Grayson Shines In Two Title Defenses, Martin Fends Off Lion As Megastars Return To Century III KIA

September 3, 2023

By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

The Keystone State Wrestling Alliance returned to Century III Kia for Customer Appreciation Day in West Mifflin and a number of new, young talent were able to showcase their talents in front of an appreciative crowd.

Shawn Blanchard (w/Del Douglas) vs. Captain Curly John

The leader of The Dynasty, “King” Del Douglas, fashionably wears no shirt under his orange blazer. There’s a lot of banter between the Three Megastars before they run the ropes. Captain Curly John bails, leaving Blanchard to run the ropes until he loses his wind. Blanchard stalls, but then goes for twisting the wrist. He gets the good Captain down, and then posts him in the corner for a series of right hands. Blanchard slams his opponent and gets a two count. Captain Curly John battles out of Blanchard’s offense but that’s short-lived, as Del Douglas chokes the Captain from the outside. Captain Curly John gets slammed in the middle of the ring. Blanchard chops Captain Curly John in the neck and rakes his eyes across the top rope. Blanchard drops the Captain and the fans cheer for the underdog. Curly John recovers, clotheslines Blanchard down and adds some boots. The Captain gets the crowd behind him and he goes right after The King on the outside. The fans chant “scaredy cat” at Douglas and The Captain slides back in the ring. Douglas enters the ring and attacks Captain Curly John. Referee Mark Charles III calls for the bell and disqualifies Blanchard. The winner in 9:25 by disqualification, is Captain Curly John.

Five Star Championship: “The Ram” Anthony Drake vs. Sin Born

Sin Born spits in the face of “The Ram” and that leads to the Five-Star Champion to attack the challenger. Sin-Born keeps Drake down and puts him in the ropes. He uses the ropes to choke the challenger. Sin Born buries his shoulder into the Ram’s midsection and keeps the offense up for a while. “The Ram” recovers and delivers crushing head buts and a belly-to-belly suplex. A dirty player in his own right, puts boots to throat and other devious tactics. Drake goes for a spear, but Sin Born meets him halfway. The two continue to brawl and referee Shawn Patrick checks on both participants. Sin-Born gets some offense, drives Drake down and gets the win. 8:32.

Edric Everhart vs. Justin Sane

The bell rings and referee Jimmy James sets action into motion. Justin Sane immediately goes for Everhart’s wrist and gets him down to one knee. Everhart complains that Sane is pulling his hair, despite no evidence of that claim whatsoever. Sane calls for Old School and drops Everhart from the top rope. There’s a front face lock but Everhart got out of the hold. Everhart is able to gain momentum and get Sane into the ropes for a choke. Everhart continues with the offense and the fans start chanting for Justin. Justin is put into a headlock, but he is able to battle out by pure will. Everhart slams him down in a power bomb. Sane battles back and lands a leg scissor. Sane races to the top turnbuckle but is met there. Everhart drops Sane from the top turnbuckle for the win. 8:54. Post-Match: for measure, Everhart lands the “Gotcha” on Sane.

KSWA Heavyweight Championship: Brother Lion vs. Lou Martin

The two equal-sized Megastars lock up and Brother Lion has an initial advantage on the Face of Pittsburgh. Brother Lion clotheslines and boots Martin. He misses another, but Martin lands a flying cross body block. Martin clobbers Brother Lion and whips him across the ring, but Lion slides under the ring ropes. Once back inside, Brother Lion gets the advantage with a wrist lock. Martin is reduced to one knee but he quickly recovers. Martin slams Brother Lion’s head on the top turnbuckle and follows up with a slap on all four corners of the KSWA ring. There’s a DDT and a two count on Brother Lion. Martin drops a leg and gets a two count. Brother Lion rakes Martin’s eyes and that stops the Champion’s momentum. There’s a headlock take down on the champion. Martin whips Brother Lion into a corner and follows with a clothesline. Martin misses with a move and Brother Lion makes a cover, but only gets a two count. Lion has Martin in the ropes and chokes him there. The two find themselves on the outside where they battle into the grass leading toward Lebanon Church Road. Martin picks up a wooden “Live Pro Wrestling” sign and blasts the Brother with it. Once back inside, it’s all Brother Lion. He slams Martin and kicks him before bending his arms back. Martin starts to come alive as the Krazies cheer for the Three-Time Champion. Martin rallies, clotheslines Brother Lion and keeps him on his heels. There’s a back elbow on Martin and a suplex. There was a two and a half count, and then a few moments later, another near pinfall. Martin starts to battle out of a sleeper hold. He battles back and slams Brother Lion into the corner. Both Megastars are spent. They have a six count before they are back up, trading blows. They fight. Lion goes for a DDT, but Martin breaks out of it, hits a boot and applies the Death Certificate. Martin then climbs to the top rope and hits a dive for the win. 13:42.

Golden Triangle Championship: Harley T. Morris v. Tyler Grayson

There is a music mix up at the beginning of the contest, where “Barbie Girl” is played for the platinum-colored hair of challenger Harley T. Morris. When the action starts, it’s all Grayson and Morris falls to the outside. Once back inside, it’s all Morris who gets Grayson down. He wrenches Grayson’s knee, and the challenger is able to roll him up for pin attempt. The two Megastars trade pin attempts before Morris gets Grayson in a standing toe hold. Morris gets hung up on the top rope—crotch first—and Grayson gets the upper appendage. Grayson continues to have Morris reeling. Referee Shawn Patrick gets in between the wrestlers and that’s enough for Morris to get an upper appendage. He gets Grayson down and works him over. The Krazies chant for Grayson. Morris continues to work on Grayson’s knee. Morris drops an elbow on Grayson’s leg but the Golden Triangle Champion refuses to submit. Morris has Grayson in a bad way. Grayson is posted in the corner, where Morris kicks him in the knee. Grayson is down. Grayson climbs the top rope and lands a flying, cross body block. Both Megastars are down. Referee Shawn Patrick applies the count to both men. The are both up and trading right hands. Morris is kicked in the knee. Grayson hits a forearm and a kick. There’s a DDT on Morris. Morris is up at 2.5. The “Let’s Go Grayson” chant is loud. Grayson climbs to the top turnbuckle, but he is met there by Morris. Morris climbs to the top rope and readies for the Superplex. He lands it. There’s a 2.5 count on Gayson by Patrick. Morris is irate that Grayson kicked out. Grayson lands a move and gets the win. 19:32.

Tag Team Match: The Dynasty (Shawn Blanchard and “King” Del Douglas) vs. Lou Martin and Justin Sane

Martin gets Blanchard in the corner and the former 6-time KSWA Champion charges that the current champion “pulled my hair.” Blanchard goes to the outside but is back inside and tags in “King” Del Douglas. Douglas, who is the semi-retired leader of the Dynasty, gets into a submission hold, breaks out of it and drops Martin. He keeps Martin down before his attention to Justin Sane on the apron. Martin takes the opportunity to get offense on Douglas. Then, Sane is tagged in. Martin stays on Douglas’ arm before he tags in Justin Sane. Sane almost immediately loses the advantage, as the King is still crafty. He lands the fist from the top rope that’s “Banned in 49 out of the 50 states.” Blanchard is in and hits Sane with a flying knee. Sane is dropped and there’s a two count. Douglas goes for the Royal Sharpshooter. Referee Jimmy James says Sane will not submit. Sane gets to the bottom rope. Douglas goes for it again. Sane breaks it. Blanchard is in and hits his patented spinebuster on Justin. Blanchard puts Sane in a sleeper hold. He breaks out of it. Soon, Martin and Douglas are both tagged in. They battle with the Dynasty, get them down and make the simultaneous pin. 12:42.

Fatal Five Way:

With all four men in the ring, “The Ram” Anthony Drake body slams Harley T. Morris. The other four Megastars fly off their respective top turnbuckles and land shots into his midsection or below. The Ram forearms the opponents and then hits them with head butts. It’s a mass of humanity in there as all five Megastars battle. Morris superkicks Grayson. Drake headbutts Grayson. Brother Lion wears down The Ram in the corner. Grayson goes for a flying leg scissors but is caught by Brother Lion. Lion scoops up Grayson and slams him down. Morris is up and superkicks Brother Lion down. Grayson drop kicks Morris. The battle falls to the outside. Grayson climbs up the top rope and lands on the opponents. Harley pushes Grayson back inside the ring. He misses with a superkick. Grayson hits him with a knee. And a DDT. Brother Lion is in and kicks Morris. Captain Curly John knocks Brother Lion down. Captain Curley John Cannon balls all but The Ram who catches him in his attempt. The Ram splashes all of the others. He goes for a lazy pin on Morris, but that is blocked by Brother Lion. All four Megastars are spent. Grayson is tossed to the outside. He could lose the title and not even be on the canvas. Lion Lion whips Captain Curley John and hits a spear. The Ram spears Brother Lion. Harley pulls Drake u and punches him in the head 10 times on the cranium. Grayson sneaks behind and is met with a punch from Morris. Grayson drop kicks Morris as Ram was about to power slam him. Grayson climbs another turnbuckle and 450 dives on The Ram for the win. 13:42.

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