New Megastars Make Impact, Champions Retain, BROhemoth Takes The Cake In Verona

August 23, 2021
By Bobby O - KSWA Owner

The Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) returned to Verona for the first time in 732 days for Battle in the Borough III. It was August 24th, 2019, when our friends at the Lower Valley Athletic Foundation and the Verona Parks and Recreation board last hosted the event. Earlier in the day, a new concession stand facility was dedicated at Cribbs Field. The local band Just Those Guys played two sets and a wandering puppeteer entertained the attendees, who helped celebrate the 150th birthday of the borough that nestles down along the Allegheny River. Ring announcer Matt Vandriak, substituting for “Trapper Tom” Leturgey, who was enjoying a well-deserved night off, introduced the Grace Notes, part of the Riverview High School chorus, who sang the National Anthem prior to the show.

Tag Team Match: “The Ram” Anthony Drake and "The Regent" Joshua Kavod vs. The Good Guys

The Good Guys try and get inside the heads of the KSWA rookie team with a series of frequent tags early on. Zak Hunter and Drake spar with a series of shoulder block attempts before the Ram takes the advantage in a test of strength. Kavod and Brent Noctus lock up and eventually the Good Guys double team the Regent for a two count. Noctus then locks up Kavod with a Camel Clutch before he escapes. Hunter and Drake are tagged in, and the Ram batters his way through both opponents. The Ram tags Kavod while Hunter scramble for his partner. Kavod keeps the advantage on Noctus and the Regent hits Straight from the Pulpit and covers Noctus while referee Jimmie James counts to three. (8:10)

Five Star Championship: J Ru (Champion) vs. "Mr. Thriller" Johnny Mercury

The champion heads to the ring again kvetching that the R&B version of “I’m a Little Teapot” is the incorrect entrance theme for the “Professional Wrestler”. J Ru berates the Verona faithful and complains whole heartedly to referee Shawn Patrick that he will leave if the abuse continues. Patrick rightfully ignores the champion’s requests. J Ru allows that he “will only show the Five Star title belt once” as he un-traps the strap from its protective case. Mr. Thriller hits the ring patriotically clad in red, white, and blue which excites the crowd. J Ru whiffs with an attempt to clock Mercury with the case and the two duck each other’s clothesline attempts before Mercury hip tosses J Ru and then sends the champ reeling with an inziguri kick. J Ru gains the advantage by snapping Mercury’s neck on the top rope and then delivers a few knee -strikes to the challengers back. After a clothesline, the champ saunters in for a pinfall attempt, but his casual approach nearly costs him as Mercury scores a two count after a roll up. An angry J Ru stuns Mercury with an elbow, then chokes the challenger and continues to deny Mercury breath by using the middle rope. J Ru rakes Mercury’s eyes and snaps his neck back once again. Chants of USA-USA from the crowd invigorate the stars & stripes clad Mercury, who shakes off a J Ru forearm to the back and attempts a sunset flip, which the champion blocks with a stiff kick to the sternum, which leads to a quick two count on Mercury. Both competitors reel a bit after a double head butt. Mercury gets to his feet first and heads to the corner to ascend the top rope. He fights off a couple J Ru with a couple of slaps as the champion falls to the mat. Mercury then lands the Mercury Switch but is unable to cover the champion in time as J Ru avoids the upset by licking out at two. After a double clothesline, Patrick moves in to check on the megastars. During the wellness check, J Ru lands a backwards kick for a low blow which derails Mercury. J Ru stands on the challenger’s chest for a three count and a title retaining victory in (7:25).

Golden Triangle Championship: Shane Starr (Champion) vs. Remy LeVay

The reigning Starr and the returning LeVay shake hands at the start of the match, but LeVay attacks the champion as he was taking of his shirt ending the attempt at sportsmanship. This gives LeVay the early advantage which he adds to by raking Starr’s eyes along the top rope. LeVay lands a couple of hard chops and then a head butt, which leads to a two count from James. A frustrated LeVay chokes Starr on the middle rope, which he follows with a chop and a snap mare, which only results in a one count. A roll up and then a clothesline leads to a pair of two counts as LeVay nearly takes the coveted title from Starr. LeVay becomes more aggravated when a series of punches and chops and a subsequent sidewalk slam can only net additional two counts on the battered but game champion Starr. Another slap seems to awaken Starr who sends LeVay into the corner and then attempts a flying body press which LeVay sidesteps, LeVay then applies a sleeper hold to the champion who refuses to submit. After Starr fights out with a jawbreaker, LeVay hits a shining wizard which again leads to a near fall. LeVay cannot contain his anger this time. As he attacks, Starr is able to gain the advantage. Weakened but not beaten, the champion takes over with a few quicks moves then maneuvers LeVay into the Starr Shine, which he lands for the win. Starr retains in (5:35).

Verona 150th Anniversary Match - The BROHemoth w/Shawn Blanchard vs. The Face of Pittsburgh Lou Martin

Prior to this match, KSWA owner Bobby O re-introduced the Grace Notes, who sang happy birthday to the borough of Verona to celebrate. A cake decorated and donated by the Chelsea Grille in sister borough Oakmont was brought to ringside. This would become central to the match between recent rivals BROHemoth, who was raised in Verona and Pittsburgh’s Face Martin, as it was announced the winner would need to put the loser through the cake and the table to be declared the victor. Shawn Patrick would officiate only to make sure the loser goes through the iced hard wood as there were no rules for this slugfest. Bro enforces his size and power advantage early on Martin and throws his foe outside the ring, where Martin is met with a stern right-hand form former best friend Blanchard. The big man continues to batter Martin, first with a lawn chair that he snatched from one of the fans and then after a hip toss, he feeds Martin some grass from Cribbs Field. As the combatants head back towards the ring, Martin is able to gain the advantage by slamming BROHemoth into successive ring posts. The battle continues on the grass as Martin sends Bro into the guardrail at ringside and uses a different chair and a garbage can to batter BROHemoth. The big man is able to turn the tables on Martin with a stiff boot to the face and an even stiffer right hand. Bro slams Martin’s head twice into a fan’s cooler, then Martin crawls back towards the ring after the chilling assault. BROHemoth lands a couple of big rights on Martin’s chest, but Martin is able to duck away from a leg drop attempt. Martin then further stuns Bro with a sliding drop kick after the big man rolled out of the ring to regain his senses. Bro is sent into the ring post again multiple times as the two megastars’ head towards the opposite side of the ring towards the cake table. Martin lands a pair of right hands, but a third attempt is blocked and BROHemoth stuns Martin with an elbow. He picks Martin up on his shoulder and as he goes to slam Martin through the cake and table, the cunning Face of Pittsburgh slips out and smashes BROHemoth’s head on the table. Martin hits the ring to catch his breath as Bro staggers up onto the ring apron. Martin lands a few rights and then a knee strike. Bro is staggered. A pair of clotheslines from Martin and BROhemoth is teetering by holding onto the top rope. Martin hits the opposite rope and drives Bro of the ring apron and through the cake and table with a running shoulder block, the bell sounds at (11:51) with Martin as the winner.

YINZA vs. Harley T. Morris

The delightful Pittsburgh Luchador Yinza, one half of the KSWA Tag Team Champions, was forced into singles action as his partner, Big Country Matt McGraw, was unavailable for the night. The Professional, recently the Five Star champion, scowled and fussed his way to the ring jawing with the fans. The two competitors lock up, and Yinza stuns Morris early with a flying cross body block and a two count from Jimmie James. Morris hits the ring apron to regroup but is shoulder blocked by Yinza, but Morris deflects the maneuver and hits a sunset flip for a 2 count of his own. A determined Morris stays on top of the black & gold clad luchador but can only gain a series of quick two counts on the equally determined Yinza. An arm-drag from Yinza leads to both competitors backing off and catching their breath after the exciting sequence. HTM retakes the match over with a back elbow, a stomp to Yinza’s stomach and a rake of the eyes. After being banged into the corner turnbuckle, Yinza sidesteps Morris and fires back on the Professional. He flings Morris from corner to corner, landing several Russian uppercuts. Yinza then double underhooks Morris for a suplex, but Morris kicks out at two. Morris then desperately pushed Yinza to the ropes and chokes his opponent before sending Yinza to the corner for a running knee and another chokehold. Yinza blocks a couple of strike attempts from Morris and rolls out of the corner and flattens HTM with an elbow. Yinza then applies the Three Rivers to a dazed Morris but can only score a two count. Morris regains a brief advantage with a knee drop from the second rope, a few back elbows, and right hands, but he cannot maneuver Yinza into a pinning position. Yinza slips away from a running body press attempt in the corner and bashed Morris with a pair of running elbows. Yinza then propels Morris out of the corner with the Lazer Loop. Yinza goes for the win, but Morris blocks the suplex attempt. The persistent luchador reverses and resets, then hits the Yinza-to-Belly suplex and covers Morris for the win at (8:40).

K.S.W.A. Heavyweight Championship: Anthony Alexander (Champion) vs. "The King" Del Douglas w/ Shawn Blanchard

A pre-match pose down clearly defines Alexander as the stronger competitor and as the fan favorite. Douglas flexes and asks AA, ‘What’chu got?” To which Alexander responds, “I got an a** whipping for you!” Alexander then steps on the hand of an unaware Blanchard at ringside. A big body slam, a back elbow, a right to the back and then the champion lays the boots to the challenger. But after a big right hand, Alexander attempts a flying body press, which the Kind ducks. This gives Douglas an opening, which he takes advantage off with a series of boots and knees to the champion’s back. The King and then Blanchard distract referee Shawn Patrick, while alternating choking the champion behind the referees back. Del hits a running knee on the staggered champion in the corner. A clothesline results in a two count, which the King follows up with an eye rake and an elbow drop, but he can only get a count of one after the assault. Alexander angrily regains his composure and bashed Douglas with a series of right hands. The champion flings Douglas to the ropes and land a big right boot right to the kisser of the King. As Douglas staggers to his feet, Alexander hits the Prime-Time Cancellation and Patrick counts to three. The winner at (5:25) and still the KSWA Heavyweight Champion, Anthony Alexander.

Post-Match: As the King lays stunned in the ring, Blanchard orchestrates an attack as Harley T. Morris and BROHemoth hit the ring and beat down the champion Alexander. Lou Martin and Shane Starr come to Alexander’s defense, and they clear out the villainous group including Blanchard. KSWA Owner Bobby O grabs the mic and lets the bad guys know, if they want to fight, then let’s make it a fair fight, not a sneak attack. An angry BROHemoth gets in O’s face and degrades the fans. He says that when his team wins, he gets a shot at Alexander’s title next week in Natrona Heights. Bobby O agrees, then mentions the Battle from two years ago and states the tradition in Verona is that we have an ambulance match in these parts. He signals the folks from Lower Valley Ambulance to bring their rig towards the ring and declares the winning team must put one of the losing team members into the back of the ambulance and close the doors to be declared victorious.

Bonus: Ambulance Match: Lou Martin, Anthony Alexander & Shane Starr vs. Del Douglas, Harley T. Morris & BROHemoth

The bell rings and all hell breaks loose at Cribbs Field. AA and Douglas square off, as do Bro and Starr and Martin and Morris. As all six megastars take turns bashing each other in the twilight, and angry Blanchard tosses a chair into the middle of the ring, takes a seat ad declares he needs a better view to watch his guys win this match. It seems every competitor takes turns with every other competitor, and each seems to get an advantage in this slobber knocker of a fight, with the intent of only causing pain and not using any conventional wrestling holds. The action spills towards the ambulance. Alexander gets Douglas into the back of the ambulance, but BROhemoth and Morris make sure the doors aren’t closed and Douglas emerges from the back of the ambulance with a sheet. He proceeds to choke Martin with the sheet before Martin turns the tide and proceed to whip Douglas on his back side. Morris tries to get Alexander into the ambulance, but AA defends. A few more flurries occur, before Alexander gets Douglas back into position behind the ambulance. The Prime-Time Player flings the King onto the stretcher and he and his teammates close the doors as the ambulance lights burn and the sirens blare as they pull away with Douglas in tow. Martin draws a bead on Blanchard and chases his foe back to the locker room as the two champions, Starr and Alexander celebrate with a happy Verona crowd after (7:17).

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