Gregory/Everhart Pairing Possible? Dynasty Checks Opponents, Mayor Mystery KO’d As KSWA Battles In Birdville

August 27, 2023

by KSWA Digest

[KSWA Digest Editor Trapper Tom would like to thank the “boss,” Keystone State Wrestling Alliance Owner Bobby O for filling in during the now annual two-show vacation.]

KSWA Tag Team Title Match - Champions - The Apex - The Rev Ron Hunt & The Regent Joshua Kavod vs. The Dynasty - Anthony Alexander & Kris Kash w/ King Del Douglas

The Rev & AA lock up and AA takes the lead with a head lock and then a shoulder block. Hunt counters with a high hip toss & arm drag takes to gain the advantage. He works the big man’s left arm and then tickles a prone AA, who is then able to power to his feet. Alexander whips Hunt into the corner, who dodges the rushing challenger, who returns the favor with a whip, a splash and then one half of the tag team champions taunts Kris Kash. After a few rights from the Rev, Alexander rakes the eyes and lands a few rights of his own. Hunt reverses a corner whip and then pounces on Alexander in the corner with a few chops. With AA in the wrong, Hunt tags in the Regent, and Kavod surprisingly chokes Alexander with his boot. A quick tag ensues, and the champions double team Mr. Big Stuff with a whip, a splash from Hunt and a springboard splash from Kavod off his partner’s back. Hunt goes up top in the corner and lands ten big right hands on Alexander, who is staggered. Kavod is tagged back in and lands a splash in the corner, then plants a sliding clothesline on Alexander which leads to a two count that is broken up by Kash. The Regent lands a knee, and a pair of forearm strikes but as he goes to send Alexander to the ropes, the King Del Douglas makes his presence known by tripping Kavod. AA then takes the offense with a double ax handle, a strong right hand, and a big side slam. Kavod kicks out of a pinfall at two. Kash is tagged in and goes on the offensive with knees and forearms to Kavod’s back, after a high drop kick, Kash covers but only gets a count of two. Kavod is draped over the second rope and as he chokes his opponent, Kash taunts the crowd. As referee Shawn Patrick’s back is turned, the King choles Kavod. Not to be outdone, Kash chokes the Regent until Patrick intervenes. The Dynasty makes the tag, and Alexander enters with a double thrust to Kavod’s midsection, which floors the tag team title holder. Alexander parades and then plants Kavod on the mat with a big fall away slam. The Rev, unhappy with being taunted, tries to get involved but is stopped by Patrick. This allows the Dynasty an opportunity to double team, then Kash uses his boots on Kavod, Alexander hits a big forearm to the chest and Kavod is whipped into a huge clothesline from Kash, but an arrogant cover gets a two count. Kavod rebounds and hits Kash with a running knee strike and then he hits a shining wizard for a two count on Kash. A pair of forearms and a fisherman’s suplex gets another two count for the champions. Kash rakes Kavod’s eyes in desperation and scrambles to tag Alexander. AA rains rights to the Regents stomach and head, then he chokes Kavod in the corner. Patrick denies an interceding Hunt, who is taunted by Alexander. Kavod ducks a clothesline and after coming off the ropes, hits a cartwheel cutter, and both megastars are down for a five count. Both teams make a tag. The Rev hits Kash with a big clothesline and a back elbow. A high vertical suplex and covers Kash for a two count. Hunt then applies an armbar and tags Kavod to set up the “herky jerky”. The double team maneuver nets another near fall. Kavod hits a standing leg drop but Kash kicks out a two. As AA tries to get involved, Hunt intercepts and the pair fights at the ropes. Hunt is thrown outside the ring and Kash uses the commotion to attack Kavod. The King gets to the apron with what appears to be brass knuckles. But Kavod ducks a right hand which floors Kash instead. After Alexander eats a super kick from Hunt, the champs’ double team Kash into the “From the Pulpit” by Kavod. The cover, the three count and the Apex retain the tag team titles. (10:52)

Dennis Gregory vs. Edric Everhart

Dennis Gregory dances his way to the ring entertaining the crowd. Edric Everhart again proposes he and Gregory teaming up and cashing in the Golden Ticket for the tag team titles, on the condition that Gregory “cuts out the dancing crap”. The combatants lock up, and the New Uglee starts by taking over with a side headlock. Everhart taunts Gregory by dancing, but Gregory responds with a hammerlock take down. Everhart complains Gregory used the hair, but Dennis answers with a headlock take over followed by a running shoulder tackle. Gregory then sends Everhart to the corner, clotheslining him to the mat and then stretching him with a double chicken wing followed by a series of forearms to the chest. Everhart finally gets a rope break. Gregory backs Everhart to the corner, lands a right and sends him to the far corner. Everhart moves out of the way of a corner charge by Gregory and lands a DDT to take control. After clubbing Gregory on the back, Everhart chokes the KSWA Hall of Famer across the bottom rope. Everhart then lands a series of right hands. He is unaffected by a Gregory right and hits a standing elbow, but a clothesline floors Everhart. Gregory body scissors Everhart and maneuvers his opponent for a count of two. Everhart’s clothesline and cover gets a count of two, then he applies a rear chin lock, but Gregory fights out with a series of elbows. But Everhart thwarts Gregory’s attempt to throw him to the ropes by holding onto his nemesis’ tights and then he plants Gregory with a sit out power bomb, but only gets a two count from the pinfall. Gregory pulls himself to his feet in the corner. Everhart whips his opponent to the opposite corner but is met with a big elbow when he charges. That is followed by a kick, and Gregory then ducks underneath Everhart and the hits a lariat. Both megastars are down for a five count. When both combatants are up, Gregory hits a pair of clotheslines and a big splash after whipping Everhart to the corner. He follows up with another body splash in the opposite corner. Everhart ducks and avoids Gregory; he then sends him up and over the top rope. Gregory stays on his feet on the apron. Gregory springs over the top rope and lands a high cross body block on Everhart, but the wily New Uglee rolls through the maneuver, to cover Gregory for the pin. (10:30) Post Match: Everhart throws the golden ticket into the ring in front of Gregory, who looks like he is seriously contemplating the offer to team up and challenge for the tag team championship.

Six-Man Match - Curly John, Hunter Huffman & Tony Onyx vs. The Freek Show - Man-Child & Freek E. Doyle & KSWA Five Star Champion SinBorn

Competing USA vs, Freek Show chants break out, and the USA chanters are victorious. Doyle and Huffman lock up. Freek works the left arm with an arm bar and a go behind wrist lock. Doyle tries to get Huffman to recite; “I pledge allegiance to the united circus freaks of America.” Huffman reverses the hold and tries to get Doyle to correctly recite the true Pledge of Allegiance. Doyle stomps Huffman’s foot to escape. The two then engage in a test of strength, which goes back and forth, before Huffman applies another arm bar before finishing the proper pledge. Doyle back kicks Huffman and escapes. Huffman lands a couple of right hands and a big elbow as Freek stumbles into the corner. The tag is made to Tony Onyx and Doyle is double teamed, and then he staggers into a big right boot from Onyx and then a side headlock. Doyle forces Onyx to the corner and hits a chop and then he hits Huffman with a right. Onyx gets Doyle back in the corner and lands a series and lands a series of chops onto the Freek. Man Child tries to interfere, but Onyx ducks and the 450 pounder splashes his own partner. After a thundering slam, Onyx cover but Doyle kicks out at two. Into the corner, Captain Curly John is tagged in, and Onyx uses the prate’s head as a battering ram to Freek’s stomach. Doyle is floored by a big right boot and then a Flying Dutchman’s cross body block. The Freek is reeling. The cannonballs are fired, as Curly John cannonball’s Doyle in the corner and then covers him for a count of two. Doyle hits a couple of right hands that stymie his opponent, and Curly Joe is pulled down to the mat by his curly locks. He’s thrown into the corner and the reigning Five Star Champion Sinn Born is tagged and enters with some rights and boots to Curly John. Sinn Born then whips the Captain to the corner and lands a series of shoulder blocks and chops. A reverse whip to the opposite corner, more shoulder blocks, chops, and a clothesline follow. As Sinn Born chokes the Captain with his boot, chants of USA break out, which helps Curly John Rally. He jabs and punches his opponent, but Sinn Born again gains control, and more chops, shoulder blocks are followed by a big clothesline from the Devil’s Favorite disciple. Sinn Born chokes Curly John. A count of two leads to two chops. Another corner, another choke, a three count and three chops. The opposite corner, a choke, a four count. Sinn Born tears of the Captain’s shirt and follows with four chop to the exposed chest. Man Child is in with Curly John picked up and thrown into the corner, and then Man Child hits a big reverse posterior slam onto the Captain’s head. As Shawn Patrick heads off Huffman trying to get into the ring, Doyle and Sinn Born choke John. Sinn Born distracts Patrick and Man Child applies the choke. After a few more choke holds, Sinn Born is tagged in and he plants Curly John with a big body slam, a corkscrew elbow follows, but the Captain kicks out of the cover attempt at two. A fisherman’s suplex is followed by another count of two. Sinn Born tags Man Child and a big time assisted power bomb by the masked man and the Five Star Champion have Curly John in big time trouble. Man Child covers but pulls Captain John up at the count of two. John tries to fight his way out, but his attempts are futile. Man Childs attack and size advantage leave Curly John spilled on the mat. Sinn Born is tagged and a double team helps Sinn Born hit an assisted back stabber. Following a falcon arrow, the Captain kicks out apparently just on instinct. Man Child is tagged, and he floors John with a big right forearm. CCJ is draped across the middle rope and is choked by the humungous man child. To the corner, and Doyle is in. A righthand and a monkey flip is followed by a big right boot to the back and a kick to the ribs. Freek plants his knee in Curly John’s back and stretches his opponent’s arms backwards trying for a submission. John fights out and lands several right hands on Doyle. The Captain blocks a Freek pump handle slam attempt and counters with a short arm clothesline. Both Megastars are down. They stagger to their respective corners and in come Man Chils and Tony Onyx. Onyx ducks and hits a running shoulder block; Man Child holds steady. Subsequent blocks move Man Child backwards, but he remains mostly unaffected. Finally, a big right boot staggers Man Child and a clothesline further teeters the 400 plus pounder, but he will not go down. Man Child tags Sinn Born who enters and hits a scorpion maneuver on Onyx. Captain John comes in and gets the scorpion as well. Chaos ensues, with everybody in the ring. Doyle is accidentally splashed by Man Child when Onyx slides out of harms way. Huffman is then planted by the third scorpion by Sinn Born. Out of nowhere, Matt McGraw’s music hits and Big Country appears from behind the backstage curtain. The distraction rattles Sinn Born who is rolled up and pinned. (13:56)

KSWA Heavyweight Title Match - Champion The Face of Pittsburgh Lou Martin vs. The Ram Anthony Drake

The challenger and the champion go to lock up and Martin sashays aside and slaps the Ram on his behind. Chapter two and another sashay and slap to the rear end. For the third try, the angry Ram throws the Face of Pittsburgh to the mat. Drake tries to ram Martin in the corner but misses. Martin slams Drake’s head into the turnbuckle twice, but the Ram is not bothered, and he flattens the champion with a big head butt to the chest followed by a stomp to the chest. A thunderous Ram body slam can only net a count of one on Martin. The champion is draped on the middle rope and the challenger chokes his opponent; a four count forces the break. Martin is shoved to the corner and Drake plants several head butts on his chest. Martin is whipped into the opposite corner and takes a big forearm to the face. On the next whip across the ring, Martin loses his footing and crashes face first into the second turnbuckle. Drake chokes the champion with his boot, and he breaks again at four. The Ram pulls Martin from the ropes onto his back and goes for the cover, but Martin escapes at two. Drake pauses to taunt the locals who favor the Face of Pittsburgh. Off the ropes, Martin ducks a clothesline and hits a big cross body block, his first offense of the match, for a count of two. A head butt from Drake to Martin’s chest floors the champion and the Ram heads outside and grabs a folding chair from ringside and sets it up in the corner between the top two ropes. A right forearm from Drake slams Martin face- first into the map. Repeat the face-first indignity. After a third time, the Ram applies a sloppy cover with only his right foot which allows Martin to get out at two. The Ram hits another forearm, then a low shoulder block before he sends Martin to the corner. Three shoulder blocks ensue, and the champion is whipped into the opposite corner and into the steel chair. Martin is floored and then covered, but he kicks out at two. The champion instinctively staggers to the outside to recover. The Ram follows with the chair but drops it in favor a big head butt to Martin’s noggin. Drake grabs a nearby can of beer and delivers a “Miller heavy” to the champions cranium. On the attack, Drake goes to throw Marrtin into the ring post, but Martin reverses, and Drake hits the steel hard. Martin, once, twice, three and then four times slams the ram headfirst into the ring post. The Face rolls the Ram into the ring and then proceeds to ram his head ten times into the turnbuckle. He follows with a few chops. Even though he is reeling, Drake hits Martin with a spear. The Rams grands the chair and drops it on the mat. He picks up Martin for a big slam, but the Champion fights out and hits the death certificate, slamming Drake’s head on the chair. Martin wobbles to the top rope and lands a swanton bomb on the challenger. The pin and the count of three and Martin retains the KSWA heavyweight championship. (9:16)

Shane Starr vs. Shawn Blanchard w/King Del Douglas

The two enemies lock up, with Blanchard applying a side head lock. A subsequent shoulder block by Starr in the corner takes Blanchard down. Blanchard cries foul. Back up, another lock up and Blanchard uses a wrist lock and an arm bar to take control. He works Starr’s left bicep with chops. The Enforcer uses a finger lock to disrespect the crowd at ringside. Another chop to the bicep and Blanchard wrenches the arm. After another bicep chop, Starr reverses the hold and he begins working over Blanchard’s left arm, left wrist and left elbow. Starr throws a couple of shoulder blocks to the arm and follows with a few elbows to the biceps. After wrenching Blanchard to the mat, he pulls him to his feet and whips him into the corner. Blanchard defends a charge with an elbow. Blanchard heads to the top rope, but Starr pounces and plasters his foe on the mat with a big power slam from the top rope. Blanchard is stunned but stumbles up and into the corner. A big back body drop sends him to the mat. Blanchard rolls to the apron to recover, but Starr brings him back into the ring the hard way over the top rope. A cover gets a count of one. Starr with a pair of body slams and then a leg drop, Blanchard kicks out at two. In the corner, Starr with his right hand and then then he goes up and lands ten punches to Blanchard’s head. A whip and a running shoulder block. Another whip, but Blanchard dodges a running shoulder block and Starr slams shoulder first into the ring post and falls out of the ring. Referee Shawn Patrick backs Blanchard up which allows the King Del Douglas to lay boots and fists on Starr. He rolls Starr back into the ring. Blanchard kicks Starr in the gut. Patrick is distracted by Douglas and Blanchard takes advantage with a low kick on Starr. While Patrick assesses and admonishes Blanchard, Douglas chokes Starr on the ropes. Blanchard lands a side suplex. Blanchard drops a knee, but Starr kicks out of the cover at one. Blanchard applies a chin lock and illegally proceeds to work over Starr’s eyes, ears, and nose. Blanchard hits a swinging neck breaker, but a lazy cover gets only a two count. Starr rolls up Blanchard, but Patrick is trapped underneath, when he wriggles free, Blanchard kicks out at two. A right hand by Blanchard sends Starr to the ropes. He then eats a big high knee from Blanchard, but the resulting pinfall is broken a two, Starr gets Blanchard on his back, and he tries to apply the sharpshooter, but Blanchard pokes the eyes to defend. Blanchard applies a sleeper hold and Starr drops to his knees. Starr teeters but fights back after getting counted to two. Starr rallies with a trio of elbows. Starr to the ropes, but he gets planted with a big spine buster that stuns Starr and the crowd. Both are down for a count of seven. The crowd tries to rally Starr. Both megastars are up and Starr whips Blanchard into the corner, then into the opposite corner. Starr misses a high knee and slams into the turnbuckle. Blanchard gets to his feet using the ropes and drops a knee to the left leg and knee of Starr. More leg drops and Starr is in trouble. Blanchard engages in some more knee on knee violence, with a knee buster and then he wrenches his foes appendage. Starr writhes in pain. Blanchard wants to take Starr to school with a figure four leg lock. Starr kicks him away and then on one leg hits a back elbow. Still hobbled, Starr rallies the crowd. He limps towards Blanchard in the corner and sets up for a super plex from the middle rope which he hits. Starr sets up for the sharpshooter and asks the fans if they want to see Blanchard tap. They roar yes. The King exclaims that time has expired. As Starr locks in the sharpshooter, Kris Kash and Anthony Alexander emerge, and jump on Starr. Patrick calls for the bell and Blanchard is disqualified. (15:15)

In the aftermath, the Dynasty is not satisfied or finished. They begin to destroy Starr as the King tends to Blanchard. A chair is brought into the ring and AA promptly smashed Starr over the back with it. Starr is reeling as the Dynasty celebrates. Lou Martin and Justin Sane hit the ring to try and make the save. But they both are met and attacked by the Dynasty. Kash is on Martin and Sane is thrown out of the ring. The Dynasty reigns supreme, but they are still not finished. Sane is back in and he is unceremoniously met by Blanchard who levels him with a pile driver. Martin gets back into the ring and the Dynasty proudly scrambles away from the carnage.

T-Rantula vs. Big Boss Glenn Spectre

Spectre, the International superstar, is accompanied to the ring by the International manager of champions, Mayor Mystery. Spectre disparages the crowd. The paid is met by equally disparaging chants back at them, and the pair confers at ringside. Spectre is back in and is taunted by T-Rantula. Mystery calls for a DQ but is shrugged off by referee Jimmy James. When the two big men finally lock up. Spectre is backed to the corner and T-Rantula breaks clean. Another lock up, and T-Rantula is backed into the corner, but a right forearm from Spectre assures there is no clean break this time. A third time with Spectre getting backed into the corner, but he turns it around. But T-Rantula blocks the right hand and counters with three big hambones of his own, and the Big Boss is down. T-Rantula lands a couple of chops on Spectre and chokes his opponent out of frustration when he is prone on the mat. An eventual cover gets a count of one. To the ropes, and Spectre takes a big elbow from the KSWA Hall of Famer. Spectre rolls outside as Mystery calls for a timeout. T-Rantula follows, and noggin knocks the pair together as they reel much to the fans delight. Spectre rolls into the ring and is met by a series of boots from T-Rantula. As he charges Spectre in the corner, the Big Boss trips T-Rantula and he drops into the second turnbuckle. Sepctre follows with rights and chops and then he distracts James. Mystery pounces, choking and hitting T-Rantula with his cane. Mystery then distracts James, and Spectre chokes T-Rantula with his boot until James breaks it up. Spectre gets to out of the corner from the second rope with an impressive sit down power bomb, but he can only gain a count of two. A few rights and chops and T- Rantula tries to recover in the corner. Eventually, he turns things around and counters with big rights and chops of his own, the last one after tearing Spectre’s shirt off his body. Sepctre defends with a short right, and T-Rantula eventually send his opponent to the outside, with Mayor Mystery again requesting a timeout. T-Rantula heads back outside and hits a big chop and then he plasters Spectre with a hit dog supplied by one of the fans. Spectre though is apparently empowered by the extra ketchup on the dog and fights back. He kicks T-Rantula and chops him before they both roll back into the ring. Spectre gets on top of T-Rantula in the corner before a snap mare sends the 350 pounder to the mat. Spectre lowers his knee pad and tries for a naked knee drop, which misses. T-Rantula fires back with right hands and few big right boots, which floors Spectre. Mystery gets up on the apron with the intent of interfering. T- Rantula goes for the choke slam, but with James distracted, Spectre gets in a low blow. T-Rantula grabs Mayor Mystery’s cane as James finally dispatches the Mayor back to ringside. But Sepctre rolls up T- Rantula from behind to get three count and the victory. (7:50)

After the match, Spectre clears out as an unaware Mayor Mystery takes a big boot and an even bigger choke slam from T-Rantula. Hethen drops a big elbow on the Mayor, which apparently amuses Spectre as he is heading towards the locker room. The crowd chants one more time, and the Big Man from Munhall obliges with another big Ravine Street elbow, spoiling Mayor Mystery’s night as he need help to get from the ring as T-Rantula celebrates after delighting the crowd.

KSWA Golden Triangle Title Triple Threat Match - Champion Tyler Grayson vs. Brother Lion vs. Justin Sane

It’s Brother Lion, Justin Sane and the Golden Triangle Grayson to the ring in that order. Sane, possibly still reeling from the earlier pile driver, tell Tyler you got this as he apparently thinks it’s a tag team match. Referee Shawn Patrick tries to explain to him that it’s a triple threat match to no avail. Lion and Grayson look lock up, and the champion sidesteps a charging challenger as Patrick realizes Sane will not budge form the corner. He dodges a second rush, but the third time is a charm for the Brother, as he lands a knee to Grayson’s gut., and then backs the champion into the corner. Lion rakes Grayson’s eyes using the top rope. In desperation, Grayson tries to twist out and apply a submission maneuver on Brother Lion, who tries to fight out. Eventually, he gets out and he lays out Grayson with a big side slam. A cover gets a count of one. Grayson is draped on the middle rope and choked. Grayson is then sent to the ropes but ducks under a chop by the charging Lion. Another duck under, but this time Grayson is caught and planted with a fall away slam. Lion gets a two count on the champions and roars that it should have been three. He plants two boots to Grayson’s back, before he battles back with chops, kicks, a knee drop and a DDT. But he only gets a two count as Lion slithers out. Lion hits a trio of rights on Grayson and send him to the corner and lands a high right knee. More rights send Grayson to the corner where Sane, still thinking it’s a tag match, tags himself in. Sane meets Brother Lion with double knees and tells Grayson to get out as he is now in the match. The two have words with Grayson trying to explain it’s a triple threat match, which leads to a frustrated Sane blasting the champion in the face with a forearm. Sane the begins to wrench Grayson’s arm as Lion is recovering in the corner. Sane heads to the top rope, calls for and delivers old school which sends Grayson flying hard. A cover, but Grayson kicks out at two. Sane locks in the STF on the champion, looking for a submission and the upset for the Folden Triangle title. Lion dives across onto Sane to break the hold and the match continues. Brother Lion body slams Sane and then a big boot, followed by three more stiff kicks. A suplex plants Sane, as Grayson begins to recover outside of the ring. The rookie Lion then drills the veteran Sane with three knees to the back as he continues to work him over. Sane is sent to the corner and then whipped opposite, before taking a series of shoulder blocks in the midsection. Brother Lion snap mares Sane to the middle of the ring and then applies a nerve hold to Sane’s trapezius muscle. Grayson is back and he floors lion with a running strike to the back. He then kicks him, and the champion then proceeds to hit the snap suplex hat trick which drops Lion. As he staggers up, he is met by a spinning heel kick from Grayson. Sans gets backup and on Grayson and once again secures his arm. Sane goes outside and wrenches Grayson’s appendage over the top rope, which leaves the champion on the mat writhing in pain. He drops a leg on the arm and then bites it. Sane goes for old school once again, but Grayson defends. As Sane is on the top rope, Grayson cause him to lose his balance and Sane is crotched. Grayson throws right hands as he gets onto the top rope above Sane. Brother Lion comes into the corner underneath both megastars and he plants them on the mat with the tower of doom. He gets a count of two on Sane who kicks out at the last second. Grayson is outside as Lion is sent to the corner. He rolls out of the way from the onrushing Sane and then lands a summer sault splash and then hits a spear on Sane. Somehow, Sane again kicks out at the last second as Brother Lion is frustrated. Sane to the corner. Right hands, Sane fights off a cutter. A kick to the gut sets up the Sane famouser. He then moves Brother Lion into position for the frog splash looking to win the championship. He hits the frog splash but is winded and cannot cover Lion. Grayson heads to the top rope and Sane eventually goes to cover Lion. Grayson hits the 450 splash onto both challengers. Sane rolls off and Grayson cover Brother Lion to retain his Golden Triangle title. (11:36)

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