Dynasty Takes Out Martin & Bobby O At Arsenal Park, Their Brawl Under The Bridge Status Questionable

July 2, 2023

by Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

The Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) returned to the Lawrenceville neighborhood within the City of Pittsburgh for its annual visit to the Independence Day Celebration. It has generally been a joyous affair for Pittsburgh’s official professional wrestling organization, but “King” Del Douglas’ team of Shawn Blanchard and Anthony Alexander have successfully sidelined two of the organization’s most important men, just weeks before Pittsburgh’s biggest and most significant professional wrestling organization of the year.

Harley T. Morris vs. The Rev Ron Hunt The Professional versus The Rev in this showdown of KSWA veterans. Morris spends a few moments crowing before the crowd. The Rev kicks him down as soon as Morris turns his attention to the action. He falls to the outside and the KSWA Krazies, who spend a lot of time telling him that he “sucks.” Once he’s back in, Hunt sends him out again. Morris has done a good job in his KSWA journey utilizing the time he is afforded. Once back inside, Morris announces “No More Cheap Shots” before bailing once again. He urges fans to take pictures of his “best side.” When he returns to the ring, Morris is hip tossed around the ring. Morris lures Hunt into a corner. The tag champ moves referee Mark Charles III out of the way, and Morris is able to take a cheap shot. He keeps Hunt reeling before the veteran finds an opening. But Morris stops that quickly. He gets Hunt down for a series of boots. A snap mare and drop kick leads to a two-count on Hunt. Morris keeps the offense on Hunt. Hunt fires back, and drops Morris down for a two count. Morris hits a belly-to-belly suplex on Hunt and there’s a two count. Referee Mark Charles III admonishes Morris for abusive kicks. There’s a leg drop on Hunt. Two count. Morris drops a knee and goes to the middle rope. Charles tells him to get off. He take a while to jump and he is met by Hunt’s boot. Clothesline and a slam. Morris gets a shoulder up at two. Hunt drops Morris for the pin. 11:11.

Shawn Blanchard vs. Tyler Grayson

Shawn Blanchard officially offers Grayson a roster spot in the Dynasty. Grayson answers that with a drop kick. Blanchard falls into the waiting arms of “King” Del Douglas. Referee Shawn Patrick backs Grayson up and allows Blanchard back into the ring. The two lock up but Blanchard grabs a wrist and puts Grayson down to one knee. “King” Del Douglas complains to the referee on the outside. Grayson gets Blanchard into a corner and then whips him across the ring. A back body drop has Blanchard kissing the mat. Grayson ticks at Blanchard and drops a leg on his midsection. Blanchard groans in the ring as Grayson pounds Blanchard’s head into the top turnbuckle. Douglas says that there are “Head Games” at play as Blanchard recovers and then hits a spinning neck breaker. A two-count follows. Douglas uses the middle rope to choke a prone Grayson. Blanchard puts a boot to him. Douglas continues to use the ropes as kids at ringside repeatedly call him a “cheater.” Blanchard drops Grayson and sets him up for the Figure Four. Grayson nearly rolls him up to victory, but Blanchard comes back with a clothesline. Blanchard gets Grayson is a sleeper hold, Douglas shouts, “It’s Over” from the outside. The referee counts two with a dropped hand. Grayson powers up at the third, stunners Blanchard down. “It’s time to Go Up” as Grayson goes to the top rope. Golden Triangle Champion J-Ru comes out of nowhere and crotches Grayson on the top turnbuckle. J-Ru DDT’s him and rolls Blanchard onto Grayson. The referee, who was distracted by Douglas, turns around to see a fallen Grayson and makes the pin. 7:38

Bobby O Promo

The owner of the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance, Bobby O, comes to the ring and starts to talk up Brawl Under the Bridge. At that moment, the Dynasty—Blanchard, Anthony Alexander and “King” Del Douglas—arrive at ringside. They go to charge Bobby O, but KSWA Champion Lou Martin races in, his trusty wooden baseball bat, in hand. He chases off the Dynasty and says that he is going to take on all of the Dynasty “by himself” at Brawl Under the Bridge July 15 in Homestead. The Dynasty take their leave.

Anthony Drake vs. Joshua Kavod

The two combatants make their way to the ring, where referee Jimmy James is ready to officiate. Ram, the much stronger Megastar, tosses Kavod to the canvas. Kavod, a bit surprised, goes to the outside. It’s all Drake in the early going. Once back inside, Kavod stays way from The Ram. He does use his magic feet, but that doesn’t do much against the impressive Ram. A leg scissors finally befalls Drake. A running splash in the corner and a flying body press leads to a two-count on The Ram. Both men are slow in getting to their feet. Kavod dives out of the ropes and right into Drake’s majestic head butt. He gets Kavod in the corner for a series of head butts. The Ram splashes Kavod, and whips him into a corner. Kavod recovers and kicks Ram on the outside. But the big man is ready. He drops Kavod and nearly gets a pinfall. Then it’s a bear hug on Kavod. Referee Jimmy James says “no” as Kavod refuses to give up. A bear hug leads to a body slam and a two count. Drake is angry that it didn’t lead to a pin. Drake catches Kavod’s attempting flying body press and heaves him across the ring. There’s a two count. Kavod got a shoulder up. Kavod springs off the ropes and lands a cutter. Drake is down. Both men are down. Drake misses a spear in the corner, hits the post and falls to the grass. Kavod gest the crowd behind him and dives onto Drake on the outside. Kavod rolls Drake back into the ring. Kavod dives over the top rope and lands a boot into Drake’s chest. Kavod misses with a springboard splash. Both men are up. Drake hits a head butt, Kavod recovers and gets Drake down. Drake misses a clothesline. Kavod hits “From the Pulpit” for the victory. 12:04

KSWA Heavyweight Championship: Anthony Alexander vs. Lou Martin

It’s all Anthony Alexander in the early going. He mixes up power and choking against Martin. The KSWA Heavyweight Champion rebounds and gets Alexander in the ropes for knees. Alexander gets a boot up to stop a charging Martin. Right in front of the referee, Alexander takes off his t-shirt and chokes Martin with it. Alexander takes advantage and knees Martin in the head. He argues with the crowd. Alexander DDT’s Martin in the center of the ring but doesn’t immediately take advantage. He eventually does, but only gets a two count. Douglas shouts, “You got this Double A.” Martin avoids an attack. Martin slams Alexander’s head into one ring post 10 times. Then there’s an overhanded chop. And then another. Alexander, who is never out of the game, hits Martin with a spinebuster. Out of nowhere, Martin primes Alexander for the Death Certificate. That’s when Douglas races into the ring and attacks Martin. The match is thrown out and Martin wins by disqualification. 7:02 Post-Match, Alexander gets Martin’s trusty baseball bat, and with Blanchard holding the champion, starts putting the Louisville Slugger to good use. KSWA Owner Bobby O, angered by the action, is lured into the ring where he is summarily attacked. After several moments in which no one came to Martin and Bobby O’s aid against the Dynasty, the men leave the KSWA Champion and Owner prone on the canvas. Officials and other wrestlers help them to the back. At last check, both Martin and Bobby O were battered and bruised. It’s unsure what is going to happen.

Five Star Championship: Sin Born vs. Brother Lion

The newcomer, Brother Lion, gets a title shot after impressing at the last KSWA event at Gino Brothers. He gets some early advantage on Sin Born and has him reeling. After several minutes of action, Brother Lion nearly scores an early upset with a near pinfall. Sin Born rallies and hits a chin buster on the challenger. Sin Born drops Brother Lion down and gets a two count. He keeps the pressure on and gets another two-count. Sin Born has Brother Lion in a corner for a chop. And then another. Sin Born hits a suplex for a two-count. Sin Born gets him up in the standing crab. He lets him go, and then Brother Lion lands a Thesz Press and got a two count. It’s his turn to gets Sin Born in a corner for chops. Brother Lion hits a spear and Sin Born and gets a two-count. Sin Born lands a move and gets the win. 7:00

Edric Everhart vs. Justin Sane

Everhart attacks Sane from behind in the early going and gets the fan favorite down. Justin reels from the early onslaught. Everhart mocks him and continues to assault Sane. Everhart takes time to argue with fans on the outside. Everhart even shouts at “Fence People” who are watching from behind a chain linked fence. Everhart has Sane in the middle ropes and chokes him there. Everhart hoists Sane up, spins him around, and slams him down. That’s good for a two-count. Everhart is quite capable of keeping Sane down. Sane does pull him down from behind for a near pinfall. Everhart takes the move in stride by kicking Sane back down and mocking the crowd, especially the young children in attendance. Everhart admonishes the referee for “touching him” as he pounds on Sane. Sane does avoid a rush in the corner and drops Everhart down. There’s a clothesline and another. He goes for the wrist and pumps the left appendange. Sane asks if he should go for “Old School.” Instead, he uses the top rope against him. Sane does go for “Old School” and walks the top rope. There’s the club, the finisher and Everhart’s kick up. Sane says, “I’m going up.” He climbs to the top rope. Everhart forces James to push him into the ropes. He hits it and Sane falls down. Everhart hits the “Gotcha” for the victory. 8:02

Golden Triangle Championship: J-Ru vs. Captain Curley John

The Golden Triangle Champion, with Mayor Mystery, as well as the challenger, Captain Curley John, make their way to the ring. The action begins with J-Ru claiming that Captain Curley John “pulled” his hair. J-Ru tries to get the fans to chant “J-Ru’s Great,” but they answer that he does not. There’s a “Captain Curley” chant coming from the crowd. Captain Curley John says he has fought off “the Kraken itself.” J-Ru, a 25-year veteran, lures Captain Curley into a move, only to grab him from behind and then into a headlock. J-Ru pulls the challenger’s hair. J-Ru shoulder blocks the Captain down. J-Ru shouts for him to stay down, but he doesn’t. He hits a hip toss and then a body slam. He wants to “drop an anchor” on J-Ru but the Golden Triangle Champion rolls to the outside. Mayor Mystery is there. J-Ru and Mayor Mystery are out there, arguing with the kids. Captain Curley John stands behind them and takes an opportunity to plunder J-Ru. There’s a chop to the chest before the GT champion is rolled back in. J-Ru misses with an elbow when Captain Curley John gets out of the way. Not once, but twice. They battle on the outside. Captain Curley takes an easy, some would say disrespectful, one-foot cover. J-Ru recovers and whips the Captain into the corner. There he meets the challenger with a series of chops. He gets Captain Curley John into the ropes, where Mayor Mystery uses to choke the challenger.

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