Megastars Debut, Martin Faces Former 6-Time Champ, Yinza Defends Against Kash

March 19, 2023

by Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

The KSWA returned to Freeport for a night of St. Paddy’s Brewtality. Two new Megastars debuted, and a couple of other “newer” wrestlers took advances forward. The KSWA Heavyweight Championship match featured two well-versed rivals, while the Golden Triangle Champion faced a unique challenge.

River the Sickopath vs. RJ Booker

Two new Megastars–River the Sickopath and RJ Booker–started things off Saturday Night in front of an enthusiastic crowd. River arrived first to a welcoming "Count" Mark Charles III and RJ Booker came to the ring ready to go. They lock up and RJ shoulder blocks River down. There's a leap frog and a series of arm drags. River grabs Booker and appears to chomp down on his ear. River takes over and drops Booker, perhaps by way of a hair pull. There's a stomp that keeps Booker reeling. RJ fights back but is leveled by a boot to the midsection. Charles admonishes River for choking Booker in the ropes. There's an elbow to Booker's head but he soon fights back. River hooks himself in the ropes and Booker misses with a drop kick. River posts Booker in the corner for a stiff right hand. Booker is tossed across the ring but he meets River with a boot and clothesline. There's a back elbow as the fans cheer for Booker. There's a near pinfall but River gets a shoulder up. River drops Booker with an X Factor but Booker gets a shoulder up. Booker scoops River and drops him with a Samoan drop and gets the win 5:22.

The Ram Anthony Drake vs. Hunter Huffman

Jimmy James calls for the bell and the match begins. Ram forces Huffman into the corner. He does it a second time and roughs the youngster up a little each time. Huffman gets behind Drake and then gets him into a headlock. Drake fights out of that and forces Huffman in with a choke. Huffman blasts Drake's head into the top corner post, but he forgets that's the Ram. Drake meets Huffman in the center of the ring and drops him with a head butt. He uses the bottom rope to choke Huffman. Huffman is posted in the corner for a chop to the chest. Huffman angrily asks for another and he gets dropped with a far more serious blast to the chest. Drake whips Huffman across the ring and splashes him. Ram belly-to-belly's Huffman but only gets a two count. Huffman battles out, but Drake drops him with a forearm. And keeps him down with a boot. Huffman reaches for the bottom rope. Drake gets him in the former for a boot to the throat. Drake slaps Huffman in the face. Drake body slams Huffman in the center of the ring. Ram follows up with head butts to Huffman's spine. Drake slaps the Sleeper on Huffman. Hunter is dropping. He goes down to the seated position. James counts, one, two and...then Hunter fights back. He hits a few elbows and drops Drake with a clothesline. A one-count on Drake. Both men are down. Drake shouts, "I'm gonna kill you, kid." Ram misses with a clothesline. Huffman drops him with one of his own. He keeps the offense on Drake with a standing splash. Drake is in the corner. Huffman is met with a head butt. Drake powers up and successfully hits a spear and makes the cover for the win. 8:08.

Harley T. Morris vs. Dennis Gregory

The KSWA Hall of Famer comes to the ring dancing to KC and the Sunshine Band's "Shake Your Booty." The "Real American" shakes his money maker and the Krazies love it. One young lady even takes the opportunity to dance with the former KSWA Champion. The familiar "Harley Sucks" chant rings throughout the room. Gregory asks the platinum blond Morris whether he "identifies" as "Ken or Barbie." Gregory arm-drags Morris across the ring. The fans chant "You Can't Wrestle" and he answers "I CAN wrestle." They lock up again and it's the same result as Morris is tossed across the ring. They lock up and Gregory bends Morris' arm back. Morris gets Gregory's arm. They trade wrist locks and Morris punches at Gregory, but he is the victim of an arm drag and Gregory doesn't let go. Morris charges the ropes and Gregory is clotheslined by the middle rope. Morris uses the bottom rope on Gregory's throat. The keeps the offense flowing and goes for a pin but that ends at two. Morris stretches Gregory's neck, but the Hall of Famer fights back. Morris keeps the offense going until Gregory is able to drop his opponent across the top rope. Morris follows with a DDT on Gregory. There was the closest 2 7/8 in referee history. Morris puts his boot on Gregory's throat. Morris whips Gregory into the corner. Gregory is whipped into the ropes but Gregory fights back with a back backer and plants him face first into the mat. Charles counts as the two megastars struggle to get to their feet. Gregory clotheslines, splashes and splashes Morris. A spear follows and both Megastars are on the mat. Morris flops due to the impact. Gregory drops elbow after elbow on Morris. There are seven and Gregory goes to the corner. He and Morris fight. Gregory dives over top of Morris and buries his knees into his neck and into the mat for the win. 10:44

KSWA Heavyweight Championship: Shawn Blanchard (w/Del Douglas) vs. Lou Martin (champion)

Del Douglas and Shawn Blanchard leave the ring while Martin gets into the squared circle. Referee Jimmy James calls for the bell and the two longest-serving KSWA Megastars in history are set to face off. The two long-time friends-turned rivals lock up. Blanchard rakes Martin's eyes. The Krazies shout "You Sell Out" at Blanchard, despite the fact that he has been a rapscallion his entire career. Blanchard is forced into the corner and he punches Martin in the face. Blanchard misses with a clothesline, but Martin punches him in the face. Ten head shots to the turnbuckle and overhand chop are next. Then a second corner post. Then a third. Blanchard rolls into the fourth corner for another round of beating. Martin arm-drags Blanchard down and threatens to break off his left arm. Blanchard shouts in agony but he won't submit. Martin stomps on the limb, pulls it again, and stomps on it again. The veteran Blanchard pokes Martin in the eye to slow down the offense. Blanchard chops away at the 3-time KSWA Champion. Blanchard has Martin in a precarious position and then boots him in the privates. James warns Blanchard about his tactics, but that allows Douglas to choke Martin with the bottom rope. There's a knee drop and one-count before Martin gets the shoulder up. Blanchard digs away at Martin's face and then tosses the champ out onto the floor and the waiting boots of Del Douglas. He slams Martin's head into the apron and then rolls the champion in. Blanchard chops away at Martin. He raises a knee into Martin's chin and he falls to the mat. Blanchard drops an elbow onto Martin's leg. Martin's shoulders are on the mat, but he won't give up. Douglas laughs, cheers and shouts "It's over" as Blanchard continues the assault on Martin. Blanchard pulls Martin into the corner post and wraps his leg around the steel poll. Douglas does the same when the ref is distracted. Blanchard prepares for the Figure Four and slaps it on. Could this be it for Martin? Blanchard is assisted by Douglas on the outside by pulling him, adding leverage as Martin struggles with the Figure Four. Martin somehow powers out and turns the Figure Four over on Blanchard. Blanchard stretches for the bottom rope. The hold is broken. Blanchard slaps his leg, as feeling has left it. Both Megastars want to continue. There's another attempt at the Figure Four but Martin rolls Blanchard up for the win. 11:44

Post-Match: some strife between Blanchard and Douglas ends with a warm embrace.

Anthony Alexander vs. Shane Starr

Starr emerges from the crowd to make his way to the ring. It's a new attitude for the veteran Megastar. Instead of the familiar black and pink, Starr wears jeans and black tee-shirt. This match is personal. Referee Jimmy James can only watch as these two former KSWA Champions go head-to-head. Starr whips Alexander into the corner so hard that the ring lifts off of the floor. A second one only leads to Alexander tricking Starr onto the outside. That's where Del Douglas resides. Alexander attacks Starr before tossing him back in. Alexander takes his time getting back in. Alexander works over Starr and drapes his throat over the bottom rope. Anthony distracts the referee and Douglas is on the outside, cheating away. The fans chant for Shane. Alexander delivers a right hand. They trade shots until Starr gets an advantage. He has Alexander in the corner for a series of punches to the head. Alexander answers with a clothesline. Starr is slow in getting up. Alexander kicks Starr in the head and chokes him while on the mat. Alexander keeps kicking Starr in the forehead. Alexander taunts the crowd and Starr goes for the Sharpshooter. Alexander breaks out and kicks him in the head. Two count before Starr gets a shoulder up. Alexander puts Starr into a sleeper. The fans explode in chants for Starr. He responds by breaking out of the move. Alexander drops the top rope on a charging Starr. Starr holds on and nearly drops Alexander. Alexander hits a spinebuster and gets a two count. Both Megastars are spent as the fans chant for Starr. Alexander shouts for them to "shut up." Starr explodes on Alexander and gets him down for a submission move. Alexander is able to hold onto until Starr tires and lets go of the move. Alexander recovers, kicks Starr in the gut, hits a DDT and calls for the match's end. Alexander climbs to the middle turnbuckle. Starr is slow in getting up. Starr catches him and lands a Rock Bottom. Two count on AA. The fans are incensed. Starr readies for another move. Alexander staggars. He hits Starr with a Prime Time Cancellation for the victory. 10:52.

Tag Team Match: Freek E. Doyle and Sin Born vs. Justin Sane and Tyler Grayson

Doyle and Sane start off the match. Referee "The Count" Mark Charles III has his hands full with this assortment of wrestlers. Doyle calls for Grayson and the tag is made. The Leader of the Grayson Nation enters the contest. Doyle really wants nothing to do with Grayson and tags in Sin Born. Grayson, who may be the fastest Megastar in the KSWA, has Sin Born reeling with a drop kick and whip; however, Sin Born is a crafty veteran who drops the youngster to the mat. He works on a series of submission maneuvers and keeps Grayson on the canvas. The Five-Star Champion pounds away on Grayson and hoists him up. He holds the wrestler in a position that allows him to raise knees into his kidney area. Freek E. Doyle is tagged in and he continues to lay in to Grayson. He uses the ropes as a weapon and boots him in the side. Grayson fights back with some shots to the gut, but Doyle drops him, and goes for a pin that ends at two. Sin Born is tagged back in as Justin Sane can only watch from the corner. The new team of Sin Born and Doyle do a great job of keeping Grayson to their side of the ring. Freek is tagged in again. It's five minutes in and Sane has seen no action. Doyle has Grayson down for a two-count. Doyle bends Grayson's arms back and the ref checks. Grayson battles out and drop-kicks Doyle down. Both men are down as fans shout for Grayson to "get up." He does and tags in Sane. Doyle gets to the Five Star Champion. Sane clotheslines Sin Born down several times and goes for the familiar wrist lock. Sane goes to the corner for Old School. He walks the ropes, and drops down on Sin Born's arm. He continues the offense by draping over the top rope. Sin Born rakes Sane's eyes and posts him in the corner for a super plex. Sin Born can't quite get it, but Sane climbs over and power bombs him down. Grayson kicks the apron as a way to invigorate Sane and the crowd. Both men get to their respective corners and tag their partners. They trade kicks to the thigh. Doyle grabs Grayson and bites the bridge of his nose. Grayson falls to the mat and Doyle gets a two count. Doyle splashes Grayson in the corner and tags in Sin Born. There's only two. Sin Born drops Grayson with a suplex. Sane breaks up the pin attempt. Grayson breaks out with some offense. Both men fall into their corners and Doyle drops Sane. Doyle chokes Sane and puts a boot as Grayson and Sin Born battle on the outside. Sin Born gets a two-count on Sane. Sane drops Doyle with a scissor kick and hits the Frog Splash and gets the victory. 11:55.

KSWA Golden Triangle Championship: Kris Kash vs. Yinza (champion)

Referee Jimmy James holds up Pittsburgh's championship belt, the Golden Triangle title. The bell rings and Kris Kash and Yinza lock up. It's a bit of a standoff. While Yinza has a decided size advantage, Kash has been reinvigorated since his return late last year. The two run the ring and Yinza drops Kash with a shoulder block. Kash is whipped into the corner and Yinza splashes him there. Yinza punches Kash about the head and shoulders and snap-mares him out. There's a clothesline on the seated Kash. Kash caught a clothesline in the beak. Kash fights out and tosses Yinza to the outside. The referee is immediately distracted and Douglas goes to work on the Golden Triangle Champion. Yinza flails wildly on the outside. Kash rolls him back in. Kash drop kicks Yinza and poses for the crowd. Yinza is tossed out again. Kash readies, dives over the top rope, lands on his keyster and plants a forearm on the GT champion. Douglas shouts, "He's given up" towards Yinza, but that isn't true. Yinza fights out. Yinza clotheslines his opponent and drops a leg. Two-count. Yinza picks Kash up and Yinza shouts for a trip down the Three Rivers, three monkey flips. As the Monkey Flips are executed, he shouts out the names of the Ohio, the Monongahela and the Allegheny Rivers. Kash falls to the outside. It takes a while, but Jimmy James starts to count Kash out. It doesn't get far before he's back in. Yinza goes to work on Kash's left leg. Yinza wraps Kash up but Kash pokes Yinza in the eyes. Kash chops Yinza in the chest and whips him into the ropes. Kash delivers knees to the gut. Yinza falls to the mat. James makes the count and it ends at two. Douglas is on the apron. There's a Yinza to Belly. Yinza turns his attention to Douglas. He peppers Douglas with rights and he falls to the floor. There's a stunner on Kash for the win. 8:39.

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