richest prize in the Commonwealth that was the Main Event.

KSWA Golden Triangle Championship: Shawn Blanchard vs. Yinza (champion)

Before the contest can get underway, Harley T. Morris comes out of the locker room and asks for a Triple Threat Match. It's now a Triple Threat Match. The match begins with The Pride of Springdale, Shawn Patrick, checking all of the combatants. Blanchard may or may not have an illegal object. It soon breaks down to Morris and Blanchard beating on Yinza. Yinza recovers and delivers a double clothesline to fall both opponents. However, the numbers game comes back around and against the Golden Triangle Champion. Blanchard delivers a back elbow to Yinza and goes for a pin but the champion kicks out. Harley is back into it as he knocks Blanchard down and then suplexes Yinza. Blanchard stops Morris' momentum. Yinza gives Blanchard a modified Stunner. Then one to Morris. However, he cannot immediately capitalize. Yinza rolls across the ring and Monkey Flips Blanchard. He does the same to Morris. The actions do take a lot out of Yinza and that allows Morris to get back into the offense. He goes for a pin and that ends at one. A leg drop follows and Blanchard breaks it up. Morris goes after Blanchard. Blanchard, the veteran, is able to toss Morris to the outside. He goes after Yinza and snap-mares the masked luchador. Blanchard continues a slow, methodical attack. Morris climbs the stairs and breaks up Blanchard's attempt at a Figure Four. Morris, in front of Blanchard, goes for a version of the Figure Four on Yinza. Blanchard is back in and he attacks Morris from behind. Blanchard goes low into Yinza's crotch. Blanchard whips Morris into Yinza and then splashes both of them. Yinza lands a stunner on Blanchard. There's a Yinza to Belly on Morris for the victory. 9:23.

The Ram Anthony Drake vs. Justin Sane

The two former tag team partners lock up and Drake tosses Sane across the ring. The veteran Sane bails to the outside and takes his time to get back into the ring. It takes him a few moments to be tossed out again and one can see the trepidation on Sane's face. The long-time grappler goes for Drake's knee and then the familiar wrist lock. Sane goes to the apron and whips Drake's left arm over the top rope. Sane goes back into the ring and grabs the arm again. Sane goes "Old School" and hammers down on Drake's arm. He crumples down and Sane goes for a front face lock while the arm is trapped between Sane's knees. Sane goes to another apron and wrings the arm down once again. Drake rakes Sane's eyes and drives him into the middle rope. Drake hoists Sane up and slams him down in the center of the ring. Drake shouts a growl and gets Sane in the corner for a series of head butts to the upper body. Sane is whipped into another corner and that's where Drake delivers a series of big boots. Drake delivers a huge belly-to-belly, but Sane is able to kick up at two. Drake applies a sleeper hold on Sane. Sane goes to the mat. Referee Mark Charles III drops Sane's hand twice before the wild man gets a hand up. The two go round and round, Sane jumps up and lands a roll-up pin for the win. 8:01

Dennis Gregory vs. Edric Everhart

The two similar-in-style combatants lock up and the test-of-strength is real. Neither can get a real advantage. The Hall of Famer does use leverage to his advantage and Monkey Flips Everhart but can't quite get the pin. Gregory grasps a wrist and twists. Referee Jimmy James checks on Everhart, but he recovers. Gregory slugs away at Everhart and once again has him down on the mat. Gregory has Everhart tied up in knots but he is able to get to the rope and break the hold. Everhart gains momentum and has Gregory in the corner. Everhart mocks the Hall of Famer and then punches him directly in the head. Gregory tries to get up but Everhart knocks him down. Everhart gets Gregory in a sleeper and referee James places a keen eye on the proceedings. Gregory breaks out, but quickly eats a clothesline. Everhart takes time out of his day to admonish kids at ringside. There's a kick to the former KSWA Champion's head. Gregory catches him for a spinebuster and he drops a series of elbows on his opponent. He just keeps getting quicker until Everhart, somehow, rolls out of the way. Gregory staggers and is driven into a ring post by his opponent. Everhart drapes Gregory into the middle rope. He attacks by burying a knee into the back of his head. Everhart takes a little time, and that allows Gregory, at least for a moment, an opportunity to come back. Everhart swings away and drops Gregory, who crawls into a corner. Gregory is whipped across the ring and he fights back with an elbow and drops Everhart into the ropes. There's a splash into the corner. And then another. Everhart, out of nowhere, snaps a neck breaker and gets a two count. Everhart puts the boots to Gregory and then is hoisted up for a superplex. Gregory battles out of it. Gregory goes to dive on Everhart, but misses. The second time's the charm as Gregory jumps from behind and drives Edric down for the win. 12:02.

Fatal Four Way KSWA 5-Star Championship: Sin Born (champion) vs. Tyler Grayson vs. Joshua Kavod vs. The Beast Man

It takes quite a while for referee Mark Charles III to get this quartet of madness under wraps. The Regent Joshua Kavod is wide-eyed as he looks upon the Beast Man who "Husks" his way around and into the ring. Sin Born is the first to channel enough guts to scream in Beastman's face. And he's the first to be clobbered out of the squared circle. Beast Man double clotheslines Kavod and Grayson down. He turns his attention to the former 5-Star Champion. He is dropped with a right hand as well. Somehow, Kavod leg scissors Beastman to the floor. Sin Born takes out a knee and drops Kavod. Sin Born tries to dive on Beastman from the outside, but Stone Age Savage simply moves and the air is filled with the sound of Sin Born landing on the hardwood. Kavod dives on both men on the outside and Grayson dives on the trio. Kavod and Grayson kick and chop one another inside the ring. Before too long, all four men are back in the ring, and Beastman drops Sin Born and Grayson. Kavod finds a little bit of offense but he is slammed to the mat with a certain thud. The three Megastars drop Beastman, who falls to the outside. Grayson and Kavod suplex Sin Born and then whip him across the ring after failing to decide who actually made a pin. Kavod goes to dive on Sin Born but the 5-Star champion misses. There's a flurry of offense and Grayson goes after Sin Born. He's pushed off. Kavod and Grayson both kick the feet out of Sin Born before he can hit any offense. Quietly, Beastman climbs back in and interferes with an attempted super plex. He tosses all three competitors across the ring. Beastman lands a heavy flying body press on Kavod before tossing Grayson down. Sin Born eats a cannon ball. Beastman goes for the pin, but Grayson breaks that up. Kavod races for a corner. Beastman boots Sin Born and throws Kavod across the ring. Beastman owns the offense, but quite can't make a deciding pin. All four Megastars are on their feet and trading shots. Beastman drives Grayson to one knee. He drops Sin Born to the mat. Kavod and Grayson kick the big man. Beastman power slams Sin Born but only gets two as he gets to his feet. Sin Born drops Grayson and gets the win. 12:47

Post Match: Beastman raises the hands of his opponents/friends, Kavod and Grayson before slapping them in the chest and heading out. It’s all very complicated.

Anthony Alexander (with Del Douglas) vs. Shane Starr

Starr comes through the crowd and attacks Douglas on the outside. Once inside, Alexander awaits. He dispatches Starr. Starr goes for the corner post, but is tossed off the top rope by Douglas. Douglas puts the boots to Starr on the outside and Referee Shawn Patrick allows the action to take place. Alexander follows to the outside and attacks Starr there. Starr is back inside for offense from Mr. Big Stuff. Alexander drops Starr and goes for the pin. He gets a two count. Starr tries to battle up, but Alexander pulls him down from behind and by the hair. Alexander slowly goes after Starr. There's a body slam. Through four minutes, Starr has had very little offense in this contest. Starr gets up and gets some offense but Alexander drops him with a big right hand. Alexander DDT's Starr in the middle of the ring, but instead of making the cover, he poses and preens. Alexander climbs to the middle rope and drives Starr down with a flying clothesline. Two count. Out of nowhere, Starr gets Alexander down and tries for a Figure Four. Alexander breaks out of it and drops Starr. He gets a two count. Alexander gets Starr in the ropes. He uses the ropes as a weapon. He is pulled away by referee Patrick, but that only allows Douglas in for illegal tactics. Starr is down. Alexander motions that Starr is done. Starr is up to his feet and forces Alexander into a corner. Double A is whipped into another corner. Alexander comes out and spine busters Starr down. Patrick counts one and then two. Starr gets a shoulder up. Alexander gets Starr into a sleeper. Starr stuns his way out. Starr, with a glut of energy, drives Alexander down with a back elbow. Douglas is up on the apron. Alexander lands a Prime Time Cancellation but the referee is still tied up with Douglas. Alexander takes the opportunity to confront home town boy Shawn Patrick. Alexander goes for another, but Starr fights out. He grabs Alexander, hits a sidewalk slam and gets the duke! 11:55.

Post Match: Douglas and Alexander regroup.

Man-Child (w/Mayor Mystery) vs. T-Rantula

Referee Jimmy James calls for the bell. There's nearly 800 pounds between the two competitors in this match. Man-Child calls for a Test of Strength. T-Rantula pokes him in the eye and whips the 400-pounder into the ropes. There's a lock up and Man-Child pushes the Hall of Famer into the corner. Now, T-Rantula pushes Man-Child into the corner and overhand chops him in the chest. They lock up again and T-Rantula rakes the eyes, raises a knee and drops the behemoth. Man-Child falls to the outside, where Mayor Mystery resides. He gets Man-Child back into the ring. T-Rantula eagerly awaits the move. Man-Child punches away at T-Rantula and right into the clutches of Mayor Mystery. Man-Child punishes T-Rantula in the ropes. Then he lays some forearms onto the big man. T-Rantula goes low and whips Man-Child into the ropes. He hits the big kid with a boot and continues to kick away. T gets Man-Child into the corner for a trio of overhand chops. T-Rantula chokes Man-Child and then chops him down. The pin attempt ends at two when Man-Child gets a shoulder up. Man-Child clobbers T-Rantula, gets him down and only gets two on a pin attempt. Man-Child chokes T-Rantula. The two trade blows. Man-Child is splashed in the corner. T-Rantula chokes Man-Child. Mayor Mystery gets to the apron. He loads up a handful of powder and tosses it in T-Rantula's face. That drops the Hall of Famer and into a pin. The winner is Man-Child. 8:32.

They continue to attack T-Rantula, until Dennis Gregory runs out to make the save. He choke-slams Mayor Mystery and chases off Man-Child.

KSWA Heavyweight Championship: Kris Kash (w/Del Douglas) vs. Lou Martin (champion)

A more aggressive Kris Kash goes right after Lou Martin and spills him to the outside. He slaps Lou Martin in the mug, drives him back inside and drops him with a drop kick. Martin is tossed outside and into the clutches of Del Douglas. Once back inside, he is at the mercy of Kash, who uses the ropes to choke Martin. Douglas also uses the cable to choke Martin. Kash gets Martin down but only gets a two count. Kash drops a leg and gets a two count as referee Patrick administers the measure. Kash posts Martin and overhand chops him. Martin retaliates and pounds Kash's head into the top turnbuckle of two corners, and hits a chop. Then a third. Kash's chest is beat read. The fourth turnbuckle goes the same as the other three. Martin hits a side slam on Kash. Martin punches away at Kash's head and neck. There's a leg drop and two count. Martin suplexes Kash but doesn't go for the pin. He asks the crowd if he should hit another. They agree. He does. He asks again. He quickly hits it. Patrick counts to two before Kash gets a shoulder up. Douglas tries to get a "Kash" chant going, but that doesn't work. Martin is on the outside and gets into a battle with Douglas. Kash dives on the men on the outside. Patrick starts the 10 count. He gets to eight before they both roll back in. Kash lays in a forearm and then another. Kash hits a curb stomp on Martin. Douglas shouts "It's Over" and gets a 2 1/2 count on Martin. Kash misses a splash. Martin doesn't. He punches Kash down. Martin goes for the big splash from the top, misses. Kash goes for the Twist of Fate. Martin blocks it. Drops him with a Death Certificate. He climbs the corner, dives on Kash and gets the win. 10:43.

Post-Match: Douglas gets into Martin's face and is leveled

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