Mario Ferraro, Sr. Memorial Tournament And KSWA Returns To Gino Brothers

June 10, 2023

by Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

The Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) returns to Gino Brothers in Sharpsburg in the biggest way possible next Saturday, with the annual Mario Ferraro Sr. Memorial Tournament. It’s “Pizza, Pints and Piledrivers II.”

The Mario Ferraro, Sr. Memorial Tournament has celebrated the memory of former Sharpsburg Firefighter, community leader and beloved family man. The tournament has varied in format since its inception, but this Saturday, will feature two Triple Threat Matches in the semi-finals, as well as the finals on the same day. The first round will feature The Beast Man vs. Edric Everhart vs. J-Ru in one match and Harley T. Morris vs. Youngster Tyler Grayson and newcomer sensation Hunter Huffman in the other.

The Golden Triangle Champion, J-Ru has been on a roll in recent weeks since winning Pittsburgh’s title from Yinza. He will face off against the enormous Beast Man and the cerebral technician, Edric Everhart. In the other contest, “The Professional” Harley T. Morris goes up against two Megastars he doesn’t know that much about. Sure, Tyler Grayson has been around for a short while, but the surprising Hunter Huffman has defeated Shawn Blanchard in one-on-one competition, as well as Morris and “The Ram” Anthony Drake in a Triple Threat Match at Hickory Heights Golf Course. This match, of course, has so much more at stake. The winners of these two matches will then face off in the finals of the 9th annual Mario Ferraro, Sr. Memorial Tournament and all the bragging rights that entails.

Sharpsburg’s own hero Shane Starr will team with “The Face of Pittsburgh” Lou Martin to face the Dynasty’s “Mr. Big Stuff” Anthony Alexander and Shawn Blanchard, with “King” Del Douglas. The animosity between these four men is palpable. These men simply don’t like each other and some of these rivalries have gone on for decades. All four competitors are among the most significant KSWA Heavyweight Champions of the past 23 years. Combined, there are a dozen championship reigns in the ring at the same time. This promises to be a classic affair.

The Keystone State Wrestling Alliance Tag Team Champions will team with Yinza, the Pittsburgh Luchadore, to take on Five-Star Champion Sin Born, “The Ram” Anthony Drake and the mammoth Man-Child in six-man competition. The Apex are no strangers to any of these competitors, and Yinza has asserted himself as a veteran former Golden Triangle and tag team champion. They will face off against a far more powerful team in the treasure of the Freak Show, Man-Child, and The Ram, in addition to the reigning and quite tough Five-Star Champion. This will be fast paced and hard-hitting.

Hard-hitting cannot be mentioned in the KSWA without mentioning the hardest-hitter of them all, the icon, the Hall of Famer, T-Rantula. He will take on another long-time veteran and KSWA Hall of Famer, in Bubba the Bulldog. Bubba has taken on all the best the region has had to offer for more than 20 years. This will be a favorite for fans of old-school, Pittsburgh independent wrestling.

And The Dynasty will be at full strength when Kris Kash returns from injury to take on the veteran Justin Sane. The KSWA Original, Sane is coming off the hardcore title match with Sin Born at the Hickory Heights event. Sane left the event banged up with lacerations and back issues caused by being dumped onto a steel chair. But he will be ready for the Dynasty’s “King Pin” Douglas and Kash. Kash was injured not long after returning to the KSWA after a long absence. He has been revitalized thanks to the leadership of Douglas and palling around with the likes of Shawn Blanchard and Anthony Alexander.

It is the rarest of KSWA events: no titles will be on the line; however, all champions will be in action.

Pizza, Pints and Piledrivers II starts at 6:05 p.m. on Saturday, June 17 at the parking lot outside Gino Brother’s Pizza Bar, 713 Main Street, Sharpsburg. Very affordable tables, ringside seats and general admission tickets are all available. For more information, call 412-726-1762.

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