Champions Defend, Six-Man Match Are Among Millvale Days Highlights

September 17, 2023

By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

A joyous, ruckus crowd welcomed the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) to Millvale for the 18th time. Three championships were on the line, and a Hall of Famer looked to take a fellow Megastar to Nacho City.

KSWA Heavyweight Champion: Shawn Blanchard (w/Del Douglas) vs. Lou Martin

Before the action even gets started, Martin slaps both Blanchard and Douglas in the behind a couple of times, all to the hilarity of the audience. The action begins with referee Shawn Patrick calling for the bell. There’s a lock up and Blanchard is driven to the mat. He goes to the outside. Douglas is there and at one point, Martin stomps on his hands. Once back inside, Blanchard digs at Martin. Martin goes to blast Blanchard. Patrick blocks the attempted right hand, and Blanchard pokes Martin the peepers. Martin gets a “Pumpkin” chant started towards Douglas, who is dressed in Dynasty orange. The fans chant “Let’s Go Lou.” Martin responds with a full body block, and he follows that up with blasting Blanchard’s head into the various turnbuckles. Then there are chops. Blanchard goes down and Martin goes for a pin. He gets two before Blanchard kicks up. The former 6-time champion ends up going to the top turnbuckle. Martin catches him there, tosses him in the center of the ring and gets a two-count. Blanchard rallies and has Martin on the ropes. A spinning neck breaker leads to a two-count. Blanchard digs at Martin’s face. Blanchard kicks Martin in the head. Blanchard gets Martin in the ropes. The referee gets distracted and Douglas attacks from the outside. Blanchard suplexes Martin. He drops a knee into the champion’s sternum. He pulls Martin’s head up at two. With the referee distracted by Douglas, Blanchard knees Martin in the crotch. Blanchard lays in a few right hands before slapping on the sleeper hold. Martin starts to go down. Douglas shouts, “Good Night.” The fans shout, “Let’s Go Lou!” Martin starts to get some momentum and elbows his way out of Blanchard’s clutches. There’s the Death Certificate out of nowhere. The fans explode. Martin goes to clobber Douglas, who made his way to the apron. He ducks out when Blanchard races over to intercept. Blanchard knocks Douglas off the apron. Martin rolls Blanchard up for the win! 11:25

The Freek Show vs. Hunter Huffman and Big Tony Onyx

Freek E. Doyle and Man-Child arrive, before the duo who are “Made in America: Hunter Huffman and “Big” Tony Onyx. The mammoth Man-Child and Freek E. Doyle try to get the approval of the fans, but they aren’t buying it when Huffman and Onyx are in front of a VFW. The fan favorites are attacked by the Freek Show from the outside and the bell rings. The fans chant “USA, USA!” Hunter starts to gain some advantage on Man-Child before tagging in Onyx. Man-Child takes advantage of Onyx’s exuberance and tosses him into the ropes. Doyle is tagged in, by the youngster gets momentum on the leader of the Freek Show. Onyx punches Doyle while in the corner. Doyle lures Onyx in and punches and chops “Big Tony.” Onyx isn’t done yet, though. He goes after Doyle, who is taken by surprise by the upstart. Tied in the ropes, Doyle is chopped by Onyx. Huffman is tagged in, and they do a little double teaming before Freek rolls to the outside. Man-Child stops Huffman from diving through the ropes onto Man-Child. That’s enough for the Freek Show to gain some momentum. Freek has Huffman down. Doyle buries a knee into Huffman’s back while in the ropes. Doyle grabs Mark Charles’ trademark bow tie and tosses it out to Kommissioner Tim Steiner. Not to be outdone, Charles has a second tie on his personage. Huffman is knocked down and he kicks up at two. Man-Child keeps offense going on Huffman. Onyx desperately reaches from the apron. Man-Child drops Doyle on Huffman and gets a two-count. Huffman spring off the middle ropes and clotheslines Doyle down. But that’s not enough to keep Doyle down. He side-slams Huffman down for two. Doyle kicks Huffman in the head. Man-Child body slams Freek onto Huffman. Onyx tries to come in, but Mark Charles III blocks him. Doyle is thrown into Huffman. There’s a snap mare on the military man. Huffman hears the chants of “USA, USA!” from the crowd. He side-slams Doyle. Man-Child and Onyx are both tagged in. Onyx clotheslines Man-Child and then goes for a side slam, but that doesn’t go anywhere. Huffman is tagged in and both men attack Man-Child, and then Doyle. Out of nowhere, Man-Child plows into Huffman. He knocks Onyx down. They lay into the opponents. Man-Child picks up Huffman, pile drives him and gets the duke. 13:20.

Harley T. Morris v. Justin Sane

The Krazies chant “Harley Sucks” with much gusto. The bell rings and the Sane grabs Morris by the wrist. He works the limb by slamming the arm down several times in the center of the ring. Sane drapes the arm and raps it over the top rope. Sane announces, “Old School” and goes to the top rope, all while Morris waits. He drops a fist down onto “The Professional.” Morris gets into the ropes and Jimmy James makes Sane break the hold. He punches Sane in the head and gets an advantage. Morris ties Sane up, but the man from Haddonfield, Illinois, won’t get up. He slaps Sane into another submission move, but he won’t submit. “Barbie Sucks!” rings throughout the street. There’s a leg drop on Sane. Then punches to his forehead. Morris snap mares Justin down and kicks him while down. A lazy pin allows Sane to get a boot on the bottom rope. Morris drives Sane’s neck into the bottom rope. Only a two-count follows. Morris slams Sane’s head into the top turnbuckle, but it doesn’t go anywhere. Sane isn’t bothered by the punches, but he does flinch after being poked in the eye and clotheslined down. Sane is posted in a corner and punched. The fans chant, “Justin, Justin!” He fires back with a seated suplex from the top corner post. James starts the count. He gets to four before Morris gets to his feet. He misses with a punch, Sane hits a famouser and goes for the frog splash. He nails it and gets the win. 11:05

Anthony Alexander vs. Shane Starr

Del Douglas cheers encouragement to Anthony Alexander from the outside. “Mr. Big Stuff” poses for the crowd and is booed. Starr, of course, is cheered heartedly. Alexander starts to attack Starr, but he comes back with serious offense, sending the former champion to the outside. Once back inside, Alexander gets an advantage. He knocks Starr down and egotistically saunters around the ring. Douglas attacks from the outside. Alexander follows up with a boot into Starr’s throat. Starr battles back and has the big man reeling. Starr has Alexander in the corner for a series of running shoulder blocks. Starr hoists Alexander up and lands a side slam. Douglas shouts for Alexander on the outside. Alexander recovers and Starr down. He lands punches to Starr’s midsection. Mr. Big Stuff has Starr in a head lock. Starr starts to crumble. Douglas shouts, “It’s OVER!” Starr fights out of the sleeper but runs into Alexander’s spinebuster. After a few moments, Starr is back at it, driving Alexander down. Mr. Big Stuff rallies and hits a DDT for to stop the momentum. Starr kicks out at two. Starr gets Alexander into a Sharpshooter, but no. Alexander kicks him out of it and boots him in the face. Alexander dives from the corner but Starr catches him and slams him down. Starr kicks the mat. They block boots. Starr hits a Prime-Time Cancellation on Alexander! There’s a two count. That’s enough for Alexander to get ready. He catches Starr in the Prime-Time Cancellation for the win. 12:02.

Sin Born vs. Captain Curly John

As the bell rings, Captain Curly John races to the outside and has fun with the fans. He says, “It’s never time to stop partying.” He is all over Sin Born and has the Five Star Champion down. The Good Captain monkey flips Sin Born from the corner and the champion pulls referee Jimmy James into the corner. Curly John stops before the crash. Sin Born suplexes Curly John and gets a two count. He gets another down. He chops Curly John and kicks him down. There’s a chop to the head and the Captain is thrown down. It’s all Sin Born, who drops Curly John down for another two-count. Sin Born hoists him up and into a torture rack. Curly John breaks out of it and lands Sin Born down for a two-count. Curly suplexes Sin Born and gets a two count. Sin Born misses with a clothesline. Curly John hits him with a flying cross body block and a two count. There’s a drop kick on Sin Born. Curly hits a cannon ball. He covers Sin Born and gets a two count. Sin Born picks him up, lands a version of the F-5, but both men are down. Sin Born makes the cover and gets a two count. Sin Born has a series of offensive moves and gets Curly John down for a two count at the 10:00 mark in the match. Sin Born lands his standing crab, but Curly John gets to the ropes. He is forced to break the hold. Out of nowhere, Curly John hits a clothesline and Atomic drop. That offense lasts for a few moves, but the champion Sin Born catches Curly John and drops him down for the win. 12:02.

Edric Everhart, Super Hentai and Glenn Spectre vs. “Rev” Ron Hunt, “The Regent” Joshua Kavod and T-Rantula

Rivals Glenn Spectre and T-Rantula start out. The KSWA Hall of Famer chases “The Big Boss” out onto the asphalt. T-Rantula tags in “The Regent” and they trade technical wrist locks. They continue to trade moves, but soon, “Rev” Ron Hunt and “The New Uglee” Edric Everhart are tagged in. They go at it after some machismo. Everhart keeps Hunt close to his corner. Super Hentai is tagged in. Spectre and Everhart have Hunt in their corner while referee Mark Charles III is caught trying to keep T-Rantula from coming into the ring. Soon, it’s madness as Super Hentai has Hunt in the ropes. Spectre is in and continues to have Hunt in “the wrong corner.” Everhart is in and has Hunt down in a seated position for a sleeper hold. Hunt nearly goes out, but he fights out. Everhart picks him up and drops him with a side suplex. Super Hentai is in and he keeps the pressure on Hunt. Hunt gets to his corner, but the ref doesn’t see it. That means Mark Charles III tries to reign in T-Rantula. Spectre is in and pushes Hunt into their corner. Out of nowhere, Hunt hits a Diamond Cutter. Both Megastars are down. Hunt crawls to his corner and tags in Kavod. He races in, cleaning up the ring with Spectre and Hentai. They catch him diving from the corner. Now, T-Rantula is in and he boots Spectre. He boots Everhart and Hentai. T-Rantula tosses all three of his opponents before choke slamming Hentai and Spectre. Everhart east the nachos. The Apex takes care of the others. Hunt and Kavod from the top turnbuckles. They land on Spectre and get the win. 13:31

Golden Triangle Champion: Tyler Grayson vs. The Ram

“The Ram” Anthony Drake and the Golden Triangle Champion battle with kicks. But then the power of Drake takes hold, and he tosses Grayson over the top rope and onto the street below. The match is fast moving, as The Ram falls to the outside. Grayson is back inside, and the fans serenade him with “Grayson Nation.” He tries to punch Drake in the head, but that doesn’t go to well. They fight out of the corner. Grayson continues to punch Drake, but the much stronger opponent catches him from a flying body press. He suplexes him down and kicks the Golden Triangle Champion in the ribs. Ram scoop slams Grayson down in the center of the ring. Drake stands on his luxurious hair. There are forearms to Grayson and a belly-to-belly suplex. There was nearly a new Golden Triangle Champion. Grayson is posted in the ropes. Drake continues to grind down on Grayson in the ropes. He pounds him in the back from the outside Grayson uses the ring apron to stun Drake The fans chant for Tyler. Grayson uses leg scissors to slow Drake down. There’s a submission move that Drake fights out of and drops Grayson down. There’s a two count. Drake head butts Grayson and tosses him into an opposing corner. He misses a splash. Grayson gets the 300-pounder up and down with an impressive F-5. They go at it, until Drake hits Grayson with a Ram forehead. The Krazies are behind Grayson. Ram misses a spear. Grayson hits a DDT. Two-count. Ram misses a spear. Grayson kicks him down. He hits the 450-splash for the win. 14:20.

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