T-Rantula Wins “Hometown” Championship, Grayson Upends J-Ru, Napier Shocks At Brawl Under the Bridge 8

July 16, 2023

by Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

The Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) returned to Homestead and the Homestead Grays Bridge for an 8th time Saturday night before another ruckus crowd. The evening had a lot of surprises and the Hall of Famer T-Rantula played a big role in the evening.

KSWA Tag Team Championship: Super Hentai and Glenn Spectre vs. The Apex The crowd explodes for the Apex, “The Regent” Joshua Kavod and “The Rev” Ron Hunt. It’s quite possible that Kavod and Hunt are the most popular KSWA tag team champions in KSWA history. Referee Mark Charles III has his hands full with this quartet. Spectre and Hunt had been throwing social media bombs towards each other leading up to this showdown. The bell rings and we are at the ready. Hunt and Spectre start out. They take their time getting to know one another inside the squared circle. Hunt gets Spectre down, but then “The Big Boss” does the same to “The Rev.” Hunt calls for “one more time” and the two face off. Spectre extends a hand in friendship, but kick Hunt instead. The Reve fires back. He and Kavod trade shots on Spectre and send him out. Hentai rushes in and eats some of the same fate. Back inside, Spectre tosses Kavod over, but The Regent lands on his feet. Leg scissors and a flying body press sent Glenn outside. Kavod does the same to Hentai, who also falls to the outside. The Apex goes to baseball slide their opponents, but they dodge it. The challengers go to punch the champions, but they miss and hit each other. Kavod strikes a disruptive Hentai on the apron. Spectre side suplexes Kavod down. That’s enough to keep The Regent on the mat. Hentai chokes Kavod until Charles breaks it up. The challengers drape Kavod over the middle rope and keep him from Hunt in their corner. Spectre lands Kavod in a sidewalk slam. He gets a two-count. The challengers double suplex Kavod and get another two-count. Hentai back elbows Kavod down. Charles checks on the champion. Hentai has a lazy cover on Kavod but Joshua gets a shoulder up. A suplex leads to a more conventional cover and two count. Kavod is dropped onto the mat and Hentai lands a series of elbows. Two-count. The challengers double team Kavod as Spectre hits him hard with chops. Spectre sets him up, but Kavod hits a drop kick. Both Megastars are down. Kavod gets to Hunt and he’s in. He gets Spectre in a corner and splashes. Kavod is tagged in and he splashes Spectre and knocks Hentai from the apron. A splash from Hunt and Kavod springs in Hunt. Hunt gets a 2 7/8 count on Spectre. The fans shout in unison, “That was Three!!” The challengers take the opportunity to rally. Hunt is reeling for Spectre’s flying kick. Kavod puts Hunt’s boot on the bottom rope. Kavod and Hentai fight on the outside. Hunt rolls Spectre up for the win. 13:52.

Five Star Championship: Harley T. Morris, Justin Sane, The Ram vs. Sin Born.

The Ram spears his former friend Justin Sane, and the two remaining Megastars go after Drake but he is simply too powerful and sends everyone sprawling. Sin Born and Morris go after the hulking Ram, but it takes several attempts before they get him down. Then, the fight over the pinning opportunity. Sane dives onto bot men and drops Morris and Sin Born with a series of clotheslines. Sane has the others reeling. He goes to pin Morris, but Drake breaks that up. Drake throws Sane into a corner, splashes and side slams him. He gets a two count. Drake is in control over all of the other competitors. He body slams Sane after holding him up for 30 seconds. Drake misses a spear on Sane and gets tied up in the corner. Justin takes The Ram’s left wing and applies pressure. Sin Born and Morris go at it. Sane drapes Drake’s arm over the top rope. He drops the others and focuses on Drake. He goes for “Old School.” He lands the move and goes into a submission move on Drake. Sin Born and Morris break it up. Morris is whipped into the corner and Sin Born suplexes Sane. There’s a two count. Sin Born goes to cover Sane and that is broken up. Sin Born goes after Sane but he fights it off. Sane rolls up Morris and that pin attempt is broken by Sin Born. Morris and Sane go after one another. The fans chant “Barbie Doll” towards the platinum blond Morris. Morris goes to pin Sin Born but only gets two. Morris focuses on the Five-Star Champion. Sin Born is in the corner and Morris follows. Morris lands a series of punches to Sin Born’s head. Justin Sane goes in. Sane goes to the top rope to meet Morris. Soon Sin Born gets in there and forces all three opponents down in a splash. Sin Born goes to pin Sane but that’s broken up. Morris boots Sin Born. Sane clotheslines Morris. Drake is back in it and clotheslines Sane. Sane dodges a spear and Drake falls to the outside. Sane splashes Morris. Sin Born tosses Sane out and pins Morris. 11:15. Post Match: The three opponents pick up Sane and Sin Born clubs him with the Five Star Championship. Suddenly, music hits and out comes “Big Country,” Matt McGraw! Svelte and quicker than he’s ever been in the KSWA, dispatches all of the other wrestlers, including Sin Born. The Krazies go zany as McGraw spears Sin Born and teases a Five Star championship cash in, but Sin Born bails to the locker room. McGraw and Sane celebrate before the capacity crowd.

Tag Team Match: The Freek Show vs. Big Tony and Hunter Huffman

Freek E Doyle and Huffman start out. They trade arm bars. Doyle breaks out of it. Big Tony is tagged in. Doyle lures him in and punches him in the gut. Doyle gets Onyx into the corner for an overhand chop. Tony breaks another, tosses Doyle in the corner for a chop. And then another. The crowd approves. Big Tony sideways slams Doyle and gets a two-count. The Krazies chant for Tony. Doyle kisses Tony and pulls him down from behind. Man-Child is tagged in and he suplexes Onyx. Man-Child tags in Doyle. Man-Child picks up Doyle and face first suplexes him down onto Onyx. The fans are into Big Tony. Doyle keeps the pressure on Big Tony. The fans continually chant for the youngster. Man-Child splashes Big Tony in the corner and the ring moves nearly a foot down the slow grade. Man-Child keeps the pressure on Big Tony in the corner before tagging in Doyle. Tony starts to get some offense, but Doyle drops him with a low blow. He goes for a lazy cover, but Onyx has fight in him. Another lazy pin and cover attempt and Onyx kicks up. The Freek Show double teams Tony as referee Jimmy James is distracted by Huffman. Huffman is lured in, but the referee stops him. That can only mean more offense against Big Tony. Doyle gets him in a submission move but Onyx refuses to give up. He kicks the canvas and gets to his feet. He hits Doyle with a stunner and gets to Huffman, but the referee doesn’t see it. Onyx fights his way out of the corner and right into a Man-Child bear hug. He finally gets to Hunter, and he races in, a house a fire. Huffman hits a series of moves on both Doyle and Man-Child. Big Tony is back in. They try to suplex Man-Child but that’s a tough task. He hits Huffman down and uses Doyle to drop Big Tony. A team DDT ends Big Tony’s outing. 12:07.

KSWA Golden Triangle Championship: J-Ru (champion) with Mayor Mystery vs. Tyler Grayson

Referee Mark Charles III holds up the city of Pittsburgh’s most cherished singles’ championship. The bell rings and J-Ru mocks Grayson. He also tries to garner applause from the crowd. They are not into it. Grayson, however, they adore. The two lock up and it’s an immediate stale mate. Grayson gets the crowd in his corner as J-Ru sulks and plans his next move. A crafty veteran, through-and-through, J-Ru stalls until he can get Grayson into a test of strength. The two Megastars are evenly sized, but J-Ru can maneuver his leverage better. Or can he? Grayson fights out of a submission move and hip tosses the Golden Triangle Champion several times until he falls out to the welcoming embrace of Mayor Mystery. Mayor Mystery wants a time out that wasn’t coming. Mystery and J-Ru waste mine on the outside. Grayson tries to dive onto J-Ru, but he and Mystery get out of the way. This allows J-Ru time to get some offense and toss the challenger back into the ring. J-Ru hits Grayson with an elbow and chokes him. Referee Mark Charles desperately attempt to get him to stop. J-Ru goes outside and interacts with the Krazies. Mayor Mystery and Grayson face off on the outside. Grayson to get back in and J-Ru misses with an elbow drop. That happens twice. Grayson floors Mystery on the outside. J-Ru is out and they trade blows. J-Ru leads Grayson around and slaps him in the chest, right in front of the fans. Grayson is rolled back in and gets a two-count. There’s an overhand chop and a series more on Grayson’s bare chest. J-Ru whips Grayson in the corner and splashes him there. There are overhand chops. J-Ru tosses Grayson in the corner. Grayson gets a boot up. J-Ru stops short and plasters him about. J-Ru misses with a splash in the corner. Grayson hits a back breaker. Both Megastars are down. Referee Charles starts the count. The two trade blows. Mayor Mystery is up on the apron. He hits Grayson with his cane (the referee doesn’t see it). J-Ru follows up with a clothesline. A 2 ½ count on Grayson. The Leader of the Grayson Nation is weary. He takes another clothesline. J-Ru picks him up. Another knocks him down. Another big clothesline has Grayson down. A lazy, one-foot cover and Grayson kicks up. The fans are ecstatic for Grayson. J-Ru clubs away. Grayson is up and kicks J-Ru in the head. There’s a suplex. And another. And then a third. The cover and J-Ru is up. The fans cannot believe it. J-Ru does have his own cheering section. J-Ru slaps Grayson hard in the back. J-Ru posts Grayson up on the top turnbuckle. J-Ru fights him off. J-Ru is down, and Grayson is spent. He fights his way to the top rope. Mayor Mystery shakes Grayson off and crotches him there. J-Ru DDT’s Grayson. J-Ru rolls up Grayson and gets a two count. Grayson is up and DDT’s J-Ru down. Grayson powers up. The Krazies are behind him. Mayor Mystery grabs Grayson’s boot. J-Ru bulldogs Grayson. J-Ru drops Grayson down. J-Ru picks up Grayson’s nearly lifeless body. Grayson comes to life. Grayson and Mayor Mystery tangle. J-Ru runs into Grayson. Grayson knees J-Ru down. Grayson to the top for 17:09

Brawl Under the Bridge Championship: Johnny Norris vs. T-Rantula

This was supposed to be Yinza defending the Brawl Under the Bridge Championship against T-Rantula, but the Pittsburgh Luchadore was injured and had to relinquish the title. New-to-the-KSWA “Lights Out” Johnny Norris, an impressive foe, was drafted by the KSWA Championship Committee to fill the now vacant spot. The two tie up and T-Rantula forces Norris into the corner. There’s a clean break as Referee Shawn Patrick checks both men. Norris gets T-Rantula in the corner but doesn’t break clean. He cheap shots the icon. T-Rantula gets Norris in the corner and hits him with an overhand chop. The two tie up and trade reverse waist locks. Then, T gets Norris in a headlock. T breaks out of Norris’ offense and pokes his opponent in the eyes. Norris gets T-Rantula down and in a leg lock around the throat. T gets a boot on the bottom rope. T is in the corner for some chops. He returns the favor and has Norris there. It’s a chop fest for T-Rantula on “Lights Out.” T-Rantula boots Norris and gets a two-count. T-Rantula beats on Norris in the corner. Norris takes a back elbow. Norris fights back and nearly body slams T-Rantula. Norris is defiant against the giant. The second time is a good one as Norris slams the Hall of Famer. He gets a two count. Norris is thrown over the top rope and onto the cement floor. Norris gets into Yinza’s face. T-Rantula grabs a boat of nachos. T clubs Norris with the nachos. Yinza is in his face. T-Rantula rolls Norris back into the ring. He’s on his hands and knees as T re-enters the ring. Norris is hit with a knee. T-Rantula chops him on the chest Norris rallies for a back elbow. There’s a two-count on T-Rantula. Norris grabs T’s Harley Davidson jacket and puts in on. The fans boo so loud it can be heard half a mile away along the Monongahela River. T catches Norris and choke slams him for the win. 9:18!

Yinza enters the ring, takes the jacket off the prone Norris T-Rantula tosses Norris out. Yinza shakes T-Rantula’s hand and hands over the Brawl Under the Bridge championship!

Golden Ticket for a KSWA tag team title match in the future: Edric Everhart v. Dennis Gregory

Gregory is in fine form, dancing into the 700-plus in attendance. Everhart is angry that he has had to wait for Gregory’s shenanigans. Everhart has been frustrated, as he hasn’t been able to defeat the Hall of Famer. The two veterans go back and forth, with Gregory able to get Everhart down and in an arm bar. Gregory clubs away at Everhart’s arm. Everhart dips and a charging Gregory falls to the outside and onto the cement below. Everhart tosses Gregory back in and puts the boots to the former KSWA Champion. Gregory fights back, but so does Everhart. Everhart has Gregory reeling. Gregory gets some momentum and splashes Everhart twice, but the New Uglee DDT’s Gregory out of nowhere. There’s a two-count. The fans chant for Denny. He slaps his hand on the canvas. Gregory fights back but tosses Gregory over the top rope. He “skins the cat” to get back in and delivers a series of heavy blows to Everhart. Both wrestlers are down. Everhart gets to his feet. Gregory back body drops Everhart but only gets a two count. Everhart maintains momentum and drops Gregory for two. Everhart grabs a wooden chair. Referee Jimmy James fights him for it. Gregory drops Everhart with his finishing move, but it takes referee James quite a while to turn around and misses the three-count. Everhart kicks out. Gregory settles in for his next maneuver. Everhart low blows Gregory following a skirmish with the referee. Gregory staggers and Everhart races to the corner and lands a “Gotcha” for the win. 10:06. Edric Everhart has earned an opportunity for the KSWA tag team championship at a later date.

Un-Civil War: The Dynasty vs. Team KSWA

In a coin flip earlier in the evening, the Dynasty has the advantage in this two-men start, a new competitor enters every two-minute match. In a throwback, Lou Martin arrives in his “garbage pants” ensemble and not his more recent “Face of Pittsburgh” outfit. All three KSWA referees are ready for this Main Event showdown. Shawn Blanchard and Lou Martin are to start out. Blanchard attacks Martin from behind and sends him out to the floor. He races back in and lands a Lou Thesz Press on Blanchard and slams his head into the top turnbuckle 10 times and follows with an overhand chop. And then a second turnbuckle. Then a third. There’s a back body drop on Blanchard and a leg drop. No one can be pinned before all of the Megastars are in the contest. Martin keeps the assault on Blanchard. Martin pounds Blanchard in the head. Blanchard nearly gets an advantage, but Martin is too resilient this early. Martin keeps Blanchard down. The rest of the Dynasty try to pull him out of the ring, but that doesn’t work. Blanchard side suplexes Martin, but he springs right up. Martin double forearms Blanchard in the back and keeps him down. Martin kicks Blanchard down and low. Blanchard is in the ropes and Martin splashes him there. Martin is able to keep the momentum going until the five-minute mark, when “Mr. Big Stuff” Anthony Alexander is in. Now with a number’s advantage, Blanchard and Alexander put the boots to Martin. Blanchard holds Martin and Alexander pummels the Face of Pittsburgh. Shane Starr is in and evens the playing field. He tosses Alexander out and takes off the neck brace that he’s been wearing since a Dynasty attack weeks ago. Starr and Alexander are on the outside. Blanchard and Martin fight on the inside. Kris Kash of the Dynasty is in next. He attacks Starr right away and then tosses Martin to the outside. Kash strikes Martin right in the mush. There’s bedlam everywhere as KSWA Owner Bobby and “King” Del Douglas are still on the outside. Bobby O is now in the ring, and he goes right after Blanchard who has been attacking the Owner of Pittsburgh’s wrestling powerhouse for weeks. Blanchard pulls Bobby O in and goes low. Shane Starr gets Blanchard in the Sharpshooter, but that’s broken up by Alexander. “King” Del Douglas is in, and he surveys the situation. Blanchard digs at Bobby O’s face. Alexander has Martin’s bat and uses it. Now, it’s all the members of the Dynasty against Bobby O. Blanchard directs traffic. Bobby O grabs the microphone and says he never “came alone” to Brawl Under the Bride. KSWA legend and former champion Mitch Napier arrives on the scene to even the score. All of the Megastars are fighting all over Homestead. Martin lands a super plex on Kash. Douglas has Bobby O in a sharpshooter, but Martin breaks it up. Napier and Alexander are fighting on the outside. Blanchard has Martin in a Figure Four. Starr hit Kash with a steel chair on the outside. Douglas tries to get Napier, but it’s broken up. Douglas takes on Starr. Napier gets into a corner. He hits a flying body press on Blanchard. Napier goes for the ankle lock on Blanchard, but Douglas breaks it up. Napier scoops up Douglas, lands the Sioux Falls Slam and gets the win. 21:39.

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