Megastars Return To MJ's With Three Titles On The Line, Krazies Get Update On McGraw

May 21, 2023

by Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

The Megastars of the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance returned to MJ's Steel City Saloon for the first time in 2023, and featured an action-packed night that included title defenses for the Five Star, Golden Triangle and KSWA Heavyweight Championships. The Imperial-area Krazies also were updated on the condition of injured Megastar "Big Country" Matt McGraw.

The Grudge Match between Shawn Blanchard vs. Shane Starr

The finely-shorn Shawn Blanchard argues that Shane Starr has "pulled his hair" when the former 6-time KSWA Champion is tossed into a corner. Starr has the early advantage and that doesn't sit well with the leader of the Dynasty, Del Douglas. The two lock up in a test of strength and Blanchard takes a short cut and kicks his opponent down. Starr fights back and stomps on his hands. Blanchard retreats to the apron but is brought in the "hard way" by Starr. The veteran Blanchard recovers and gets Starr down. He rakes the challenger's eyes over the top rope. Blanchard chops Starr in the shoulders and posts him in the ropes. That's where King Del Douglas attacks with referee Shawn Patrick's attention diverted. Starr tries to rebound, but Blanchard ducks a spear in the corner. Blanchard goes up top in a corner, but Starr meets him there and tosses him from that perch. Two-count. Starr body slams Blanchard and goes for another, but Blanchard plucks him square in the most tender of areas. Blanchard and Starr are both winded. Blanchard is the first one up. Blanchard hits Starr with a spinebuster. Both megastars are down. Referee Patrick counts both men. Blanchard is up and beats Starr before the Sharpsburg Sharpshooter battles back. Starr's shoulders were still down and Blanchard pins him down. Blanchard places his boots on the ropes for leverage and scores the victory. 8:25

Five-Star Championship: "The Ram" Anthony Drake vs. Sin Born

The Ram takes early advantage but the Five Star Champion gets some early momentum. Drake gets Sin Born down and goes for the pin but only gets two. The two battle back-and-forth for a few moments, but in the end, it’s all Sin Born, who retains the Five Star Championship. 4:06

KSWA Owner Bobby O Talks With Matt McGraw KSWA Bobby O comes to the ring and he welcomes “Big Country” Matt McGraw to the ring. There Renegade tells Bobby O that he is rehabbing successfully from an in-ring injury sustained while body slamming Man-Child a few months ago body-slamming Man-Child. While McGraw was talking, “Mr. Big Stuff” Anthony Alexander and Del Douglas come to the ring in an attempt to intimate the injured Megastar. Suddenly, KSWA Heavyweight Champion Lou Martin rushed into the ring to stand beside McGraw and Bobby O. Martin announced that while Alexander will have The King in his corner, he will have Big Country in his.

Tag Team Match: The Freek Show vs. Justin Sane and Yinza

The fans chant "Here we go, Yinza!" They are not as supportive of The Freek Show, especially Freek E Doyle. Yinza lures Doyle into some shenanigans before hip tossing him across the ring. Justin Sane is tagged in and goes for Freek's arm. Justin goes "Old School" on the top rope. Yinza does the same on his side against Man Child. Freek challenges Justin to a Thumb War. That's enough to lure Justin into the corner and tags in Man-Child, who chokes Sane with a boot to the neck. Freek has Sane down with an arm bar and does not submit. Freek slams Sane and flops with his back first on Sane. Doyle tags in Man-Child. Sane dives away from a splash from the 400-pound plus Man-Child. Man-Child drops Freek onto Sane. Yinza tries to make the save but is rebuffed by referee Jimmy James. Sane is in a Man-Child bear hug. Sane gets a thumbs up and dives over top of Man-Child. Both Yinza and Freek are tagged in. Yinza clotheslines the Freak Show. Sane is tagged back in and Sane and Yinza double drop kick Man-Child out. Yinza hits Doyle with a cutter. Sane hits the Frog Splash for the win. 11:30

Golden Triangle Championship: J-Ru (champion) with Mayor Mystery vs. Tyler Grayson

Referee Shawn Patrick calls for the bell and we are off. The fans chant for Grayson and J-Ru mocks them. J-Ru offers up a Test of Strength but that was only a ruse. Grayson out muscles the Golden Triangle Champion in an impromptu pose down. J-Ru attacks from behind with a kick to the groin. Grayson and J-Ru battle before Grayson hits a couple of hip tosses and a drop kick. J-Ru rallies and gets Grayson in the ropes and kicks him. He continues to put his feet to his best use. J-Ru pulls Grayson up by his ample hair. Mayor Mystery, with the referee distracted, chokes Grayson with rope from his handy dandy briefcase. Next, Mystery pulls out a pair of pliers and pulls at the challenger's nose. Then, Mayor Mystery clobbers Grayson with a plastic baby doll, all from the briefcase of Mystery. J-Ru has Grayson in the corner and chops him there. Grayson kicks his way out of the corner. J-Ru staggers. Grayson simply pushes him down and gets a two-count. J-Ru rallies and gets Grayson in the corner for a series of chops. He hits a total of 10 and whips him across the ring. There's a clothesline splash in the corner. Grayson avoids a splash and hits a back cracker. Two-count. Grayson rallies but is caught for a power bomb. Two-count. The two Megastars trade blows in the center of the ring. Both men hit moves on one another and Grayson makes a cover on J-Ru. He gets a shoulder up at two. Grayson climbs to the top rope. Mayor Mystery shakes him off. J-Ru catches him for a DDT. He collects the pin at 11:31.

KSWA Heavyweight Championship: Anthony Alexander (challenger) with Del Douglas vs. Lou Martin with Matt McGraw

It's slow going between two of the top KSWA Heavyweight Champions in the promotion's career. They know each other well. "Mr. Big Stuff" grabs Lou's arm and works on the wrist. He keeps Martin down and in the ropes. He hits him with a big, back elbow. The former two-time champion gets momentum and keeps Martin on his heels. Alexander puts the boot to Martin in the corner. Douglas starts after Martin and McGraw goes after him on the outside. On the inside, Martin rallies and drops a leg on Alexander. Two-count. Meanwhile, McGraw blasts a water bottle over Douglas' head. Martin back elbows Alexander and gets him in a corner for 10 punches. Martin hits a bulldog. Two-count as referee Shawn Patrick doesn't slap the mat three times. Out of nowhere, Alexander hits Martin with a big boot, but he is not advancing his cause. He panders to the crowd and doesn't go for the pin. Nevertheless, Alexander picks Martin up and fallaway slams Martin across the ring. Two-count. Alexander catches Martin for a side slam, but the champion fights off the best he could. Alexander overpowers Martin and keeps him down. Martin intercepts a move and slams the challenger's head into the top turnbuckle. There are 10 chops. Then another cornerpost. Same results. Douglas hops up and down on the outside. The same happens in the third corner post. Martin goes for the fourth and final post. Both men are tired. Alexander pops right out of it, grabs Martin and slams him to the canvas. The two battle until Martin hits the Death Certificate and swon ton dive but only gets a two count. Resilient, Alexander hits a neckbreaker on Martin and only gets a two count. Alexander goes for the Prime Time Cancellation but Martin blocks it. He hits the Death Certificate and gets the win. 12:38.

Post-Match: Douglas enters the ring, but so does Matt McGraw. Big Country dispatches The King and celebrates with Martin.

Edric Everhart vs. RJ Booker

Booker makes his second appearance in a KSWA ring against the veteran Everhart. The two like-sized Megastars feel each other out in the first few moments of the contest. Booker drops Everhart with a definitive shoulder block. Booker follows through with a splash and body slam. He splashes Everhart in the corner. He misses with more offense and allows Everhart to take advantage. Everhart works over Booker in the corner and takes time to yell at the crowd. Everhart continues to work on Booker as referee Jimmy James checks on the youngster. Everhart has Booker grounded on the floor. Everhart drops Booker and only gets a two count. Booker hits a spinebuster on Everhart and goes for the pin. Two count. RJ pounds the mat with his open hand. Everhart is slow to get up. Everhart gets Booker down and into a Boston Crab. Booker is able to get to the bottom rope and break the hold. Everhart thought he submitted. Jimmy James informs him of his mistake. Booker fights up and gets some momentum. Everhart falls down and sets him up for a sling shot into the ropes. He hits the Gotcha and gets the win. 9:24.

Tag Team Match: Super Hentai and Bubba the Bulldog v. Ron Hunt and Dennis Gregory

Hentai and Hunt lock up. Hentai gets the upper hand but Hunt reverses the arm bar. He tags in Gregory who is ready to face his long time friend and frequent tag team partner. Gregory bounces from the ropes and shoulder blocks and then tosses Hentai down nearly a half dozen times. Hunt is tagged back in and Hentai gets to Bubba. Gregory takes the opportunity to drop a half dozen elbows on his former friend and frequent tag team partner on his way to the apron. Hunt shoulder-blocks Bubba down. Mayor Mystery grabs Hunt by the ankle. That's enough for Bubba to get some momentum. Bubba is tagged in and he digs at Hunt's face and neck. Mayor Mystery takes over in the corner when the referee is distracted. Bubba and Hentai double team Hunt and keep him down and away from Gregory. Mayor Mystery shouts down the referee. Bubba splashes Hunt in the corner. Again, they double team Hunt. Gregory is taunted to come in, but he is held back by the referee. Hunt kicks a charging Hentai. Bubba screams for Hentai to make the tag. Both Megastars are down and Hunt finally gets to Gregory. Dennis attacks both of his opponents. Hentai rallies and chops Gregory down. Two-count on Gregory. Hunt is tagged in and goes after Hetai. Mayor Mystery is in and Gregory kicks him down. Hunt tosses Hentai into Gregory and hits him with a series of knees. Hunt is in and covers Hentai for the win. 8:55.

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