Boy Scout Fundraiser Is Next On The KSWA’s Summer Agenda

August 6, 2023

by Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

The Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) returns to the best view in professional wrestling for the annual Boy Scouts of America fundraiser. Several title matches highlight this annual event, which benefits the Guyasuta branch from Sharpsburg.

The KSWA Heavyweight Champion, “The Face of Pittsburgh” takes on an impressive challenger in “The Ram” Anthony Drake. The challenger, who has held regional gold in his still-young career, has an opportunity to leave Pittsburgh with the Keystone State’s most coveted title.

Lou Martin, the three-time champion, will have held onto the championship for 252 days this coming Saturday. Add in his other lengthy reigns, and the North Side native will have held the belt a staggering 1,785 days, a KSWA record. “Mr. Big Stuff” Anthony Alexander, with six title runs, has held the KSWA Championship 1,540 days and the former 6-time champ, Shawn Blanchard clocks in at 1,422.

Martin is often able to use his challengers’ cranium against them by slamming their heads into any or all four turnbuckles. He punctuates the action with an overhand chop. A total of four on most instances. Drake, whose head resembles an anvil in substance, may not allow for any of that.

In addition, Martin has not faced Drake like this before. In a promotion where anything can happen, “The Ram” Anthony Drake may find himself in a fortunate position.

The brand new KSWA Golden Triangle champion gets to defend his fresh-won gold in the confines of the Steel City. Tyler Grayson will face Captain Curly John and Brother Lion in a Triple Threat match. Like with Drake, the KSWA Championship Committee likes to reward hard work and determination with special opportunities. And this is one of those times. Both Curly John and Brother Lion have only had a couple of matches within the KSWA but they were have a chance against one of the youngest KSWA Champions in Grayson. Even the most seasoned KSWA Krazy doesn’t know much about the challengers in this match, which makes it one to look forward to this weekend.

The current Five Star Champion, Sin Born, won the Five-Star Championship at FanFest last year, just like Martin won the top prize. At another 252 days, Sin Born has held off all challengers in a variety of matches. In recent outings, he’s faced off, and defeated others in Fatal Fourways and Triple Threat contests. This time around, he goes one-on-one with one of the KSWA’s most veteran grapplers in Justin Sane. While he may not be crazy, Justin Sane has had a difficult time against the likes of Drake, but he has remained as resilient as ever. Might this be the time for him to win the Five-Star belt?

Sane is a former two-time Five-Star champion, having last held the belt in 2017. In fact, he won and lost the belt twice in a five-month period that year. He’s faced off against Sin Born, who has served as a successful champion, several times. Sane, one of KSWA’s most decorated Megastars, might win one yet again.

In a highly-anticipated tag team match, two KSWA Hall of Famers—Dennis Gregory and T-Rantula—will face off against The Freek Show. Freek E. Doyle and Man-Child continue to improve by leaps and bounds with each match together, and it will be interesting to see how they fare against this two long-time warriors. No two men in all of Pennsylvania hit harder than Gregory and T-Rantula. T-Rantula looks forward to duking it out once again with the massive Man-Child. And Doyle has the size and athleticism to face off against one of the industry’s best in Gregory.

Not to be out-down in the category of technical prowess is Joshua Kavod vs. Edric Everhart. Kavod has the quickness and the high-flying ability, but Everhart proves time and time again that he is able to slow down the pace against any opponent. If he is able to do that and ground Kavod, anything could happen. No two wrestlers anywhere can match these two when they are on-point.

Two long-time rivals face off again when Shane Starr faces “The Professional” Harley T. Morris. Hot off of the “Uncivil War” and a neck injury, Starr must change gears to take on Morris. One the Tri-State area’s most sought-after veterans, Morris can match strength and style with Starr. It’s always a highlight of any event when these two true Megastars lock up.

In tag team competition, the always irritated Shawn Blanchard and “Mr. Big Stuff” Anthony Alexander, along with the leader of The Dynasty, “King” Del Douglas, look to get back on the winning track after Brawl Under the Bridge VIII. The team has something to prove to themselves and in their way are Hunter Huffman and Tony Onyx. Onyx made his KSWA debut at Brawl Under the Bridge and Huffman has a victory over Blanchard in mano-a-mano action. The Dynasty may think they have a winning patch to the winner’s pay window, but Onyx and Huffman stand in their way.

KSWA Wrestling Boy Scouts of America Fundraiser will be held this Saturday, with a 6:00 p.m. bell time on Saturday, August 12, 2023, at Flag Plaza, 1275 Bedford Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15219. Ring side tickets are $15, general admission is $10 and scouts get in for a mere $5. For more event Information, call 412-726-1762. And as always, the card is subject to change.

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