Grayson Wins Ferraro Cup, Dynasty Runs Supreme, Glenn Spectre & Others Debut As KSWA in Returns To Gino Brothers

June 18, 2023

by Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

The Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) returned to Sharpsburg, PA for the annual Mario Ferraro, Sr. Memorial Tournament. Two Triple Threat Matches decided the finalists for the tournament, and for one of the first times ever, no KSWA titles were on the line all evening.

Brother Lion vs. Captain Curly John

The KSWA started off with a bonus match, featuring Brother Lion from the Pride Lands and Captain Curly John, who hails from the Farthest Ends of the Earth. This is a good display of action from two young athletes. Captain John drops the “Anchors Away” leg drop onto a prone Brother Lion and gets the win. 4:24

Semi-Finals for the Mario Ferraro, Sr. Memorial Tournament: Hunter Huffman vs. Harley Morris vs. Tyler Grayson

The “Barbie” chants immediately start at Morris. Mark Charles III is the referee for this contest. Charles is caught up in a “shaking Harley’s hand” controversy. Morris shoves the faces of his opponents, but they double clothesline, chop and Atomic Drop him. They take too long and Morris ducks a swinging boot. Huffman and Grayson collide on their foreheads, which drops Tyler to the outside. Morris takes advance of the situation and goes after Huffman. Morris punches him in the noggin and Grayson is slow to get up after the collision. Grayson gets to the corner post and dives on Morris. Huffman picks up Grayson and heaves him across the ring. Morris kicks Huffman, but Grayson boots Morris. Huffman clotheslines both Megastars. Grayson is back in it and kicks Morris. Huffman suplexes Morris. Morris is reeling. There’s another suplex. Huffman hoists him up, but Morris is able to get the Army Specialist in a sleeper hold. Huffman goes to one knee. Grayson boots Morris and gets the win to advance. 8:08

. Post Match: Hunter Huffman and Tyler Grayson meet in the center of the ring. Huffman salutes Grayson, and the finalist salutes the veteran to approval from the audience.

Glenn Spectre vs. T-Rantula

Long time Western Pennsylvania wrestling veteran Glenn Spectre has never wrestled in the KSWA before, but he enters the ring and runs down the fans and opponent T-Rantula. Next out is the icon, the KSWA Hall of Famer, T-Rantula. Referee Shawn Patrick has his fans full with this one. The two long-time veterans are not applying nerve holds here. They are laying into each other with heavy shots. Spectre finds out quickly that he can’t compete with the heaviest hitter of them all, T-Rantula. They go outside, but then they are back in and Spectre gets the giant in the corner for some shots and a boot to the throat. T kicks back when Spectre argues with the referee. Spectre gets T-Rantula down for a two-count. Then again. Spectre argues with the referee, and T-Rantula gets up and kicks Glenn down. T-Rantula distracts Patrick and kicks Spectre in the nether regions. Spectre keeps the offense against the Hall of Famer.

Semi-Final for the Mario Ferraro Sr. Memorial Tournament

Referee Jimmy James calls for the bell and the match begins. Curtis Ray Goddi jumps on the back of Edric Everhart and rides him like a “horsey.” J-Ru clubs him down. Soon, J-Ru and Everhart are at odds. They decide to go after Goddi together. The two long-time KSWA veterans toss Goddi to the outside. That’s where the gravel and steel reside. J-Ru and Everhart take turns putting Goddi into a Charleroi Crab or a South Side Tamer. The referee takes the referee out near the beer sponsor. Everhart Tilt-A-Whirl slams Goddi down and nearly gets a two count before J-Ru pulls him off. Goddi is back in and double drop kicks his opponents. Goddi gets both down and Bronco Busters J-Ru in the corner. Everhart catches Goddi at the top, but he sneaks out. Everhart hits the Gotcha on Goddi, but J-Ru shoves him off and covers the newcomer for the win. 6:51

Bobby O’s promo is broken up by the Dynasty. The Dynasty (Blanchard and Alexander) vs. Shane Starr and Lou Martin Starr and Martin race out from the locker room to cut off any momentum from the team. It’s Martin and Blanchard in the opening moments of the contest. Martin kicks Blanchard in the hamstring and that frustrates the Enforcer. The two rivals lock up and Blanchard forces Martin into the corner. He fights out of it and restarts the showdown. Starr is tagged in, and he takes over a wrist lock that Martin had started. Martin is back in and keeps the offense on Blanchard. Starr back body drops Blanchard and that allows him to get to Alexander and the tag. Starr body slam the former KSWA Heavyweight Champion and peppers him in the corner with punches. Martin is back in and goes after Mr. Big Stuff’s arm. He stomps on Alexander’s hand and keeps the pressure on the big guy. Starr is tagged back in. He tries to keep after Alexander, but the veteran meets him with a boot to the mush. He clubs Starr in the back with a forearm. And then follows that up with a choke. Starr is tossed into the corner, where Blanchard waits with a choke. Starr is tossed outside, and Douglas is there with a boot or three. Douglas approves of Alexander mugging Starr on the outside. Once back inside, Blanchard gets Starr down for the business. He digs and claws at the Sharpsburg favorite. A phantom tag is made, and Alexander is in to body slam Starr. The referee has no idea that the malfeasance has occurred. Starr is able to get Alexander into a Sharpsburg Crab, but Alexander boots him off. Soon, the Dynasty double teams Starr and Blanchard hit a swinging neck breaker on Starr. Starr tries to fight out of Blanchard’s nerve pinch. He gets to Martin, but the referee does not see it. He forces Martin back to the outside. Alexander gets Starr up and tosses him over his head and across the ring. Alexander hits Starr with a Prime-Time Cancellation and gets the win. 14:40.

Kris Kash vs. Justin Sane

These two have wrestled plenty of times together, but they have not wrestled each other. Sane gets the upper wrist and almost immediately goes “Old School” on Kash. The former KSWA Champion is sent to the outside. Once back in, he goes after Sane and gets him in the ropes. With referee Jimmy James distracted, Del Douglas attacks on the outside. Kash drop kicks Sane down and keeps the veteran grounded. Kash kicks and slaps Sane in the face. Sane is back in and Kash drops a leg. Once back up, Sane avoids a clothesline and the two hit each other with a clothesline. Kash is winded, but up first. Sane splashes Kash and gets a near pinfall. Kash gets a shoulder up at two. Sane drops a leg on Kash and hits a Famouser. Sane slowly climbs to the top turnbuckle and misses a frog splash. Douglas shouts derogatory comments at Sane. Kash lands a super kick for the win. 6:26.

Post Match: Blanchard and Alexander go to the ring and all four members of the Dynasty attack Sane. KSWA Owner Bobby gets to the ring and gets in Douglas’ face. There, the King punches the Owner. Bobby O is tossed into the ring and the beat down continues. Martin and Starr race out to make the save, but the number’s game is too much. Douglas digs a boot into Bobby O’s jaw. Alexander PTC’s Starr and Blanchard hits a Pile Driver on Starr. Kash hits the Kash Drop on Starr and the Dynasty reigns supreme in Sharpsburg.

Six Man Tag Team Match: The Ram, Man-Child and Sin Born vs. The Apex and Yinza

Sin-Born runs down the Church-promoting Kavod, and the fans start a “Shut Up” chant towards him. The two lock up and Kavod gets the Five-Star champion in a head lock. They end up running the ropes and avoiding each other’s offense. Sin Born tags in Man-Child and Yinza immediately shouts that he “wants” the 400-lb giant. Yinza shouts, “You hurt my best friend (Matt McGraw) and goes after the much larger opponent. They go for a Test of Strength but that doesn’t work out for Yinza. Kavod goes in and then referee Mark Charles III gets involved for an impromptu “Ring Around the Posey.” Soon, it’s The Ram and The Rev who are tagged in. Drake is tossed to the outside. Soon all three are out and The Apex and Yinza dive on top of them, all to the Krazy’s delight. Drake gets hit in the head with a bottle of booze by The Rev on the outside. Once back inside, The Rev and Man-Child are legal. Man-Child catches Kavod and tosses him onto Hunt. Man-Child clubs Kavod. Sin Born is in and he goes for a pin on Kavod. Drake is in and he picks up Kavod for a body slam. The Count counts one before Drake gets up and gets into his face. Kavod is in the corner of the opposition and Man-Child has the referee distracted. Charles is in way over his head (as any ref would be) in this chaos. Man-Child suplexes Kavod and nearly gets a pin. Sin-Born is in and applies the standing Crab on Kavod. He tires and gives up on the move. The Ram is in and head butts Kavod and nearly gets a pinfall. Kavod is up and kicks Drake in the head. Drake is ready when Kavod springs off the ropes. He clubs Kavod down and Man-Child is back in. He splashes Kavod. Yinza tries to get in but Charles battles with him. Out of nowhere, all six Megastars are in the ring. Charles has a time getting them out. He spends most of most time admonishing Yinza and Hunt, who seemingly haven’t seen action in 30 minutes. The team keeps Kavod in their corner. The Ram misses a splash. Kavod, out of desperation, kicks Drake down. The fans clap for Kavod. He can get to Yinza, who goes after Drake and Sin Born. Yinza splashes Sin Born goes for one of the Three Rivers monkey flips. Hunt is in and he is immediately met by Sin Born. The Apex goes after Sin Born in the corner, but Man-Child races in and tosses all three Megastars from the corner. Sin Born goes after an opponent, but Kavod and Yinza are there. Hunt races to the top and hits a frog splash on Sin Born. Sin Born is left in against the Apex and they drop him for the win. 16:15.

Finals of the Mario Ferraro, Sr. Memorial Tournament: J-Ru vs. Tyler Grayson

The two lock up and J-Ru tosses Grayson into the corner. The veteran J-Ru has a scowl on his face as he grabs Grayson by the hair and pulls him down. Grayson kicks J-Ru in the leg over and over again. J-Ru clotheslines Grayson down but only gets a one-count. J-Ru posts Grayson in the corner and chops him there. J-Ru clothesline/splashes Grayson and overhand chops him. The fans chant, “Grayson Nation” and J-Ru misses with a splash. Grayson has J-Ru tied up in the ropes for a back stabber. Two-count on J-Ru. Tyler picks up J-Ru and whips him into the ropes. The veteran regroups and goes after Grayson. Grayson goes after J-Ru on the outside and the former Golden Triangle Champion simply gets out of the way. Grayson eats a ton of gravel. Now it’s J-Ru’s time to shine. J-Ru tosses Grayson back into the ring. Grayson recovers, momentarily, but J-Ru DDT’s him down. At 2 ½, Grayson kicks up! The “Grayson Nation” chants are crazy. The two meet at the top turnbuckle. Grayson head butts J-Ru down and Grayson hits a massive 450 from the top turnbuckle for the win. 8:41. Tyler Grayson is the winner of the 2023 Mario Ferraro, Sr. Memorial Tournament and he is mobbed by fans.

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