Record-Breaking Verona Crowd Welcomes Megastars For Battle In The Borough 5

August 20, 2023

by KSWA Digest

The Megastars of the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) returned to Verona for "Battle In The Borough" for the 5th time and fans responded in record numbers. The Krazies were treated to a number of unique matches, including a Volunteer Fire Department-enforced Ladder Match and two Megastars were loaded in an ambulance at the end of the evening.

In addition, the latest chapter of "Who will Edric Everhart pick to be his tag team partner" featured an interesting cliffhanger.

The KSWA provided another special event that patrons will never forget.

K.S.W.A. Heavyweight Title Lumber Jack Match

K.S.W.A. Heavyweight Champion Face of Pittsburgh Lou Martin vs. Shawn Blanchard w/King Del Douglas

The foes lock up and Blanchard locks an arm bar on Martin. The challenger works the arm, bites Martin’s fingers and chops the bicep. Martin reverses the fray and attacks Blanchard with an arm ringer, an arm bar and then the champion climbs the bottom rope and drills Blanchard in the bicep with a flying right hand. The Enforcer falls face first to the mat in pain, Martin continues the arm assault and drops a leg on his nemesis’ arm and wrenches the appendage before Blanchard is sent to the outside and the local first responder Lumberjacks quickly send him back into the ring. Blanchard rakes Martin’s eyes and begins to rally. He eventually gains control more by taking the attack on Martin’s arm. He locks in an arm bar, and heads to the corner with the Champion down on the mat. Martin instinctively gets to the corner and while Blanchard begs for mercy, he launches Blanchard to the mat with a big body slam which leads to a count of two from referee Shawn Patrick. King Del Douglas tries to interject, and Martin promptly stomps on his fingers. The Face of Pittsburgh drops Blanchard onto the second rope and heads rope to rope to drop onto Blanchard and then chokes him on the ropes. As the rivals’ head towards the middle of the ring, Blanchard pokes Martin in the eye, temporarily blinding the title holder. Martin is hurled outside of the ring and Douglas lands a quick boot before the lumberjacks send the Face back into the ring. Blanchard is annoyed at the perceived easy handling of Martin, and he jaws with the outsiders before landing a shot onto the champion’s back. Blanchard lands a series of double chops to the trapezoids and then a double thrust to the throat before dropping his rival with a neck breaker. Martin is able to kick out of the pinfall attempt at two. Blanchard locks in a chin lock, and then taunts the Verona patron’s as he works Martin’s nose, ears, eyes, and then repeats the offenses. Blanchard rakes a prone Martin’s eyes with the bottom of his boot. With Patrick distracted by the King, Blanchard hits a low blow kick. The Dynasty pillar then boot rakes his opponent’s eyes again and takes a moment to taunt the crowd and the lumberjacks. Blanchard twists Martin and then stomps on his face. Just when it seems the former champion is on the cusp of regaining the Commonwealth’s most prestigious prize, Blanchard begins jawing with the lumberjacks. That prompts Lower Valley Ambulance EMT Crew Chief Jamey Lavelle to climb the steps into the ring. The chief promptly levels a surprised Blanchard with a clothesline. Martin seizes the opportunity, climbs to the top rope and lands a Swanton bomb on his opponent. Patrick counts to three and Martin retains the KSWA Heavyweight title. (9:03)

The Freek Show & The Ram Anthony Drake vs. Hunter Huffman, Tony Onyx & Curly John

The event’s most populated match begins with Hunter Huffman leading the crowd in chants of “USA, USA.” Huffman and Freek E. Doyle lock up with Doyle forcing Huffman to the corner and landing an indignant slap to the face. USA chants precede a second lock up with Huffman gaining the advantage with a go behind waist lock. He continues by working the left arm and applies a wrist lock. Huffman tries to get Doyle to recite the Pledge of Allegiance but Doyle counters by stomping on Huffman’s foot, who undaunted hits a German suplex on Doyle. Huffman forces Freek into the corner where Big Tony Onyx is tag into the match which leads to a double team reverse atomic drop and a big right hand from Onyx. Doyle in a side headlock forces Onyx to the corner and tries to chop Onyx who blocks, then Freek blocks a chop attempt as well. The combatants then trade chops before Onyx blocks and lands for straight knife edges of his own. A big fifth chop ensues before referee Mark Charles III intercedes with Doyle trapped in the corner. Big Tony then plants Doyle with a side slam. Before a cover attempt can take place, Doyle scrambles to his corner to tag the Ram and Onyx takes the opportunity to tag in a fresh Curly John. The Captain quickly fells Drake with a drop toe hold and then a front face lock. Drake powers out and after a series of shoulder blocks, the Ram tags in Man Child. The big man hits Curly John with a huge body slam, a big elbow and then the masked aggressor applies a vice lock to his opponent’s cranium. Curly John fights to his feet, but he is then flattened by a big head butt. Man Child takes advantage of referee Charles being distracted to choke Curly John with his rather large boot. After another head butt, Man Child tags in Drake and then proceeds to whip his partner into Curly John who falls to the mat and is covered for a two count. Drake knees the buccaneer and then chokes him on the second rope with a knee. Ram then heads to the enemy corner and proceeds to knock Huffman from the ring apron with a cheap shot. Doyle choles Curly John with the second rope before being tagged in by the Ram. A snap mare follows a kick to the stomach, then Freek applies a knee to the pirates back while stretching his arms for a submission attempt. CJ wriggles free and lands a high cross body block which results in a count of one before Doyle grabs the ropes. Curly John tags Onyx, who hits a big a couple of big clotheslines and a big boot to Doyle’s face. Freek is in the corner which causes Charles to intercept Onyx which allows Doyle to drop him and tag the Ram. Drake lands two big right forearms and a head butt before tagging in Man Child. The Masked Menace plants a big head butt of his own. Doyle wants in on the head butt party but ends up staggered by his own maneuver. Both Onyx and Doyle end up on the mat, before Huffman and Drake are eventually tagged in. Huffman ducks a clothesline, before landing several blows and a pair of European uppercuts. Ram blocks a blow and the counters with a battering head butt. Huffman regains the edge and plants Drake with a swinging slide slam. With the Ram down, Huffman tags in Curly John and proceeds to drop him onto Drake with a double team leg drop. Doyle breaks up the count at two. Chaos ensues. Onyx walks into a pump handle slam/elbow combination from Doyle. Curly John lands a forearm and Huffman and Drake square off and have words. Man Child springs on Huffman a plants him with a huge merry go round slam. Freek and Drake pick up the 400+ Man Child and drop him onto to a flattened Curly John. Charles counted to three to end the match. (11:37)

Justin Sane vs. Kris Kash w/King Del Douglas

Sane engages the King at ringside before the competitors lock up. Sane works the arm ringer on Kash and then applies a wrist lock before wrenching the left arm not once, or twice but ten times as the crowd counts along. Sane stays on the arm, wrenching it on the tope rope before dropping to the grass from the apron as Kash writhes in pain. Sane heads to the opposite side of the ring in control of the arm and the match, and his Old School maneuver puts Kash down painfully. The wily Kash rolls out of the ring as Douglas petitions Jimmy James for a time out. Thusly denied, Kash rolls back in at six. Sane quickly goes back to work on the weakened appendage. An arm wringer transitions into a martial arts submission, Kah gets to the ropes, Same breaks at four. Sane bites the forehead of Kash resulting in another four count. Kash lands a right hand and then rakes the eyes to gain the advantage. Kah then lands a series of rights to Sane’s back. Sane is choked on the second rope before he is flipped to the outside. Kash distracts James as the King works Sane over before tossing him back into the ring. Kash lays the boots to Sane before stomping away at his left hamstring and then applies the ankle lock before Sane fights out. Kash with a spinning toe hold before a second ankle lock, but Sane will not submit. A frustrated Kash stomps the knee before sending Sane out of the ring allowing the King to put the boots to him as James is in discussion with Kash. Sane goes deep to summon a comeback which Kash thwarts with a stiff kick and a thundering right hand on the apron. Sane is rolled in as Kash heads to the top rope, but Sane surprises him and they fight on the tope rope. The cut off ends with a huge super plex from Sane as both men are down for a four count. Sane is up first and lands a kick to the midsection and then a famouser. Sane sets up for the frog splash but Kash counters with his knees. Kash rights the prone Sane a hits the twist of fate for the victory. (9:02)

K.S.W.A. Golden Triangle Title Ladder Match

K.S.W.A. Golden Triangle Champion - Tyler Grayson vs. Sin Born

Only Grayson’s newly won Golden Triangle Championship is at stake as Sin Born proclaims he’ll become the Five Star Golden Champion. The three KSWA arbitrators are present with James and Charles on the outside while Patrick officiates in-ring. The Hall of Famer secures the GT title to the bottom of the bucket ladder provided by Tower 3 VFD from Oakmont. Grayson ducks a clothesline as the action starts and then hits a drop kick, a slide by forearm followed by a strong European uppercut, a big splash and a jump kick to the chest. A high cross body block flattens the Five Star champion before Grayson lands a big suplex, a second and then the suplex hat trick. Sin Borns rolls outside to safety, as Grayson celebrates before heading out to grab one of the several ladders available for the match. As Grayson sets the ladder up and starts to climb, he is stalled by a strong right-handed slap to the back from Sin Born. Sin Born knocks the ladder over, then applies a torture rack before ending the sequence with a cutter. Grayson is floored. Sin Born then hits a high vertical suplex before locking in a full nelson that leads to reverse suplex. In control, Sin Born heads for a ladder and starts to position it to climb and grab the suspended title. Before the climb, the Devil’s Favorite Disciple clobbers the Golden Triangle champion in the gut and the back with aluminum ladder. On his ascent, Grayson pounces and Sin Born is felled headfirst on the top rung of the ladder before Grayson sends Sin Born out of the ring and the young phenom gets a chance to regroup. Grayson sufficiently recovered, flies over the top rope splashing onto Sin Born as the Verona crowd erupts. Grayson slams his opponent into the ring apron, then the security guardrail and then the ring post and finally battering him on the ring steps before adding a kick to the back for good measure. But the veteran Sin Born reverses Grayson into the ring post before grabbing another ladder and smashing it into his foe’s midsection. Grayson is then slammed into the guardrail, and the far ring post. On instinct, Grayson tries clothesline, but Sin Born ducks and then wrenches Grayson wrist and arm before finishing with a side slam of Grayson onto the grass at ringside. Sin Born litters the ring with every ladder available, five in total. But Sin Born makes a tactical error with Grayson down, as he grabs the smallest ladder and finds out it leaves him short in his attempt to grab the title belt for the win. The crowd jeers him and he admonishes them right back, allowing Grayson to enter and smash him across the back with the smallest of the ladders. Grayson the sets up another ladder in the corner and lays a heavy forearm on the challenger. That’s followed by a chop and kick, a flying knee and a leaping DDT. Grayson positions Sin Born with a ladder between his legs and drops another ladder on the prone, defenseless and know pained opponent. Grayson then sacrifices his own body, hits a big splash from the top rope onto the ladders that covered the now wailing Sin Born. Grayson sets up a ladder for the climb to defend, but Sin Born in desperation again lands a load and painful chop to the back of the champion, interrupting his climb. Sin Born then hits the tower of doom and both men are down. Sin Born is up first and sets up a pair of ladders and then adds a third to the stack across the other two. Sin Born delivers three strong kicks to Grayson’s back and then secures the ladder stack in the opposite corner. He sets up Grayson for a power bomb through the ladder apparatus, but Grayson fights out authoring a chop before Sin Born hits a slingshot swinging backbreaker off of the ropes. It looks as if the Five Star Golden Triangle dream would become reality as Sin Born climbs toward the suspended belt. However, he is temporarily stalled as his back seizes up, which allows Grayson to recover. Sin Born, off of the ladder, is able to lay boots to Grayson as the champion falls to the outside, and the challenger again stumbles toward the ladder. Asd Sin Born again starts to climb one side, Grayson quickly climbs of the other and the combatants exchange right hands ten feet above the canvas. Grayson lands four consecutive rights as Sin Born teeters. Grayson flips over the top of the ladder and over top of his opponent, driving Sin Born through the horizontal ladder in the corner with an amazing power bomb. Grayson then climbs the ladder, grabs his belt and retains the Golden Triangle championship. (14:33)

Shane Starr vs. Anthony Alexander w/King Del Douglas

The lock up leads to a few AA forearms to Starr’s back, a right hand to the gut and Starr is backed into the corner. Starr foes up and over Alexander for a sunset flip but only nets a two count. A roll up by Starr, a side roll up and another roll up all result in more counts of two from Mark Charles III. AA heads outside for a quick breather and a regroup with the King Del Douglas. Starr descends from the ring and gives chase, but AA enters the ring first and meets his foe with a big right boot to the shoulder which stuns Starr. Mr. Big Stuff then repeatedly stomps the back of his opponent. AA pulls Starr up by his hair and lays several big forearms across his chest. Alexander puts Starr on the middle rope and stands on his back choking him. Charles breaks it up, but Douglas seizes the opportunity and chokes Starr. Still draped over the ropes, Starr absorbs a boot to the side and then as he is propped up in the corner, AA uses his big boot to choke Starr. AA whips Starr cross corner but Starr reverses the next attempt and splashes AA which is followed by a second splash in the opposite corner. Into yet another corner, Starr mounts Alexander and fires away with ten right hands delighting the Krazies. AA eventually counters an onrushing Starr with a running clothesline that floors his opponent. Starr manages a series of right hands in a short rally, but AA hits a big elbow which leads to a two count. AA chokes Starr on the mat before he breaks at the count of four. Starr is up righted by his hair, before being floored again with a kick. Alexander chokes Starr and while he’s admonished, the King follows suit. Starr is staggered by a big right hand and dropped by a big right boot. As Alexander approaches, Starr spills him with a double leg take down. Starr tries to apply the sharpshooter but eats a big right boot from AA which leads to a quick count of two. Starr is thrown to the outside, and Charles laws down the law on Alexander, which allows the King to lay the boots to Starr on the outside. He sends Starr back in and a cover by the Dynasty’s big man is thwarted at two. After a right hand, Alexander sends Starr to the ropes and then he locks in a sleeper hold. Starr fights out after a two count with three back elbows, but AA grabs Starr’s hair once again to defend, before hitting a big spine buster, Starr kicks out at 2 and ½. Both megastars are down for a bit. AA up first and he drapes Starr on the ropes. He lands a right and then Douglas chokes Starr. More right hands before Starr gets to knee. He ducks a quick elbow from AA and hits a clothesline and a back elbow that floors his nemesis. Starr pumps up the crowd. Starr tries for a super kick, but AA blocks it and then plants Starr with a DDT. Both men stagger to their feet, and AA is set up on the middle rope. A brief exchange ends when Starr hits a black hole slam, but he can only muster a count of two. More chants of Let’s Go Shane. Starr tries for a slam, but AA counters into a prime-time cancellation. Alexnader takes a second to regroup, rolls Starr over but can only get a count of two. Alexander gets a brief meeting with the King, and then as the two exchange pinches. Aleaxnder appears to gain an advantage with some kind of foreign object. Starr is buckled. AA pulls him to his feet and ends the fray with a three-count following a second PTC. (15:37)

Glenn Spectre vs. Dennis Gregory vs. Edric Everhart

Spectre is agitated at Gregory’s dancing entrance. He says he is an international superstar, and he will win this triple threat match. The crowd and Gregory both do not agree. Spectre and Everhart devise a strategy to double team the Hall of Famer. They miss a double clothesline and Gregory unloads a series of right hands on each opponent. Buit being outnumbered two on one; he gets kicked and then the pair rain right hands onto Gregory. More double teaming ensues as referee Jimmy James looks on. Gregory finds an opening and sends the pair into a corner and then the opposite corner. Spectre and Everhart eventually head outside to regroup. Gregory greets Edric with a big back body drop on his return and then Gregory hits a suplex. His clotheslines send Everhart over the top rope and back to the outside. Spectre tries to sneak in, and he is greeted by three rights and a body slam from Gregory. Gregory ducks a right hand and lands a flying forearm on Spectre. Spectre begs off, and as Gregory approaches, Spectre sends him onto the turnbuckle by his trunks. Everhart, still outside, chokes Gregory. Spectre is on top of Gregory in the corner and lands a forearm and a chop. Gregory kicks Spectre trying to escape, but the big man lands an elbow in defense. Everhart is back and more double teaming is planned. The duo misses a double clothesline and Gregory lands a right hand but Spectre dodges and the New Uglee clobbers Gregory with multiple right hands top the back. Pleased, Spectre and Everhart hug and then plant Gregory with a double suplex. Spectre drops a leg and Everhart tells the crowd to shut up before staggering Gregory with a high double leg drop. Spectre drops Gregory throat first across the bottom rope. Gregory tries to fight back with his right hand but Spectre counters with a forearm. Gregory again with some rights this time to both opponents. Gregory with fists and knees battles back. He eventually stacks Spectre and Everhart. Gregory charges, Everhart ducks the clothesline and Spectre spills Gregory with a huge elbow. More double teams ensue, and Gregory is tossed into the ropes throat first. Everhart for the cover, Spectre breaks it up at two. The two bicker but then quickly get back on the same page. Gregory takes advantage though, and boots Everhart and Spectre in the gut. Everhart lands a side suplex and goes for the pin. Spectre again breaks it up at two. More dissension discussion. Everhart lays in his right forearm to Spectre as he apparently tired of the discourse. The pair exchanges chops, before Everhart lands a knee. Everhart hits a shining wizard and then some forearms floor Spectre. Spectre is down but tries to talk some sense into Everhart. Gregory springs towards the pair but they elude him and toss him over the tope rope. But the Hall of Famer skins the cat and avoids a clothesline then hits a spinning forearm and a hurricanrana. He hits Everhart with a spear and then nails Spectre with one as well. All three are laid out. James counts as Gregory and Spectre get to their feet. A pair of dropkicks, then Gregory hits a sit out power bomb on Everhart. Spectre breaks up the two count. Spectre hits a sidewalk slam on Everhart, who kicks out at two. The two square up before Gregory hits a back breaker and a side slam on Spectre. A reverse Russian leg sweep has the crowd frenzied and Gregory in control. Gregory goes over the top and blocks a super kick attempt. Spectre takes a huge boot and then is planted with a forearm from Everhart. Gregory hits his finisher from behind on Spectre. Everhart smiles and makes no attempt to break up the pin fall. Gregory is the winner. (11:50)

Post Match: Everhart pulls out the Golden Ticket for the KSWA Tag Team titles. He tells Gregory, I beat you for this ticket and that he thinks he may have just found his tag team partner. He tells Gregory to think about it. K.S.W.A. Tag Team Title Ambulance Match

K.S.W.A. Tag Team Champions The Apex vs. Harley T. Morris & Johnny Norris

The challengers attack the champions from behind, who brought weapons from the locker room. All three KSWA officials are present for the main event. The Apex defends and Morris & Norris are floored by a tandem drop kick and head outside. Kavod and Hunt dive onto them with a double tope suicida. As the teams fight on the outside, The Apex gains the upper hand. Rev chokes Norris with a security rope. Kavod does the same to Morris, right hands are delivered, and the Rev asks the crowd should we take them to the ambulance, looking for an early win. The crowd roars in approval. Hunt and Norris fight towards the ambulance. Morris gains the advantage over Kavod and slams his head into the ring apron. Norris and Hunt are at the ambulance and Norris gains the upper hand. Hunt lands some right and some chops on Norris. Morris lands a suplex and heads to help Norris, that turns the tide on Hunt. Kavod recovers and the quartet fights back towards and into the ring. Kavod lands a running knee and then throws Morris into Hunt’s low super kick. Kavos stomps Harley’s fingers after the Rev hits a cutter. Norris approaches but misses a clothesline. The Rev lands a forearm and a back elbow. The Regent throws the Rev into a set of flying corner splashes and then springboards off his back for a big-time kick on Morris. The crowd cheers in approval. Morris elbows Kavod to the ground and then pounces on him using a broom. Norris takes out Hunt in ring using a baking sheet. Morris whacks Kavod several more times and takes the broom into the ring. Morris stomps Hunt and as Kavod tries to enter the ring, Morris smashed him with a garbage can lid. More weapons are thrown into the ring by the challengers. Kavod is showing marks on his chest and has a welt above his left eye. Morris chokes him with the broom handle and hurls Kavod onto the ringside grass. Norris hits a couple of big rights on Hunt and then belly-to-belly suplexes one half of the tag team champions onto some steel chairs. The Rev is reeling. The big man Norris stomps the Rev and then reigns punches on him, as the challengers have taken the advantage in the no holds barred contest. Norris slams Rev’s face into a steel chair. Outside, Morris and Kavod go at it, until Harley takes over by slamming the Regent into the ring post. Norris throws Rev into the corner and plants him in the midsection with a trach can lid. Then he plasters Hunt on the back with the lid. Morris wants in on the action, and he rocks the Rev with a baking sheet shot to the skull. Not satisfied, The Professional hammers Hunt over and over with a half dozen shots. Kavod comes in and he is met with several shots to the head as well. Norris gets on Hunt with some rights and then chokes him. Morris lands a big right hand on Kavod in the opposite corner and then lands a big kick, before choking Kavod with the Apex adorned steel chair. Morris then uses the chair to drop kick the Regent. The Rev ducks Norris, but Norris shuts off the Rev with a big clothesline. Morris then smashes Hunt in the back with a garbage can. He then offers up the same treatment to Kavod. Norris then blasts Kavod in the back with a chair. Morris lays the boots to Kavod’s bloody eyebrow. Hunt begins to battle back, with a series of elbows. Kavod blocks a baking sheet attack and stumbles into a pump kick from the Rev. Norris misses a clothesline and the Rev hits him with forearms and chops. Morris and Kavod are engaged in the corner. Kavod is stunned and the Morris & Norris duo plant Hunt with a double DDT. Kavod recovers and drops Morris in the corner, but Norris floors the regent with a right. Kavod finds the resolve to fight back and hits a sling blade which leads to a standing triangle choke on Norris. He escapes, but Hunt blasts him in the skull with a baking sheet. Kavod, who now adds a bloody hand to his chest and eyebrow, joins in and the champions lay out their opponents with the help of the garbage can. Kavod rallies the crowd. Kavod places the garbage can over the top of Norris’ upper torso and the Regent and the Rev take the big man to church, repeatedly hammering the sides of the garbage cans with a pair of wooden sticks, that disintegrate during the attack. Morris saves his partner with the help of a steel chair, which he then sets up in the middle of the ring. But as he prepares to use it to his advantage, he falls prey to a reverse leg sweep from Hunt and is dropped headfirst onto the chair. Morris is sent to the corner on his backside and Hunt lays the garbage can across his midsection. Kavod then launches himself from the opposite corner and lands the coast-to-coast terminator on Morris. The crowd is frenzied. Norris is freed from inside the garbage can, but then takes a shot with it to his head. During the carnage, the crowd chants for tables. The champs double team Morris, but Norris gather himself, only to take a drop kick with a garbage can from Kavod. Morris steadies enough and breaks the broom across Hunt’s back. The brawl spills outside and towards the ambulance once again. Norris slams the Regent into the ambulance door. Morris is on top of Hunt and the challenges are in charge. They go for the win, trying to stuff the Apex into the back of the ambulance. The Apex fights back, but Morris & Norris still have the upper hand. Norris and Kavod trade blows at the ambulance. The Regent then chops both challengers on the chest several times. Kavod slams Norris and Hunt takes over on Morris. Morris is lined up outside the ring at the post. Kavod goes for a chop, Morris bails and Kavod strikes the post with a resounding thud with his now injured right hand. Morris uses the remaining part of the broom on the Rev’s back and then batters him with a yellow wiffle ball bat. Kavod is hoisted onto a table outside the ring, but he manages to escape. As the Regent and Morris battle, Norris and Hunt fight. Norris shoulders Hunt over the top rope, but the Rev lands on the apron and they trade right hands. Norris hits a running forearm and M=Norris and Morris knock Hunt off the ring apron and crashing through the table at ringside. The challengers’ double team Kavod. He fights them off as Hunt recovers. In desperation, Hunt smashed Morris in the head with the baking sheet and as the four megastars head back to the ring, the brawl for tag team gold rages on. Back and forth, the battle goes, Kavod is fighting with Morris & Norris outside of the ring, when a recovered Hunt splashes onto them over the top rope. The crowd chants for the second table to be set up. Kavod gets into the ring and Hunt sends Morris over the top rope into Kavod’s pulpit move. Morris is stunned. Kavod grabs the Apex chair and sets it up between the ropes in the corner. Kavod lands a right in the opposite corner, but as he goes to throw Morris into the chair, Harley reverses and the Regent tastes the steel chair once again. Norris gets the advantage by choking Hunt. The Rev is tossed into the corner and takes a big splash. Hunt fights back and whips Norris into the opposite corner and delivers a flying splash, followed by a spinning elbow to Norris’ head. The Rev goes up top and plants a series of rights on Norris. Morris and Kavod recover and begin fighting on the outside. More blows exchanged and after a roundhouse kick from Kavod and double cartwheel cutters, the challengers are down. Thet four move towards the ambulance once again. Morris veers off and grabs hold of Hunt. Norris and Kavod exchange blows at the ambulance doors. The Rev staggers to his feet and uses the garbage can lid to his advantage, taking out Morris. Kavod finds a ladder and takes out Norris. Hunt and Norris battle in the ambulance. Morris is laid out on the table. Kavod climbs the ladder and gets on top of the ambulance. The Regent then lands a big five-star frog splash on Morris through the table. Hunts gains the upper hand and leaves Norris in the back of the ambulance. Morris is thrown into the ambulance; the doors are closed, and the sirens blare as it pulls away. The crowd roars as the Apex retains the tag team titles. (24:27)

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