KIA Welcomes KSWA And Krazies With Customer Appreciation Event

May 26, 2023

by Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

One week after an exciting night off action at MJ’s Steel City Saloon, the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) hits the road to a familiar spot, Century III Kia in West Mifflin.

This is a Customer Appreciation Event with complimentary admission. Fans are only asked to bring canned goods to donate to the Greater Pittsburgh Food Bank.

Last year, there was a Battle Royal in which the winner was to receive a brand new KIA vehicle. “King” Del Douglas won the match and refused the automobile on the orders of Shawn Blanchard. Plus, Douglas didn’t like the victory car’s paint job.

Despite that debacle, the Megastars are once again wrestling with a brand new KIA automobile on the line. Douglas, now the leader of Dynasty, might not turn down the spoils if he wins the over-the-top-rope spectacular this year.

In a rematch ordered by the KSWA Championship Committee, the “Face of Pittsburgh” Lou Martin once again faces the Number One Contender, former Heavyweight Champion “Mr. Big Stuff” Anthony Alexander for the richest prize in the Commonwealth. Alexander was unsuccessful in his hard-fought event against Martin last week at MJ’s, but the Championship Committee feels that the Prime Time Player is still a comp contender. Alexander, with Douglas in his corner, knows Martin as well as anyone; however, the reigning KSWA Champion is at the very top of his game. This will be a contest no one wants to miss.

Last week, Shane Starr lost to Shawn Blanchard in a return Grudge Match that saw the former 6-time Heavyweight Champion post his boots in the ropes. This week, Starr gets an opportunity to reclaim the KSWA’s Golden Triangle Championship. Starr is a former 3-time Golden Triangle Champion and one of that division's greatest title holders. J-Ru is still a new-to-the-belt champion. This will be J-Ru’s greatest challenge so far. Starr has exhibited a more intense attitude in recent months, and he could be ready to reclaim gold.

The KSWA 5-Star Champion Sin Born, who has been a fighting champion, finds himself in a Fatal Fourway match against “The Ram” Anthony Drake, Man-Child and Tyler Grayson. Sin Born made quick work of Drake last week, but has his hands full with the 400-plus pound Man-Child and the uber athletic Grayson gunning for the 5-Star championship. It’s an everyone for himself match for the championship, so it will be interesting to see the Megastars navigate towards a common goal.

“The Apex” Joshua Kavod and Ron Hunt will return to the KSWA this Saturday and defend the KSWA tag team championship against a formidable team of Edric Everhart and Harley T. Morris. “The Regent” and “The Rev” have made an incredible team and formidable championship, but the veteran duo of Everhart and Morris cannot be taken lightly. The teamwork advantage certainly goes to the Apex, but “The New Uglee” and “The Professional” are some of the best wrestlers in the organization. The challengers will test the champions this weekend.

Shawn Blanchard has been railing against upstart Hunter Huffman all week on social media. Blanchard, who is arguably the craftiest KSWA Megastar of all time, has taken notice of the young wrestler. “King” Del Douglas will be in the Dynasty’s corner this Saturday, and he will be looking for any weakness in Huffman’s game. The KSWA Championship Committee believes that Huffman will impress in this contest. If he wins, it will be a Rocky vs. Apollo Creed moment.

The Dynasty’s Kris Kash is set to be back after an ankle injury. He is set to take on Justin Sane. The two had been friends for many years, but with Kash turning his back on the fans, he has also turned his back on the Sane. Will Justin go Old School to victory, or might Kris Kash defeat the KSWA original?

The Century III KIA Customer Appreciation Event is this Saturday, May 27, special bell time at 4:00 p.m., 2483 Lebanon Church Road, West Mifflin. Automobiles will be available for purchase or lease. Just check with a representative. Card is subject to change. Call 412-726-1762 for more information.

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