Sin Born Survives Golf Bag Of Terror, T-Rantula Returns, Huffman Wins, Titles Retained At Hickory Heights

June 4, 2023

by Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

The Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) returned to Bridgeville and the Hickory Heights Golf Club. All of the promotion’s championships were on the line, and the legendary T-Rantula returned to the squared circle after suffering an injury. And he was ticked off.

Golden Triangle Championship: J-Ru (w/Mayor Mystery) (champion) vs. Tyler Grayson

Mayor Mystery runs down the great fans and golfers at Hickory Heights Golf Course. J-Ru tries to get the crowd in his corner; however, Tyler Grayson has a much better response. The two tie up and J-Ru gets to the rope and breaks the hold. Grayson is blamed for "pulling the hair" of the Golden Triangle Champion. Grayson starts to kick J-Ru's leg and a hip toss and drop kick sends the Golden Triangle Champion to the outside. Mayor Mystery tries to comfort J-Ru on the outside. They look for Grayson, but the challenger is right behind the duo. Grayson pops J-Ru when he turns around. Back inside, J-Ru misses with an elbow focused towards Grayson. Grayson tries to get back into the ring, but J-Ru kicks the ropes and connects with the challenger's groin. J-Ru slaps Grayson in the chest. Mayor Mystery chokes Grayson while he's in the ropes and referee Shawn Patrick is distracted by the Golden Triangle Champion. Grayson is whipped into the ropes. J-Ru misses with a splash. Mayor Mystery trips Grayson. J-Ru stomps all over Grayson. He slams Grayson into the corner and goes for a superplex. Grayson pushes him off. Grayson is shaken from the top rope by Mayor Mystery. Both Megastars are down. The referee counts both men down. J-Ru is up and then Grayson. Grayson peppers J-Ru and Mayor Mystery off the apron. J-Ru goes low and hits a DDT. 11:41

Triple Threat Match: Harley T. Morris vs. Anthony Drake vs. Hunter Huffman

It's slow going for the trio in the opening moments of the contest. Harley T. Morris was troubled by the kids in attendance and wanted to know "where are these kids' parents?" The Ram takes some of it in, as the others battle each other. Huffman and Drake, the two larger combatants, start trading blows. Morris misses with a dive from the corner. Huffman and Drake double back body drops Morris. Drake turns his attention to Huffman and the two fight. Drake gets Huffman down and Morris gets in for some offense. Morris side suplexes Huffman and goes for the pin, getting two. Morris kicks Huffman. Two count on the pin attempt. Morris argues with the fans. Morris goes to the corner and goes for a move, but is met with a boot. Huffman is all over Morris. He splashes Morris twice and goes for the pin. He gets two. Referee Jimmy James watches as the Ram gets back into the action and head butts Huffman down. He boots the newcomer and Morris gets in the way. Drake body slams Morris on top of Huffman. Drake goes for the pin, but Morris breaks that up. Morris and Drake team up against Huffman. Huffman catches Morris, side suplexes The Professional and gets a two count. Drake and Huffman get a plan together. Huffman picks up and airplane-spins Morris, drives him down and gets the pin. 12:31

Edric Everhart vs. Shane Starr

Edric Everhart mocks the popularity of Shane Starr with the crowd. Referee Mark Charles III calls for the bell. Everhart gets the upper hand on Starr and gets him down. Everhart poses and follows up with a right hand on Starr. Everhart kicks Starr in the face and drops him down again. Starr is hung up in the ropes and Everhart puts a knee onto his throat. He follows that up with a rear choke hold. Everhart pulls Starr down by the hair. Everhart mocks some more before putting a right hand into Starr's mush. Starr fights back and slams Everhart's head into the top turnbuckle. Starr drops him down and Everhart screams as he reaches for the bottom rope to break the hold. Everhart boots Starr. Starr rolls Everhart up for the win. 7:08

KSWA Heavyweight Championship: Shawn Blanchard vs. Lou Martin

Kids at ringside go insane in response to Shawn Blanchard, and love Lou Martin. Referee Shawn Patrick holds up the championship. He has his hands full with this matchup. After a long time of preening, the bell rings and Blanchard tries to get some cheers. Martin is more successful. Blanchard promises to celebrate with kids after he "wins the belt." Blanchard gets a wrist lock on Martin and hands the arm over the Douglas, who pumps from the outside. He grabs the injured Martin and goes to the corner a second time. King Douglas is waiting. He goes for it a third time, but Martin is able to reverse the course. Douglas pumps Blanchard's arm before Martin steps in front of him to reveal the ruse. Now, it's Martin's time to shine by stomping on the fallen Blanchard. Blanchard pokes Martin in the eye. But Martin is able to recover and slams Blanchard's head into the top turnbuckle. Then a second post. Then a third turnbuckle. Then a fourth. Martin bulldogs Blanchard but only gets a one-count. Leg drop and another one-count. Blanchard recovers, gets Martin in the ropes and Douglas chokes him there. Blanchard suplexes Martin and gets a two count. Blanchard has Martin seated. He digs at the champion's eyes, mouth and ears. Blanchard stops to cavort against the fans. Blanchard shouts, "I'm your hero!" Blanchard back-elbows Martin down and stomps him there. Blanchard tosses Martin out to the grass. Douglas attacks Martin on the outside while Blanchard distracts the referee. Blanchard attacks Martin on the outside. They get back inside. Blanchard pokes Martin in the eyes. Martin catches Blanchard on the top rope and tosses him to the canvas. Patrick counts to two but Blanchard gets a shoulder up. Blanchard goes for the Figure Four, but just like last week, his opponent rolls him up for a three-count pin. 11:45.

KSWA Tag Team Championship: The Freek Show vs. The Apex

Referee Mark Charles III holds up the KSWA tag team championships. All four men are ready for the title match. The Freek Show attacks the Apex and the bell rings. The Apex recover and dropped the Freek show with matching drop kicks. The challengers are slow in getting back into the ring. Once back inside, Freek gets some momentum before Kavod hits a hurricanrana. Both men get offense and Kavod gets Freek in a headlock. Man-Child is tagged in and drops Kavod with a shoulder block. He continues the offense on Kavod. He uses the ropes to his advantage and Charles admonishes him for erroneous behavior. Doyle is back in and he power bombs Kavod and keeps the pressure on him. Hunt tries to get the crowd into it, and its works as Kavod, for a second, gets an advantage. Man-Child is tagged in and he taunts Hunt. The Rev is blocked by Charles. Man Child slams into Kavod after taunting Hunt. There was a two-and-a-half count on Kavod. Hunt is tagged in and he tries to knock Man-Child down. That doesn't work, even with a double flying shoulder block. Kavod is caught trying a flying body block. Freek uses the top rope on Hunt's throat. Freek gets Hunt down for a pin. That ends at two. Man-Child is back in and Freek chokes Hunt with the referee's back turned. Man-Child gets Hunt in a massive bear hug. Hunt's hand comes up when Charles counts him for a third time. Hunt tags Kavod. He slams Man-Child and Doyle. Man-Child inadvertently DDT's Freek. The Apex hits Freek and drops him for the win. 12:15

"Mr. Big Stuff" Anthony Alexander vs. T-Rantula

T-Rantula returns to the KSWA after several months due to injury. The two long-time veterans are slow in starting off. T-Rantula quickly has Alexander reeling and on the outside. That's where Del Douglas distracts the referee. T-Rantula goes into the crowd and clobbers Alexander with a picture of beer. And then another. He kicks Alexander and tosses him back into the ring. Douglas attacks T-Rantula on the outside. That's enough for Alexander to get an advantage on the Hall of Famer. T-Rantula chops Alexander and snaps him over. Alexander chokes T-Rantula with a tee-shirt. The referee is distracted and it's all Alexander choking T-Rantula. T-Rantula fought back and had Alexander in the corner for a series of punches. Alexander tries to clothesline T-Rantula down but it doesn't work. Alexander goes for the Prime Time Cancellation but T fights it off. Alexander is flung into the ropes, he bounces out right into the chokeslam and T's win. 8:13

Golf Bag of Terror for the Five Star Championship: Sin Born vs. Justin Sane

Sin Born attacks Justin and rakes his forehead over the top rope. He goes for a quick pin but only gets two. Justin gets some advantage and goes for the wrist lock. Sane drops a leg on Sin Born's arm. Sane calls for Old School. He walks the top rope and drops an arm on Sin Born. Sane DDT's Sin Born. Sin Born does recover and clobbers Sane with a chair. The Golf Bag of Terror is tossed in and its contents are being used. Sin Born hits Sane with a chair. As the match progresses, the sun quickly sets and it makes it impossible to see a lot of the action from more than a few feet away. Sane hits Sin Born with a sunset flip from the top rope. Sane hits Sin Born with a famouser. Sane goes up to the top of a turnbuckle for a Frog Splash. He dives and finds Sin Born’s knees up. Sin Born capitalizes and makes the pin for the win. 14:26.

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