KSWA Returns To Century III KIA, Huffman Surprises, Grayson Drives Away A Winner

May 28, 2023

by Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

The Megastars of the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) returned to Century III KIA in West Mifflin for the dealership's Customer Appreciation event. There were four titles on the line, and a few of the organization's youngsters took the opportunity to drive to success!

Five Star Championship: Sin Born (champion) against Tyler Grayson

If anything, Sin Born has proven himself to be a fighting champion who is eager to take on all comers. The match starts in a flurry, with Grayson taking quick control over Sin Born. A flying DDT stops Sin Born and there's a near pin-fall. The action spills to the outside, with Grayson still in control. Once back in the ring, Grayson converts a flying leg scissors into a submission move and nearly gets another near pinfall. The resilient Sin Born starts to gain some momentum. The two go back and forth. Sin Born goes to the top turnbuckle and Grayson kicks him from that perch. Sin Born was on the parking lot floor and Grayson hit a suicide dive on him. They continue to battle on the outside. Once back in, Grayson goes for a 450 dive, but Sin Born rolls out of the way. There's a "Let's Go Nation" chant for Grayson. Sin Born hits Grayson with a Power Bomb. Sin Born synches in a standing Dead Man's Crab. Grayson gets to the ropes, breaks the hold. Sin Born rolls Grayson up, grabs the tights and gets the win. 7:28

Shawn Blanchard vs. Hunter Huffman

Blanchard had been ripping on Huffman through social media all week leading up to this match. The two lock up. Huffman takes early control over the veteran Blanchard. He gets him in an arm bar. Huffman then starts to work the wrist. Del Douglas encourages Blanchard from the outside. Blanchard is eventually able to break the hold. Blanchard hits Huffman with a chop block and gets him down. Blanchard wraps Huffman's knee around the ring post. Methodically, Blanchard pulls Huffman up and chops him in the shoulders. Douglas shouts, "It's Over!" from the outside. Blanchard hits a side suplex and that pleases The King from the outside. With the referee distracted, Blanchard hits Huffman with a two-bean salad. The fans start chanting for Huffman. Blanchard gets Huffman in a one-legged knee lock. Blanchard uses the ropes for leverage. Blanchard goes for the Figure Four, but Huffman suddenly rolls him up for the shocking victory! 9:21

The Ram Anthony Drake vs. Justin Sane

There's still bad blood between these two former tag team partners. Drake smashes Sane hard, and he takes an immediate break on the outside. Eight seconds later, he's back in. Sane goes for an arm bar and asks the fans if he should "break it off." Sane goes to the apron and wraps his arm over the top rope. It's still Sane once they are back in. Sane goes to the top rope and goes "Old School" and comes down on The Ram's arm. Drake gets out of the move and head butts Sane into the corner. Drake gets Sane down and goes for a pin. He gets a two count. Drake hits Sane with a belly-to-belly. He gets two. Drake gets Sane down and goes for a one-footed, lazy foot. Drake hits Sane with a shoulder block. The Ram pounces and body slams Justin. Drake checks to see if Sane is alive. Slowly, Sane starts to move. Drake gets Sane in a Bear Hug. Sane hits a Famouser on Drake, goes for the Shock Therapy, but The Ram gets his knees up. There's a spear. Drake pulls Sane's shoulder up and wants to continue with the punishment. Drake misses a spear in the corner. Sane rolls him up for the victory! 11:47.

Battle Royal: Winner receives a KIA automobile

KSWA Owner Bobby O announced that the winner of this Battle Royal wins a brand new KIA automobile. Shane Starr is the first Megastar eliminated. Shawn Blanchard is tossed. Justin Sane and then Edric Everhart and Man Child are tossed. "Rev" Ron Hunt is eliminated. Hunter Huffman and Joshua Kavod are eliminated. J-Ru rakes the eyes of "King" Del Douglas. Douglas is tossed, and The Ram Anthony Drake is eliminated. Lou Martin is tossed. Sin Born, J-Ru and Harley T. Morris argue. Morris is eliminated by Grayson. Grayson clotheslines Sin Born over. J-Ru chops Grayson. He has to be the favorite. He drops Grayson. He is pulled up and thrown over the top rope. Grayson catches the ropes and leg scissors J-Ru over the top rope and onto the asphalt for the win! 7:37! Grayson receives keys to his new sled and drives off. KSWA Tag Team Championship: Edric Everhart and Harley T. Morris vs. The Apex Harley T. Morris has a new robe that he forces. He forces referee “The Count” Mark Charles III to help him disrobe. This gives Charles a chance to wear the robe. That doesn’t make Morris happy. Then, the Apex takes turns putting it on. The match begins with and the fans are chanting hard against Everhart and Morris. Kavod has Morris down on the mat. The fans chant "Barbie's Boyfriend" to the impeccably-blond Morris. The action is slow and methodical as all of the veterans in this match know what's at stake. Kavod has Morris in the corner. He lets him loose. Everhart is in, as is Everhart. Everhart gets a headlock on Hunt. Hunt gets behind Everhart and gets The Rev's wrist. Hunt drops Kavod on Morris after a back elbow. Kavod kicks Everhart in the corner. Kavod is the victim of a Morris cheap shot. Its Everhart on Kavod He hits a spinning back breaker. Two count on Kavod. Morris is back in. He drops a leg on Kavod and gets a two count. Morris posts Kavod in the ropes. Hunt tries to rush the ring, but Mark Charles III rushes him out. Kavod eats a clothesline from Morris. Two-count. Morris peppers Kavod with a series of right hands. Everhart keeps Kavod from the corner. A tag is made but The Count doesn't see it. He fights off Hunt as he adamantly plead his case. Everhart elbows Kavod, who is seated in the center of the ring. Everhart punches Kavod down and gets a two count. Kavod fights back. Everhart hits him with a boot. A two count. Morris suplexes Kavod over. Hunt gets the fans cheering for The Regent. Kavod springs off the ropes and hits Everhart with a cutter. Both Megastars are down. The Count starts the double count. Kavod makes it to Hunt, Everhart to Morris. Hunt tosses Morris into Everhart. There's a splash. Morris avoids a splash. Hunt full nelson slam gets a two count on Morris. Hunt goes for another move, but Everhart breaks it up. A pin attempt is saved by a diving Kavod. 18:31

Golden Triangle Championship: J-Ru vs. Shane Starr

After J-Ru demands two entrances, the match begins. J-Ru wants a Test of Strength with the much more powerful Shane Starr. J-Ru fakes out of it. J-Ru cowers in the ropes, but then tries for another Test of Strength. J-Ru kicks Shane instead of going through with the display of power. J-Ru races to the outside to bide time. He risks a count out. Starr goes out to get J-Ru. They battle there before going back in the ring. Soon, the fight returns to the parking lot. Then back inside. Starr tosses J-Ru and then hits another. J-Ru once again goes outside. J-Ru goes back inside and is met with a drop toe hold. J-Ru uses Starr's long locks against him and hits a jawbreaker. J-Ru sling splashes Starr in the corner. One-count on the challenger. J-Ru uses Starr's hair to pull him into the ropes. A reverse neck breaker in the ropes, rolls him up and gets a two count. J-Ru gets Starr down for two. The fans chant for Starr. J-Ru goes for a one-foot cover and only gets one. J-Ru chops Starr in the corner. Starr recovers and hits a series of chops. Starr charges J-Ru who meets him with a clothesline. Two count on Starr. J-Ru shouts, "Are you kidding me?" J-Ru goes for offense, but he is met by Starr with a cutter. Starr splashes j-Ru twice and drops J-Ru in an STFU. J-Ru makes the ropes. Starr hits a clothesline. And another. Starr hoits J-Ru up. They collide with the referee. J-Ru hits Starr low and hits a DDT for the win. 11:50

KSWA Heavyweight Championship: Man Child vs. Lou Martin (champion)

Martin twice charges Man-Child and is dropped to the mat both times. A third ends with a shoulder block. Martin is also ready. Man Child tosses Martin across the immediately spent. Man-Child head-butts Martin. Man Child splashes Martin in the corner. Man Child rolls Martin onto his stomach for the pin. Man Child then tries to pin referee Shawn Patrick. Martin is able to regain some momentum. He choppus Man Child down from behind. Man Child is up and applies a nerve hold on Martin's shoulder. Man Child continues to dominate Martin. Martin is down and Man Child picks him up. Martin is down and barely kicks out of a pin attempt. Martin is up and punches at Man Child. He is caught in a flying body block. Martin kicks up with one split second to spare. Man Child goes for a splash. Martin ducks it. There's the 10 shots to the head. Martin feels the time has changed. Man Child goes for a chokeslam. Martin hits him with a DDT on the chair for the win. 8:06.

Post Match: J-Ru, Harley T. Morris, Sin Born and Man Child attack Martin. Ron Hunt, Joshua Kavod, and Tyler Grayson rush to Martin's aid.

KSWA owner Bobby O calls for a bonus, 8-man tag match.

Grayson and Sin Born start out. Grayson has Sin Born in a headlock. Grayson drops Sin Born and then hip tosses him. Sin Born recovers, snap mares him over and kicks him in the back. Morris is tagged in. Grayson sunset flips Morris and gets a two count. Ron Hunt is tagged in. Focuses on Morris and grabs him by the nipples. He tosses him from those nipples. Martin is in and he and Hunt grab Morris and Sin Born by the nipples. J-Ru is in and gets the same action. Kavod is in and bounces further off of Man Child than Martin had in the match prior. Kavod is able to get Man Child reeling. Martin is tagged in and he eats a Man Child shoulder block. Sin Born is in and he goes right after Martin. He gets Martin down and gets a two count. Martin flips Morris down. The champion gets to Rev Ron Hunt. They each grab Morris by the leg. Grayson drops a "What's Up" flying head butt onto the crotch. Kavod and Martin hit it as well. Then, that's enough for the opposing team. Sin Born and J-Ru are tossed to the outside. It's Hunt and Man Child on the inside. Hunt hits Man Child with a kick to the head. Kavod is whipped into Man Child in the corner. Kavod clotheslines and drop-kicks Man Child twice before he goes down. Two-count on the big man. Grayson is tagged in. He is caught in a flying cross body block. Man Child drops Grayson. Grayson is caught in the corner. He continues to blast away at Grayson. Grayson survives a monkey flip from Sin Born. Morris is tagged in. So is Kavod. Kavod drops the Five Knuckle Shuffle on Morris but he kicks up at two. Soon, all eight men are in the ring. Hunt side slams Sin Born down. Hunt lands the People's Elbow on Sin Born. Hunt snap mares Man Child. Lou hits Man Child with the Swon Ton splash. Kavod goes to the top rope. Another swon ton. Grayson hits a 450 splash. Kavod kicks Morris down. Hunt hits the Frog Splash and gets the win 14:21.

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