J-Ru Wins Twice, Apex, Martin & Sin Born Retain, Starr & Blanchard Tear Sheraden Down

April 16, 2023

by Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

Former Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) Heavyweight Champion J-Ru returned to action for the first time in several weeks and made landscape-changing moves.

The 4th Annual Timmy Moore Memorial Battle Royal event begins with a KSWA tag team championship match between the Dynasty and the Apex.

Anthony Alexander and Kris Kash v. Ron Hunt and Joshua Kavod

Referee Mark Charles III hands over the title belts to Kommissioner Tim Steiner and the match is underway. Kris kash quickly gets the upper overhand chop on Joshua Kavod. He tags in "Mr. Big Stuff," Anthony Alexander who whips The Regent into the ropes and down with a boot to the chin. Kash is back in. He lays in some uppercuts onto Kavod's midsection and drops him with a drop kick. A pin attempt ends at two. Kavod springs up and hits a Kavod Kutter on Kris and tags in Hunt. They drop toe hold Kash, drop elbows and get a two count. Hunt splashes Kash and tags in Kavod. Kash falls to the mat. Kavod picks him up and suplexes the veteran Kash. Alexander taunts Hunt to come in. That allows for some dirty tactics on Kavod. Alexander back-elbows Kavod down. Hunt rushes in and is intercepted by The Count. Alexander works over Kavod. Alexander and Kavod trade punches. AA plants a power bomb and gets a two count. Kavod is resilient. Douglas shouts "It's Over." Alexander slams Kavod down and gets a two count. Alexander applies a Sleeper Hold. Kavod fights out of it. Kash rushes in and attacks Hunt on the apron. Charles once again gets in Hunt's face. The Dynasty attacks Kavod in the corner. Kavod is tossed outside. That's where the stomping boots on Del Douglas reside. Kavod is tossed back in. Kash tags in Alexander. Alexander keeps the pressure on Kavod. He cannot get to the fresh Hunt. Kash is tagged in and Kavod sees his chance to battle out. Kash drops a leg on Kavod. Hunt rushes out and clears the ring. It's chaos. Kash turns around and Kavod greets him with "From the Pulpit" for the win. 8:43.

The 4th Annual Timmy Moore Memorial Battle Royal

It's mass mayhem as the Megastars attack one another. Surprise entrant Don Scholz gets some chops in the chest. Some of the fans chant for Yinza. It's been a while and no one has yet been tossed out. That shows how competitive things are. Freek is the first to be tossed, right around the 4 minute mark. Don Scholz and King Del Douglas eliminate each other. Sin Born and Harley T. Morris fight. That's how competitive things are. Harley T. and J-Ru power slam Yinza, who had The Ram, Anthony Drake, in a corner. Yinza is tossed out next. The Ram spears Morris in the center of the ring, but that doesn't lead to an elimination. Tyler Grayson skins the cat and hooks Sin Born in a leg scissors. Grayson eliminates Hunter Huffman. J-Ru, Justin Sane, Anthony Drake and Tyler Grayson are the Final Four. Drake eliminates Justin Sane. J-Ru and Grayson battle it out. J-Ru tosses Grayson over the top rope but Grayson catches the apron. They battle and Grayson applies a sleeper hold. J-Ru hits a Stunner and Grayson is catapulted to the floor. J-Ru wins the Battle Royal. 11:20. Mayor Mystery rushes out to celebrate with J-Ru.

Bubba the Bulldog w/Mayor Mystery vs. Dennis Gregory

"American Made" Dennis Gregory tries to have the crowd sing "Happy Birthday" to a fan named Brian, but Bubba the Bulldog breaks it up. Bubba shouts down Gregory. Bubba the Bulldog chases Mayor Mystery from the ring. The crowd chants "Dennis" to deafening proportions. Bubba threatens Gregory by saying "You've never faced this Bubba before." Gregory gets Bubba down. After a small break in the action, Gregory gets Bubba in an abdominal stretch. Gregory gets out of it, only to lock it in again. Gregory has Bubba tied up and rains forearms down on the Bulldog's midsection. Bubba gets to the ropes and the hold is broken. Bubba gets out of the momentum, whips Gregory directly into referee Shawn Patrick. Gregory scoops Bubba up and drops him. Bubba grabs a baseball bat he has brought to the ring and unloads on his former tag team partner. Patrick is still down and Bubba kicks Gregory and knees him in the back while in the ropes. Bubba taunts the crowd. The crowd chants "Denny, Denny." Gregory somehow gets to his feet, trades blows with Bubba and hits him with a short spear. Bubba clotheslines Gregory and drops an elbow. He puts a boot to Gregory's throat while he's in the ropes. Bubba goes to the outside and elbows Gregory in the throat. Bubba is back in and goes for Gregory's eyes. Bubba whips Gregory into a corner post. Bubba hits a Bulldog and goes for a pin. Two-count. A DDT from Bubba. "I'm the Best in the World" he shouts. The crowd doesn't like it. Bubba hits one more DDT on Gregory. Another shoulder up at two for Gregory. Bubba hits a Rock Bottom on Gregory. He kicks up at two. The crowd chants "Denny, Denny." Gregory gets Bubba down for a two count. Bubba shouts "It's over" as he measures his next move. Gregory is able to get to his feet. They collide. Out of nowhere, Gregory hits a back breaker and a face breaker. Both Hall of Fall Megastars are down. They get to their knees and trade blows. Gregory is the first to get up and land a running clothesline. Bubba lures him in and drops Gregory on the middle rope. Bubba taunts about how smart he is. Gregory rolls him up for a win. 11:25.

Golden Triangle Championship: Man-Child vs. Yinza

Referee Jimmy James checks on both men and raises the Golden Triangle Championship into the Sheraden sky. The bell rings and Yinza is ready for his largest title defense to date. Man-Child lunges at Yinza and misses. Yinza tries to lure him in with a Test of Strength. Instead, he only gets Man-Child to dance. Freek E. Doyle shows up at ringside to distract the big man. With that, Man-Child drops Yinza and then posts him in the middle ropes. There, Freek chokes him while the referee's back is turned. Yinza is down in the corner and that's where Man-Child splashes him. There's a lazy pin attempt and the Luchadore gets his shoulder up. Man-Child drops and head butts Yinza in the kidney area. Man-Child steps on Yinza's neck but the Golden Triangle Champion does not submit. He lays in an arm nerve hold but Yinza breaks out of it. Yinza goes for a Monkey Flip, but the too-large Man-Child only catches him, drops him down and head buts him to the canvas. Two-count. Yinza is tossed to the outside. Freek gets involved and takes some beat down from Yinza, despite being scheduled for a KSWA Championship Match later in the evening. Yinza is rolled back in and he takes the opportunity to roll out all the way out. The Krazies chant for Yinza. He rolls back in and is met with a knee to the temple. Yinza rallies and hits a stunner and clothesline, but Man-Child doesn't fall. Three stunners and Man-Child doesn't fall. Freek pulls Yinza out. There's a disqualification win for Yinza. 8:16. The dissemination of Yinza continues as Man-Child and Freek attack Yinza. He takes a belt to the head. Suddenly, J-Ru rushes to the ring with Referee Mark Charles III and cashes in his Golden Ticket for the Golden Triangle Championship. He attacks Yinza. He drops Yinza and wins the Golden Triangle Championship. :15. J-Ru is the new Golden Triangle Champion!

KSWA Heavyweight Championship: Freek E. Doyle vs. Lou Martin (champion)

Man-Child accompanies Freek to the ring, but simply stands on the outside as the match begins. The two lock up and Freek kicks Lou in the gut to floor him. As the referee's back is turned, Man-Child chokes Martin on the bottom rope. With more choking from Freek, Martin is tired but kicks out of a pin attempt. So far, Doyle's main offense is choking Martin with the ropes. Freek grabs Mark Charles III's trademark bow tie and tosses it aside. Undeterred, Charles has an extra tucked away in a pocket for immediate replacement. Doyle slams Martin and gets a two count. He does it again and gets another two. Doyle is frustrated that Martin won't stay down. Doyle drops backward onto Martin and only gets a two-count. Martin fights up and tosses Doyle into a corner. There's a splash and leg drop but only registers a two count. Martin hits a side slam. Man-Child slaps the apron in support of Doyle. Martin baseball slides and kicks Doyle to the outside. Martin kicks Man-Child's hand, which is on the apron. Man-Child dons the discarded bow tie and distracts Martin. That allows for Doyle to attack from behind. Doyle prepares for a Pump Handle Slam. He lands it but only gets a two-count. Both Megastars are spent. Martin blocks some offense and drives Doyle's head into the top turnbuckle. He chops him afterwards. He goes to a second corner post. Doyle momentarily dodges the overhand chop but Martin covers and strikes him hard. There's a similar stop at a third corner post and then the fourth. Lou hits the Bulldog. With Doyle down, Martin goes to the top turnbuckle. Man-Child goes over and meets a boot to the mush. That's enough for Doyle to get up. He hits Martin with a superplex from the corner. Both men are down. Doyle is up first. Doyle prepares for the "Kiss of Death" but Martin blocks it, applies his own and hits the challenger with the Death Certificate. He climbs the top rope and hits a Sin Ton dive from the top and retains. 11:25.

Five-Star Championship Sin Born (champion) vs. Justin Sane

Justin gets the quick upper hand and Sin Born falls to the outside. Once back inside, he maintains the advantage by working the limbs. Sane wrenches the wrist and wraps the Five-Star Champion's arm over the top rope. Sane goes right back to the wrist but Sin Born is well scouted. He gets Sane neck-first into the middle rope. Two count on a pin attempt. There's a knee to the back. Sin Born continues to assault Sane and then whips him across the ring for a splash. Sane is tossed to the mat. A two-count registered by referee Jimmy James. Sin Borns hits a variety of right hands. Jimmy James admonishes him. Sane recovers with a Jaw Breaker to go straight for Old School. For the second time this evening, he lands it. He keeps the pressure on. Sin Born goes low and hits a reverse face buster on Sane. He gets a two count. There's Sin Born's trademark Standing Cloverleaf. Sane gets to the ropes. Sin Born meets him in the corner. They battle on the top rope. Sane recovers for a top rope powerbomb. Both Megastars are down. The count gets to seven before Sane is up. A knee and Famouser. Sane goes for his Shock Therapy Frog Splash. He lands it. Sane, not satisfied with that, calls for a second Frog Splash. Sin Born gets the knees up and Sin Born drops him down with the Sin Born Driver and gets the win. 9:45.

Strap Match: Shawn Blanchard vs. Shane Starr

There's a lot of confusion at the beginning of the match, as referee Shawn Patrick was injured earlier in the evening. Then, it was announced that the other referees were on the outside. Then, Bobby O came to the rescue, gave the referees the night off and took control of the Main Event himself. Both men are tied to opposite ends of a cargo strap and Starr takes early advantage of the offense. Blanchard falls to the outside and Starr follows. Starr swats away on Blanchard's back. The slaps on skin are deafening. Once back inside, Starr puts boots to Blanchard's thigh. Starr continues to attack Blanchard's leg as welts form on Blanchard's skin. Starr picks Blanchard up and punches him in the head. Starr drop kicks Blanchard down. He lays in a series of shots with the strap. Starr climbs to the middle rope and jumps off. Blanchard lands on the mat. Blanchard goes for the eyes. That's enough to drop Starr and receive a series of blasts with the strap. Blanchard uses the strap to choke Starr. He hits him again with it. Blanchard hits him in the throat with a loaded fist. Blanchard lays in a Sharpsburg Sharpshooter on Starr. Douglas shouts in glee! Starr fights out of it. Bobby O shouts at Douglas on the outside. Blanchard wraps the strap around Starr's neck and tosses him over the top rope. Starr dangles but does not submit. Somehow, Starr fights back. He shoulder blocks Blanchard. Douglas shouts encouragement from the outside. There's a Sunset Flip on Blanchard. He gets Blanchard into the Sharpshooter. Blanchard does not submit. A tired Starr drops the submission move. Bobby O checks on both men. Starr shoulder-blocks Blanchard in the corner. And again. Starr goes for another and Blanchard dodges. Starr goes shoulder-first into the corner post. Blanchard dives for Starr's knee. Starr will not submit. Blanchard goes for the corner post. He wraps Starr's leg into the steel. Blanchard wanders off, allowing for Douglas to attack the knee on the corner post. Blanchard picks up a steel chair and slides it in the ring. Blanchard wraps the chair around Starr's knee. He kicks and attacks the limb. Starr will not submit. Blanchard goes for the Figure Four leg lock. Starr can't quite fight out of it. Bobby O starts the submission countdown, but Starr energizes out and chops and punches his way out of the move. Starr tries to power up Blanchard but his knee fails him. Starr fights off the move. Starr gets Blanchard into a cross face submission move. After so much time, Blanchard has to submit. 18:04. Shane Starr is victorious and the eventful evening comes to an end.

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