Man-Child Wins Millvale Battle Royal, Spectre Takes Aim At Kavod, Grayson Bests “Barbie”

September 17, 2023

By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

The Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) returned to Millvale Days on Saturday, September 16 for the annual afternoon event, and fans were treated to seven dynamic contests.

King of Millvale Battle Royal

The Battle Royal begins. And all the Megastars who will take part in other matches throughout the afternoon battle it out. One by one, they are eliminated, and some in rather quick fashion. In the end, it comes down to two of the biggest Megastars in KSWA history with Man-Child and T-Rantula. Man-Child can muscle T-Rantula over the top rope and into the history books. Man-Child is the winner of the prestigious “King of” Millvale Days Battle Royal. 6:15

[Make no mistake, the original winner, “King” Del Douglas, has never once given up that title.]

Fatal Four-Way: Brother Lion, Captain Curley John and “The Ram” Anthony Drake vs. Sin Born

The challengers arrive on the scene to face the defending Five Star Champion, Sin Born. The challengers decide to go after each other, while Sin Born rests on the top turnbuckle. “The Ram” hits Captain Curly John with head butts. Sin Born comes in when the action is well underway. Curly John hits Sin Born with a bulldog and shouts that he’s “lighting the fuse.” He hits cannon balls on other Megastars and chops on Brother Lion. Curly John smashes his fellow opponents with cannon balls once again. He successfully lands them on all three. He misses Brother Lion and the man from the Pride Lands takes full advantage. Sin Born tries to make a pin from a fall, but that’s broken up. The Ram is still in a corner, perhaps awaiting a brute force opportunity. He gets it by suplexing Sin Born. There’s a two count on the Five Star Champion. Sin Born and Captain Curly John fall and battle on the outside. The Ram splashes Brother Lion. The two youngest Megastars battle in the center of the ring before Sin Born hits an impressive flying body press. He catches Brother Lion and lands him down. 6:55 for the win.

T-Rantula and Justin Sane vs. The Freak Show

T-Rantula starts off with Man-Child after Freek E. Doyle choses not to take on the Hall of Famer from the outset. T chops Man-Child and hip tosses him across the ring. T kicks Man-Child in the nether regions. T-Rantula tags in Justin Sane and Man-Child tags in Freek E. Doyle. Sane gets Doyle by the wrist. Sane calls for “Old School” and climbs the top rope. He lands a fist from the top rope and ties Doyle up before Man-Child races in for a kick to break it up. Man-Child, who is then tagged in, attacks Sane, splashing him in the corner. Freek is tagged back in for a pin attempt that ends at 2. Sane misses a Doyle clothesline and lands one of his own. He’s able to tag in T but Man-Child is in as well. He misses a spear in the corner and falls to the outside. T-Rantula blasts Man-Child with Nacho City and races back in to choke slam Doyle. Sane is tagged in and hits the Frog Splash. The win comes at 6:55.

The Golden Triangle Championship: Harley T. Morris vs. Tyler Grayson

The kids anger Morris to the point he attacks Grayson before the bell is rung. Morris immediately tied up on the top rope and bounced from there by the Golden Triangle Champion. Grayson has Morris reeling. Morris recovers in a big way, drops Grayson and gets a two count. Just like that. He buries a knee in Grayson’s back and keeps the action on him. A young Krazy at ringside shouts, “Okay, You’re Barbie,” at Morris. Grayson breaks through, lands a drop kick, and gets a two count on Grayson. Morris keeps the offense on Grayson. Morris continues to put the offense pedal to the metal. He goes for another cover and gets two. Grayson is tossed into the corner, and he catches Morris with an elbow and then a boot. Grayson leg scissors Morris and gets some momentum. Grayson splashes Morris and goes to the top. A flying cross body block finds Morris’ shoulder down for two. Morris turns Grayson inside out with a clothesline. There’s a two count and Grayson kicks up. The two find themselves at the top turnbuckle. Morris gets tossed off. Grayson hits the 450 splash and records the win. 9:15.

Post match: The “Barbie” song blares on the speakers and fans go nuts in excitement. Morris goes nuts in anger.

Glenn Spectre v. Joshua Kavod

Spectre grabs the microphone and runs down Kavod as a “sniveling kid.” The bell rings and Kavod gets a wrist lock, but he gets out of it and Spectre takes control. Spectre pushes Kavod in the corner and chops him. The race the ring, avoiding each other’s offense in an impressive display of athleticism. Kavod tries to extend a hand in friendship, but Spectre refuses it. He chops Kavod, but the tag team champion breaks out of it. There’s a leg scissors that flattens Glenn. A pin attempt ends at two. The kids at ringside continually shout, “1980’s” toward Spectre. When he falls to the outside, the follow him, Pied Piper style. With Kavod on the apron, Spectre chops him in the chest. He climbs back in for a pin attempt that ends at two. There’s a body slam and pin attempt that ends at two. Kavod is posted in the middle rope and Spectre runs behind, landing a leg on The Regent’s neck. He has Kavod in a submission move, but Kavod breaks out of it and lands a cross face. Spectre rolls it up and gets a two count. Kavod tosses Spectre into a corner. Spectre kicks Kavod in the face. There’s a suplex and pin attempt that ends at two. Spectre keeps the pressure on Kavod. At the 10-minute mark, Kavod breaks free of a sleeper hold. Kavod springs out of the ropes and lands a cutter. The two battle in the center of the ring. Kavod lands a kick to the back of Spectre’s head. Both Megastars are down. Referee Shawn Patrick counts to four before the get to their feet. Kavod hits Spectre with a drop kick. Kavod goes for From the Pulpit, but Spectre catches him. He lands a knee on Kavod, but he follows The Big Boss into the corner for clothesline splash. Kavod gets ready as Spectre gets to his feet. Spectre lands a side slam. Spectre is ready for a move, but Kavod rolls him up for a win instead. 13:29

Post Match: He tells Kavod, “There might be a little man in you” and extends a hand in professionalism. Kavod hesitantly shakes it.

Edric Everhart vs. Tony Onyx

The bell rings and Everhart tells Onyx “It’s Time to Go to Work.” They lock up and trade early offense. Onyx gets an advantage and Everhart falls to the corner post. Everhart, the veteran, gets an advantage. He tosses Onyx into a ring post, and he falls, face-first, onto the mat. Everhart keeps the offense on the youngster. Everhart pulls Onyx up by his hair and drops him with a side slam. It’s a slower, methodical match compared to the two previous contests. Onyx gains some momentum and drops Everhart. There’s an elbow drop. Onyx gets some vocal support from the crowd. He goes for a side slam, but Everhart fights him off. He hits the “Gotcha” for the win 6:30

The Dynasty: Blanchard and Alexander vs. Shane Starr and Lou Martin

It’s Blanchard and Alexander starting off. Starr has Blanchard reeling from the outset. He tags in Martin, and he goes after his left arm that Starr started to soften. Starr is tagged back in, and he also goes after Blanchard. Starr continues to work on the arm and tags Martin in. Blanchard can get some offense and he climbs to the top rope, but Martin meets him there. The former 6-time KSWA Champion is tossed from that perch. Martin is tagged back in, and Blanchard goes low with a forearm to the lower regions. Blanchard gets to Alexander, but he stops Martin from getting to Starr. Soon, Alexander has Martin in the wrong corner. The fans start chanting, “Mr. Little Stuff” toward the former 2-time KSWA Heavyweight Champion. The Dynasty double team the KSWA Champion and Blanchard chops Martin in the shoulders. With Martin in the Dynasty’s corner, Blanchard chokes the champion from the outside. Martin is tossed into the clutches of Del Douglas. Martin ducks a clothesline and lands one of his own. Both Megastars are down. Each wrestler gets to their tag team partner. Starr drops both members of the Dynasty. Soon, all four men are in the ring. Blanchard and Alexander are tossed into each other. Alexander falls to the outside. Starr kicks Blanchard and gets the win. 9:11.

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