Add “The Count” To KSWA’s Expansive Cinematic Universe

July 31, 2023

by Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

Megastars of the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) have been celebrities inside the squared circle for more than 23 years. But some of the Krazies may not know that many of their favorite-and-not-so-favorite Megastars have graced the stage, as well as small and large screens.

[Editor’s Note: apologies to any film projects or appearances of KSWA Megastars that KSWA Digest may have overlooked, or is simply unaware of at present.]

Most recently, KSWA referee “The Count” Mark Charles III took part in a day-long shoot for a collegiate student film that should be available as a marketing reel by the end of the year.

“The Dust Devil of Copper Creek” is a short actioner written by Alexander Tomak and directed by Tanner Tomak, who studies film at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania (PennWest). The Western period piece included a saloon fight featuring KSWA ring announcer Trapper Tom as a card-playing local. However, it was Mark Charles III that set the tune and tone with Stephen Sondheim era songs on an animal-skin-stringed banjo.

In the paramount scene, Charles III was situated near a mock piano and its player, while the drama between a villain and a bounty hunter turned a Portersville, Lawrenceville County rustic, basement bar into a full-on saloon from the late 19th century. The rivalry between a lawman and suspected bank robber with a $4,000 dead or alive bounty on his head nearly fell right into the strumming lap of the amiable referee. The Count was able to hustle out of harm’s way before his minstrel instrument was damaged.

In addition to that and other action, Charles III also provided musical accompaniment of “Oh, Suzanna” alongside a real piano and its player. It’s too early to tell, but the music could be used significantly in the project. The Tomaks hope the finished product will lead to work in their future.

Charles III, an expert on the Civil War and re-enactments, is the latest in a growing list of KSWA wrestlers, staffers and family members who are making their way in the expansive, outside-of-the-ring world of entertainment.

Louis Zygmuncik IV of the KSWA family is a film student, screenwriter and producer at Point Park University who has received rave reviews for his horror-genre collegiate work, The Spicening (2023), Dream Away and Elevator Music (2022). In his films, he has partnered with family members like Sean Delach Jr. and has employed the likes of KSWA Owner Bobby O, as well as KSWA Megastars Lou Martin, Shawn Blanchard and others. His films have developed a following with Horror Realm attendees and many others.

“Rev” Ron Hunt has been featured as an extra in projects, such as a police officer in Castle Rock, a 2018 mystery series developed from a Stephen King work, and a prison guard in Mindhunter. Hunt’s IMDB page also indicates he has worked as a business owner on Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom the film derived from August Wilson’s popular work, as well as a short-called Triangle.

And while he has worked in a number of on-screen (including his passion project Bee Gees and Me) ventures, former KSWA Head Referee and current backstage agent David Fedor was a key component to the uber-poplar “Hustlebot” improv comedy group.

Former KSWA Heavyweight Champion “The Gavel” David Lawless appeared in a brief scene during the Tom Hanks film, “A Man Called Otto.”

KSWA Digest Editor Trapper Tom appeared briefly in the horror movie “Fetish Dolls Die Laughing” and had a starring role in the YouTube series “Nocturnal,” in addition to a blink-and-you-miss-him shot during Foxcatcher. Over the past year, he was on set for the second season of “American Rust” as a city of Pittsburgh police officer. No air dates have been announced yet, nor is there confirmation that any of his scenes haven’t been picked up from the cutting room floor.

And that’s not even touching on the works of former KSWA villain and “Pittsburgh Dad” Curt Wootton.

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